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The AAPG/Datapages Combined Publications Database

Petroleum History Institute

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ABSTRACT: A History of Produced Saltwater Disposal in U.S. Gulf Coast PEtroleum Fields, 1901-1970

Mary L. Barrett

ABSTRACT: From Drillbit to Burner Tip: The Story of Natural Gas

Linda Flis

ABSTRACT: Henry Darwin Rogers and the Origin of Petroleum Organic Metamorphism in Pennsylvania, 1863

J.G.C.M. Fuller

ABSTRACT: Lighting The Frontier: The Story of Colorado's Florence Oil Field

Linda Flis

ABSTRACT: Oil and the Greek Fire

William R. Brice

ABSTRACT: Promoting Community Oil and Gas Museums

Bruce Wells

ABSTRACT: Specific Events in Romanian Oil History

Gabriela Tanasescu, Pandele Necule, Traian Stefan Mocuta, Anca Leparda

ABSTRACT: Stratigraphic Stand-Off at the 49th Parallel, 1956. In Memory of Laurence L. Sloss

J.G.C.M. Fuller

ABSTRACT: The Changing Image of the Oil Industry as Reflected in Postcards of the 19th and 20th Centuries

Peter A. Scholle

ABSTRACT: The Extraterrestrial Origin of Oil - or are we fossil fools and Thomas Gold was, like his name, a four nine five pure genius

William A. Heck

ABSTRACT: The History of Oil Along the Newport-Inglewood Structural Zone - Los Angeles County, California

Stephen M. Testa

ABSTRACT: The History of Oil and Gas Development in Alabama

Berry H. (Nick) Tew

ABSTRACT: The Prehistory of Subsurface Exploration, 1533-1799. Order, the Great Chime and Symphony of Nature

J.G.C.M. Fuller

Editorial and Meeting Report

William R. Brice - Editor

Energy's Stepchild - The Birth and Rearing of the Appalachian Natural Gas Industry 1800-1950

David A. Waples

The First Over Water Drilling - The Lost History of Ohio's Grand Reservoir Oil Boom

Judith L. Sneed

The Hugoton - Panhandle Gas Field

Lawrence H. Skelton

The Los Angeles City Oil Field - California's First Oil Boom During the Revitalization Period (1875-1900)

Stephen M. Testa

The Occurrence and Exploitation of Malaysian Oil & Gas Resources

Harwant Singh

Old McDonald Was A Field, E-I-E-I-Oil!

Kathy J. Flaherty

Organic Metamorphism In Pennsylvania - Henry Darwin Rogers (1808-1866) and the Origin of Petroleum

J.G.C.M. Fuller

Pre-Modern History of Bitumen, Oil and Gas in Persia (Iran)

Rasoul Sorkhabi

Scandal: A Short History of the Teapot Dome Affair

Herman K. Trabish

Timetable of Petroleum Geology

Gerard V. Middleton

West Virginia's Oil Industry Illustrated on Postcards

Jeff A. Spencer