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Petroleum History Institute

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The 1906 Caney Gas Well Fire, Kansas

Jeff A. Spencer, Andy Taylor

ABSTRACT: A Brief History of the Origin, Heritage, and Formation of the Petroleum History Institute: An Eyewitness Report

Larry D. Woodfork

ABSTRACT: A History of Earthen Oil Storage in Southeast Texas, 1900s-1930s

Mary L. Barrett

ABSTRACT: California's Division of Oil, Gas, and Geothermal Resources (1915-Present)

Tim Kustic

ABSTRACT: International Year of Planet Earth: What's It All About? . . . And . . . Why Should We Care?

Larry D. Woodfork

ABSTRACT: Keynote Address at Awards Banquet, A Brief History of Oil in California

Stephen M. Testa

ABSTRACT: Mining For Oil - An Historical Perspective

David W. Bieber

ABSTRACT: The "Oil Break" - A 200-Year Saga of West Virginia Oil and Gas Activities

Larry D. Woodfork, William A. Heck, Patricia J. Johns

ABSTRACT: The Emergence of the Modern Petroleum Industry in the Middle East: A Case Study of Iran (1872-1953)

Rasoul Sorkhabi

ABSTRACT: The Role of Petroleum in the Industrial Development of the Los Angeles Coastal Plain, California: 1920-Present

Stephen M. Testa

Drilling the Munchausen Well: Humor and the Oil Industry

Jennifer Ambrose, William R. Brice

Editorial and Meeting Report 2007 - Long Beach, California

William R. Brice

The History of Oil Along the Newport-Inglewood Structural Zone - Los Angeles County, California

Stephen M. Testa

History of Oil Exploration in the Palos Verdes Hills Los Angeles County, California

Arthur R. (Dick) Brown, John F. Schwiebert

Joseph P. Reid - Natural Gas Engines

Ellsworth (Pete) Sparks

The Lakeview Gusher in Vintage Postcards

Jeff A. Spencer

Oil In Their Blood - The Story of Our Addiction (Excerpts from the Novel)

Herman K. Trabish

Report of a Meeting on the History of On-Shore Hydrocarbon Use in the UK (Or From Oil Shales and Seeps to 'Shaleopolis' and 100 Roughnecks!) 21 April 2007, Weymouth, UK

Anne O'Connor

Restoration of a Franklin 25 HP Valveless Engine

Scott Van Diepenbos

The Thorla-McKerr Salt Works and Oil Wells and the Macksburg, Ohio Oil Booms

Jeff A. Spencer, Judy Robinson

Urban Encroachment Associated with Bakersfield Oilfields

Tom Giallonardo

View From a Honeymoon Cottage

Kathy J. Flaherty