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Petroleum History Institute

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Abraham Gesner (1797-1864) Revisited: Putting Oil History in the Classroom

Sara Jones, William R. Brice

ABSTRACT: A Brief History Of The Utica - Point Pleasant Shale Play Of Ohio

Jeffrey C. Dick

ABSTRACT: Application Of Infrared Imagery For The Identification Of Leaking Historical Production And Idle Oil And Gas Wells In Ohio

J. Daniel Arthur, Thomas E. Tomastik, William Green

ABSTRACT: History And Geology Leading To The Discovery Of The Utica/Point Pleasant Play In The Appalachian Basin

Chuck Moyer

ABSTRACT: Hypothetical 1859 North American Exploratory Program

Raymond P. Sorenson

ABSTRACT: Marathon - Where It First Began In Northwest Ohio To A Fortune 500 Company Today

LuAnne Cooke

ABSTRACT: Oil In The First World War

Marius Vassiliou

ABSTRACT: Radioactive Oilfields: Cold War Uranium Exploration In Areas Of Hydrocarbon Deposits

Mary L. Barrett

ABSTRACT: Standard Oil And The Great Lakes

Jon Wlasiuk

ABSTRACT: The Changing Oilfield: An Environmental Impact Perspective

J. Daniel Arthur, Kris Andersen

ABSTRACT: The Pennsylvania Grade Crude Oil Association: After WWII

Ihor Bemko

A Brief History of Peak Oil: Hubbert's Peak, McCabe's Pyramid, and Recent Developments

Harold Aurand Jr., Daniel H. Vice

Brief History of the First Drilled Oil Well; and the People Involved

Mir-Yusif Mir-Babayev

The Discovery Of Daqing Oilfield In China

Mu Liu

Early Drilling and Oil and Gas Production in and Around Grand Lake, Ohio (1886-1911)

Jeff Spencer, Joyce Alig

The Early History of Formation Evaluation, 1860-1930

Raymond P. Sorenson

Fearless Freddie: The Long and Ambitious Career of Frederic M. Prentice, International Oil Man

Kathy J. Flaherty

Freeing The Furnace Slaves, or The Battle Of The Basements: How Fuel Oil Displaced Anthracite Coal, 1925-1940

Mark Aldrich

Front Matter: Oil-Industry History, A publication of the Petroleum History Institute, Volume 18, Number 1, 2017

Petroleum History Institute

Historic Numerical Estimates Of U.S. Natural Gas Wastage In Petroleum Fields: A Compilation From The Late 1870s To The Early 1950s

Mary L. Barrett

The Independent Torpedo Company - Oil Well Shooting in the Lima-Indiana Oil Fields and Beyond

Jeff Spencer

Petroleum History Institute Annual Meeting And Field Trip Findlay, Ohio, July 13-15, 2017

William R. Brice

Practical Techniques, The Beginning Of Professional Practice, and the Founding of AAPG

James McDonald

Waste, Ignorance, and Flambeaux: Ominous Warnings From Indiana's Oil and Gas Boom

Chris Flook

The Wreck of the Thomas W. Lawson: the "First" Large Oil Spill

Gary Shigenaka