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Basin Analysis Aids Exploration in the Mississippi Interior Salt Basin - Workshop Summary

Mark Puckett, Ernest A. Mancini, Bennett Bearden

Best Practices for Production Shut-Down, Expense Optimization and Procedure for Shutting-In Production

George Fancher

Best Practices for Production Shut Down

Rodney Reynolds, David Williams, Douglas Louis, Dissa Ediston, Fave

Characterization of Carbonates Aids Exploration - Wokshop Summary

Robert Scott, Andrew Petty, Rick Turner

CO2 Flooding in the Morrow Formation - Workshop Summary

Chuck Fox, Russell Martin, Lanny Schoeling, Alan Byrnes, Richard Pancake, Pat Underwood

Controlling Sand Production - Workshop Summary

Derry Sparlin, Mike Gleason, Scott Hara, Porter Underwood, Mary Edwards

Electrical Power Cost Reduction Methods in Oil and Gas Fields - Workshop Summary

Russell Ott, Dieter Becker, David Dismukes, John Gibson, Ray Lasseigne

Enhanced Production Practices to Optimize Output - Workshop Summary

John McGowen, Chuck Schaub, John McMullan

Exploiting Tight Gas Sand Sweet Spots - Workshop Summary

Lee Krystinik, Frank Lim, John Lorenz, Stephen Sturm, Randal Billingsley, William Clark, Lesley Evans

Fractured Coalbed Methane and Tight Gas Reservoirs in the San Juan Basin - Workshop Summary

Robert Benson, Bruce Hart, Bob Bereskin, John Lorenz, David Craig

Horizontal Drilling for Improved Recovery - Workshop Summary

Ross A. Clark, W.S. Storbeck, Bob Cuthbertson, Dana Rowan, Justin Hoffman

Managing Oilfield Operations Under Adverse Economics - Workshop Summary

Irah Ershaghi, Ken Arnold, Peter Day, Leonard Kalfayan, Mark Kapelke, David Mercier, Rob Gunnin

Miocene Deposiiton and Petroleum Geology - Northern Gulf of Mexico - Workshop Summary

Richard Fillon, Paul Lawless

Oil and Gas Fields Have Potential in Southeastern New Mexico - Workshop Summary

Curtis Anderson, Robert Casavant, Kenneth Mallon, Michael Gerstner, Mark Malone, George Hillis, Kevin Kohles, John Roberts, Ralph Worthington

PTTC Network News - Vol. 5, No.1 - 1999

Larry Hulsey, Lyle Burns, Jim Reynolds, Lance Cole

PTTC Network News - Vol. 5, No.3 - 1999

David Boreau

PTTC Network News - Vol. 5, No.4 - 1999

Deborah Rowell

Reservoir Characterization Using Open-Hole, Cased-Hole, and Production Logging - Workshop Summary

Zaki Bassiouni, Steve Halvorsen, Tim Quinlan

Surface Hydrocarbon Detection Shows Promise - Workshop Summary

Deet Schumaker, Joel Gervitz, Gary Rice, Paul Harrington, Richard Wyman

A Symposium of the Oil and Gas Fields of Southeastern New Mexico

Curtis Anderson, Robert Casavant, Kenneth Mallon, Michael Gerstner, Mark Malone, George Hillis, Kevin Kohles, John Roberts, Hoxie Smith, James Reeves, Ralph Worthington

Water Cut Control Methods - Workshop Summary

Dennis Wyatt, Julie Smith, Jerry Berensen, Paul Tubel, Ray Ambros, Sada Joshi, Jeff Blesener