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Welcome to the new Datapages Archives

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Artificial Lift Basics and Advancements Including Remote Monitoring and Reducing Electric Consumption

Lewis Watts, Susan Beck, Walt Peary, Jerry Murrow, Stan Herl, Robert Egbert, Steve Slezak, Dieter Becher

Developments in Well Stimulation and Slim-Hole Technology - Workshop Summary

Jerry Griffith, William McDonald, Gary Kuecker, Dan Pepe, Albert Banahene, Richard Lueck

Distributed Energy Resources in the Oil Patch

John Kelly , Hans Mertens, Garfield Miller, Pete Parkin, Bill Saylor, Nat Treadway, Shannon Vinyard, Tom Welker

Downhole Water Separation Technology - Workshop Summary

Jeff Knight, Mark Swisher, Andrew Wojtanowicz, Ephim Shirman, John Veil, Ali Daneshy, Jon Rudolph, Jeff Miller

Horizontal Drilling In Oil Shales - Workshop Summary

Julie Lefever, Gary Lawyer, Bob Cluff, Wayne Upchurch, Randy Braswell

Innovative Technology for Coalbed Methane in the Appalachian Basin - Workshop Summary

Katharine Lee Avary, Joe Awny, C.M. Boyer, Mark Deering, Rick Lewis, Toni Markowski, Bob Milici, Charles Nelson, Brandon Nuttal, Gary Rodvelt, Pete Soot, Lloyd Tabor

Managing California's Oil Resources - Workshop Summary

Iraj Ershaghi, Brad Tomer, R.G. (Bob) Knoll, James Eastlack, Neal Livingston, Mike Starzer

Mapping, Locating and Recovering By-Passed Hydrocarbons - Workshop Summary

Thomas Hampton, Larry Lake, Skip Pack

Optimization of Infill Drilling in Naturally Fractured Tight Gas Sandstone Reservoirs in the San Juan Basin - Workshop Summary

Lawrence Teufel, Scott Cooper, John Lorenz, Bruce Hart, Robin PEarson, Hamoud Al-Hadrami, Her-Yuan Chen, Arild Sunde, Mike Kelly

PTTC Network News - Vol. 6, No.1 - 2000

Karl Lang

PTTC Network News - Vol. 6, No.2 - 2000

Karl Lang, Deborah Rowell

PTTC Network News - Vol. 6, No.3 - 2000

Karl Lang

PTTC Network News - Vol. 6, No.4 - 2000

Karl Lang

Reservoir Characteristics of Morrow/Incised-Valley Fill Plays - Workshop Summary

Allen Archer, Allen Byrnes, John Doveton, Paul Gerlach, Bill Guy, Ernie Morrison, Susan Nissen, Rodney Reynolds, Roderick Tillman, Anthony Walton, Lynn Watney

Reservoir Characterization of the Upper Devonian Elk Sands in the Appalachian Basin - Workshop Summary

Dan Billman, Mike Canich, Marty Comini, Ray Follador, Bob Heim, Chris Laughery, Roger Willis, Bill Zagorski

Reservoir Characterization Technologies For The Next Millenium - Workshop Summary

Bob Hardage, Scott Rodgers, Steve Laubach, Steve Ruppel, Scott W. Tinker

Seals - A Critical Element To Successful Exploration and Production - Workshop Summary

Robert Sneider, Ronald Surdam, Charles Vavra

Technology Updates For The Permian Basin - Workshop Summary

Mike Mayerhofer, John Willis, Steve Ruppell, Richard Odom, Royce Howard, John Richards

Well Stimulation Advances - Workshop Summary

Bill Johnson, Carl Montgomery, Larry Britt, George Waters, Ken Barker