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Welcome to the new Datapages Archives

The AAPG/Datapages Combined Publications Database

Rocky Mountain Association of Geologists

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Introduction to the Goelogy of the Piceance Creek Basin and Vicinity, Northwestern Colorado

D. Keith Murray, John D. Haun

Archaeological and Historical Resources of the Picenace Creek Basin and Vicinity, Colorado

James J. Hester

Coal Resources of the Picenace Creek Basin, Colorado

Charles N. Speltz

Current Oil Shale Technology: A Summary

Charles H. Prien

Depositional Environments of Rocks in the Piceance Creek Basin, Colorado

Henry W. Roehler

Estimated Shale Oil Reserves, Colorado Federal Oil Shale Lease Tracts C-a and C-b

D. Keith Murray

Federal Oil Shale Leasing and Administration

Henry O. Ash

Fold Structures in the Picenace Creek Basin Area, Colorado from ERTS-1 Imagery

David W. Trexler

Geochemistry of Oil-Shale Genesis in Colorado's Piceance Creek Basin

John Ward Smith

Geology, Hydrology, and Extraction Operations at the Occidental Petroleum Corporation Oil Shale Pilot Plant Near De Beque, Colorado

Randall T. Chew III

Geology of Petroleum in the Picenace Creek Basin, Northwestern Colorado

Hal L. Dunn

The Growing Awareness of Oil Shale's Impact on Communities in Western Colorado

Frank G. Cooley

Guide to the Geology of the Piceance Creek Basin: Field Trip Road Log

Mitchell W. Reynolds, John R. Donnell

Massive Fracturing of Tight Gas-Bearing Sandstone Reservoirs in the Piceance Creek Basin, Colorado

E.D. Alcock, H.H. Aronson, C.F. Knutson

Mineral PRofile of Oil Shales in Colorado Core Hole No. 1, Picenace Creek Basin, Colorado

William A. Robb, John Ward Smith

Mobil Oil Deep Weber Test, Picenace Creek Dome


Nahcolite and Dawsonite Resources in the Green River Formation, Picenace Creek Basin, Colorado

Thomas N. Beard, Donald B. Tait, John Ward Smth

Occurrence of Oil and Gas in the Tertiary System, Rio Blanco Unit, Rio Blanco County, Colorado

Robert E. Chancellor, William L. Barksdale, George Dolezal Jr.

Oil Shale and Western Colorado

John W. Savage

Oil Shale Development in Colorado: Processing Technology and Environmental Impact

Paul D. Kilburn, Mark T. Atwood, Warren M. Broman

Oil Shale Geology, Federal Tract C-a Rio Blanco County, Colorado

E.A. Ziemba

The Oil Shale Industry

Victor C. Alderson

Palynomorph Zones in Early Tertiary Formations of the Piceance Creek and Uinta Basins, Colorado and Utah

Karl R. Newman

Power Requirements for an Oil Shale Industry

D. Keith Murray

Research on Environmental Problems of Oil Shale Development: An Example of Federal, State, and Industry Cooperation

John W. Rold

Selected Bibliography of the Geology of Northwestern Colorado, with Special Emphasis on Oil Shale Geology and Technology

John Chronic, Hiromi Matsushita

Significance of Applied Mineralogy to Oil Shale in the Upper Part the Parachute Creek Member of the Green River Formation, Picenace Creek Basin, Colorado

George A. Desborough, Janet K. Pitman

Some Effects of the Rio Blanco Project Nuclear Detonation on the Leached Zone in the Parachute Creek Member of the Green River Formation

B.E. Weichman

Stratigraphic Framework of Green River Formation Oil Shales in the Piceance Creek Basin, Colorado

Laurence G. Trudell, Thomas N. Beard, John Ward Smith

Stratigraphy and Nahcolite Resources of the Saline facies of the Green River Formation in Northwest Colorado

John R. Dyni

Tectonic Stress Seterminations, Northen Picenace Creek Basin, Colorado

R.G. Wolff, J.D. Bredehoeft, W. Scott Keys, E. Shuter

Water Resources of Piceance creek Basin, Colorado

John B. Weeks