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Welcome to the new Datapages Archives

The AAPG/Datapages Combined Publications Database

Rocky Mountain Association of Geologists

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The Cambrian Section of the Central Wasatch Mountains

Christina Lochman-Balk

Depositional Environment of the Mineral Fork Formation (Precambrian), Wasatch Mountains, Utah

Peter J. Varney

A Discussion of the Geology of the Southeastern Canadian Cordillera and its Comparison to the Idaho-Wyoming-Utah Fold and Thrust Belt

K.H. Hayes

Field Trip: Hingeline Sediments of the Overthrust Belt

Howard H. "Tom" Odiorne - Field Trip Chairman

Geology of the Coalville Anticline, Summit County, Utah

Lyle A. Hale

The Geology of the Pineview Field Area Summit County, Utah

P.D. Maher

Geothermal Energy Cordilleran Hingeline - West

B. Greider

Jurassic Salts of the Hingeline Area Southern Rocky Mountains

Alan R. Hansen

Lower Mesozoic and Upper Paleozoic Petroleum Potential of the Hingeline Area, Central Utah

Floyd C. Moulton

Lower Triassic Facies in the Vicinity of the Cordilleran Hingeline: Western Wyoming, Southeastern Idaho and Utah

W. Jerry Koch

Mississippian Carbonate Shelf Margins, Western United States

Peter R. Rose

Oil Shows in Significant Test Wells of the Cordilleran Hingeline

Harry K. Veal

Ordovician Sedimentation in the Western United States

Reuben J. Ross Jr.

A Paleostructural Interpretation of the Eastern Great Basin Portion of the Basin and Range Province Nevada and Utah

E.L. Howard

Permian and Lower Triassic Reservoir Rocks of Central Utah

C. Dennis Irwin

Permian Phosphoria Carbonate Banks, Idaho-Wyoming Thrust Belt

Marvin D. Brittenham

Petrology of Entrada Sandstone (Jurassic), Northeastern Utah

E.P. Otto, M. Dane Picard

Regional Stratigraphy and Depositional Environments of the Glan Canyon Group and Carmel Formation (San Rafael Group)

William E. Freeman

Relationships of Pennsylvanian-Permian Stratigraphy to the Late Mesozoic Thrust Belt in the Eastern Great Basin, Utah and Nevada

John E. Welsh

Reservoir Variations At Upper Valley Field Garfield County, Utah

George C. Sharp

Stratigraphic and Structural Setting of the Cottonwood Area, Utah

Max D. Crittenden Jr.

Stratigraphy, Sedimentology, and Petroleum Potential of Dakota Formation, Northeastern Utah

R.L. Vaughn, M. Dane Picard

Stratigraphy and Petroleum Potential of the Permian Kaibab Beta Member, East Central Utah

L. Clark Kiser

Stratigraphy of Younger Precambrian Rocks Along Cordilleran Hingeline, Utah and Southern Idaho

Lee A. Woodward

Structural Evolution of Central Utah - Late Permian to Recent

James L. Baer

Tectonic Evolution in Utah's Miogeosyncline-Shelf Boundary Zone

Gary W. Crosby

Tertiary Tectonics and Sedimentary Rocks Along the Transition: Basin and Range Province to Plateau and Thrust Belt Province, Utah

Robert E. McDonald

What is the Wasatch Line?

William Lee Stokes