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The AAPG/Datapages Combined Publications Database

Rocky Mountain Association of Geologists

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Acostic Velocities, Synthetic Seismograms, and Lithologies of Thrusted Precambrian Rocks, Rocky Mountain Foreland

R. Randy Ray, Robbie Gries, James W. Babcock

Collapse of Rocky Mountain Basement Uplifts

John K. Sales

Eocene Tectonics and Sedimentation in the Colorado Plateau - Rocky Mountain Area

Charles E. Chapin, Steven M. Cather

Foreland Deformation

James D. Lowell

Foreland Detachment Structures

F.A. Petersen

Geology and Recurrent Movement History of the Bismark-Spanish Peaks-Gardiner Fault System, Southwest Montana

John M. Garihan, Christopher J. Schmidt, Susan Wygant Young, M. Arthur Williams

Geology of the Tepee Flats-Bullfrog Fields Natrona County, Wyoming

E.L. Sprague

Geometry of the Wind River Thrust, Wyoming

Robert R. Berg

Gravimetric Evidence for Thrusting and Hydrocarbon Potential of the East Flank of the Front Range, Colorado

David W. Bieber

The Greybull Sandstone Pool (Lower cretaceous) On the Elk Basin Thrust-Fold Complex, Wyoming and Montana

Donald S. Stone

Laramide and Neogene Structure of the Northen Sangre De Cristo Range, South-Central Colorado

David A. Lindsey, Bruce R. Johnson, P.A.M. Andriessen

Laramide Sedimentation, Folding, and Faultin in the Southen Wind River Range, Wyoming

James R. Steidtmann, Linda C. McGee, Larry T. Middleton

Laramide Tectonic Development of the Rocky Mouintain Foreland of Southwestern Montana

Christopher J. Schmidt, John M. Garihan

Laramide Tectonics and Deposition, Washakie Range and Northwestern Wind River Basin, Wyoming

Gustav F. Winterfeld, JoAnn B. Conard

Late Cretaceous Fluvial Systems and the Age of Foreland Uplifts in Central Utah

Timothy F. Lawton

Mountain Front Thrust, Southeastern Front Range and Northeastern Wet Mountains, Colorado

Arthur F. Jacob

North-South Compression of Rocky Mountain Foreland Structures

Robbie Gries

The Northern Franklin Mountains, Northwest Territories, Canada - A Scale Model of the Wyoming Province

Donald G. Cook

An Overview of LAramide Wrench Faulting in the Southen Rocky Mounrtains With Emphasis on Petroleum Exploration

C.E. Chapin

Paleozoic Geology and Seismic Stratigraphy of the Northen Uncompahgre Front, Grand County, Utah

Claudia Wolfbauer Frahme, E.B. Vaughn

Potential Oil and Gas Traps Along the Overhang of the Nacimiento Uplift, Northwestern New Mexico

Lee A. Woodward

Road Log - Colorado-Wyoming Line to Laramie

W. Dan Hausel, Richard W. Jones

Road Log - Colorado-Wyoming Line to Laramie, Wyoming to Rawlins, Wyoming

W. Dan Hausel, Richard W. Jones

Road Log - Colorado-Wyoming Line to Steamboat Springs, Colorado

Timothy J. Petta, George L. Snyder

Road Log - Rawlins, Wyoming to Colorado-Wyoming Line

W. Dan Hausel, Richard W. Jones

Road Log - Steamboat Springs, Colorado to Colorado-Wyoming Line

Timothy J. Petta, George L. Snyder

Seismic Models and Interpretation of The Casper Arch Thrust: Application to Rocky Mountain Foreland Structure

Riley C. Skeen, R. Randy Ray

Sequential Development of the Fold-Thrust Model of Foreland Deformation

William G. Brown

Tectonic Influence on Sedimentation, Waltman Member, Fort Union Formation, Wind River Basin, Wyoming

Stephen T. Phillips

Timing of Foreland and Thrust-Belt Defromation in an Overlap Area, Teton Pass, Idaho and Wyoming

Sandra L. Dimitre Dunn