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The AAPG/Datapages Combined Publications Database

Rocky Mountain Association of Geologists

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Application of Lopatin's Method to Determine Burial History, Evolution of the Geothermal Gradient, and Timing of Hydrocarbon Generation in Cretaceous Source Rocks in the San Juan Basin, Northwestern New Mexico and Southwestern Colorado

Wendell A. Bond

Cretaceous and Lower Tertiary Coals As Source For Gas Accumulations in the Rocky Mountain Area

Fred F. Meissner

Distribution, Microfauna, and Source-Rock Potential of Mississippian Delle Phosphatic Member of Woodman Formation and Equivalents, Utah and Adjacent States

Charles A. Sandberg, Raymond C. Gutschick

Geological Setting and Some Geochemistry of PEtroleum Source Rocks in the Permian Phosphoria Formation

Edwin K. Maughan

Hydrocarbon Generation in Lacustrine Rocks of Tertiary Age, Uinta Basin, Utah - Organic Carbon, Pyrolysis Yield, and Light Hydrocarbons

Donald E. Anders, Peter M. Gerrild

Hydrocarbon Generation in Lower Cretaceous Mowry and Skull Creek Shales of the Northern Rocky Mountain Area

R.L. Burtner, M.A. Warner

Hydrocarbon Source Potential of Organic Facies of the Lacustrine Elko Formation (Eocene/Oligocene), Northeast Nevada

Susan E. Palmer

Hydrocarbon Source Rock Evaluation of the Middle Proterozoic Apache Group Gila County, Arizona

George A. Desborough, Forrest G. Poole, Ted A. Daws, Robert Scarborough

Log-Derived Indicator of Thermal Maturity, Nibrara Formation, Denver Basin, Colorado, Nebraska, Wyoming

Thomas M. Smagala, Charles A. Brown, Gary L. Nydegger

Maturation History and Thermal Evolution of Cretaceous Source Rocks of the Bighorn Basin, Wyoming and Montana

E. Sven Hagen, Ronald C. Surdam

Modern Approaches in Source-Rock Evaluation

Douglas W. Waples

Organic-Rich Source Rocks of Pennsylvanian Age in the Paradox Basin of Utah and Colorado

R.J. Hite, D.E. Anders, T.G. Ging

Organic Geochemistry of Black Shales and Oils in the Minnelusa Formation (Permian and Pennsylvanian), Powder River Basin, Wyoming

Jerry L. Clayton, Robert T. Ryder

Organic Metamorphism in the Mississippian-Devonian Bakken Shale North Dakota Portion of the Williston Basin

Leigh C. Price, Tom Ging, Ted Daws, Alzona Love, Mark Pawlewicz, Don Anders

Origin and Source-Rock Potential of the Sharon Springs Member of the Pierre Shale, Colorado and Kansas

Donald L. Gautier, Jerry L. Clayton, Joel S. Leventhal, Nancy J. Reddin

Paleotemperatures Based On Vitrinite Reflectance of Shales and Limestone in Igneous Dike Aureoles in the Upper Cretaceous Pierre Shale, Walsenburg, Colorado

N.H. Bostick, M.J. Pawlewicz

Petroleum Source-Rock Potential and Crude-Oil Correlation in the Great Basin

Forrest G. Poole, Robert E. Claypool

Petroleum Source Rocks and Stratigraphy of the Bakken Formation in North Dakota

Rick L. Webster

Regional Lithostratigraphy of the Phosphoria Formation in the Overthrust Belt of Wyoming, Utah and Idaho

D.D. Tisoncik

Regional Variation of Vitrinite Reflecance of the Pierre Shale (Upper Cretaceous) in Mountain Basin and Along the Eastern Rocky Mountain Front, Colorado

N.H. Bostick, M.J. Pawlewicz

Relation of Hydrocarbon Occurrence to Thermal Maturity of Organic Matter in the Upper Cretaceous Niobrara Formation, Eastern Denver Basin: Evidence of Biogenic Versus Thermogenic Origin of Hydrocarbons

Dudley D. Rice

Relationships of Source-Rock, Thermal Maturity, and Overpressuring to Gas Generation and Occurrence in Low-Permeability Upper Cretaceous and Lower Tertiary Rocks, Greater Green River Basin, Wyoming, Colorado, and Utah

B.E. Law

Road Log, First Day (Total Miles 180.2) Lakewood to Pueblo

Richard B. Powers, Cornelius M. Molenaar, Arthur F. Jacob, Paul V. Heinrich

Road Log, Second Day (Total Miles 105.2 Plus 185 Miles for Return to Lakewood) Pueblo to Northern Raton Basin

Cornelius M. Molenaar, Richard B. Powers, Neely H. Bostick, Arthur F. Jacob

Stratigraphic and Paleostructural Controls on Hydrocarbon Migration in Cretaceous D and J Sandstones of the Denver Basin

Patrick A. Tainter

Stratigraphic Relationships and Distribution of Source Rocks in the Greater Rocky Mountain Region

Fred F. Meissner, Jane Woodward, J.L. Clayton

Thermal Maturity Trends of the Heath Formation Fergus County, Central Montana

Gary A. Cole, John A. Daniel