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Rocky Mountain Association of Geologists

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Carbonate-Evaporite Cycles in Lower Duperow Formation of the Williston Basin

James Lee Wilson, R.H. Pilatzke

Carbonate and Evaporite Facies, Dolomitization, and Reservoir Distribution of the Mission Canyon Formation, Little Knife Field, North Dakota

Robert F. Lindsay

Carbonate Facies, Depositional Cycles, and the Development of Secondary Porosity During Burial Diagenesis: Mission Canyon Formation, Haas Field, North Dakota

Tom L. Elliott

Cedar Creek: A Significant Paleotectonic Feature of the Williston Basin

James H. Clement

Characterization of Oil Types in Williston Basin

J.A. Williams

Coral Zonules: New Tools for Petroleum Exploration in the Mission Canyon Limestone and Charles Formation, Williston Basin, North Dakota

D.L. Waters, W.J. Sando

Correlation and Thermal Maturity of Williston Basin Crude Oils and Bakken Source Rocks Using Terpane Biomarkers

Mary J. Leenheer, John E. Zumberge

Depositional History and Cyclicity in the Tyler Formation (Pennsylvanian), Southwestern North Dakota

Stephen D. Sturm

Depositional Patterns and Oil Field Trends in the Lower Mesozoic of the Northern Williston Basin, Canada

J.E. Christopher

Development of Sturcture and Porosity at Medicine Lake Field in the Northeastern Montana Williston Basin

Christopher P. Indorf, E. Earl Norwood

Form and Distribution of Winnipegosis Mounds in Saskatchewan

D.J. Gendzwill, N.L. Wilson

Geologic Setting and Potential for Natural Gas in the Niobrara Formation (Upper cretaceous) of the Williston Basin

George W. Shurr, Dudley D. Rice

Mississippian Facies, Depositional History, and Oil Occurrences in Williston Basin, Manitoba and Saskatchewan

D.M. Kent

Origin and Geometry of Red River Dolomite Reservoirs, Western Williston Basin

Mark W. Longman, thomas G. Fertal, James S. Glennie

Overview of Duperow (Devonian) Production in the Williston Basin

R.H. Pilatzke, D.W. Fischer, C.L. Pilatzke

Paleotectonic Controls on Sedimentation in the Northern Williston Basin, Saskatchewan

D.M. Kent

Petroleum Source Rocks and Stratigraphy of the Bakken Formation in North Dakota

Rick L. Webster

Red Wing Creek Field, North Dakota: A Growth Faulted or Meteoritic Impact Structure

L.W. Dan Bridges

Regional Aquifers and Petroleum in the Williston Basin Region of the United States

Joe S. Downey, John F. Busby, George A. Dinwiddie

Regional Stratigraphy and General Petroleum Geology of the U.S. Portion of the Williston Basin and Adjacent Areas

James A. Peterson, Lawrence M. MacCary

Richland County Red River Dolomite Geometry Revisited

Terry R. Courtright

Sediment Starvation in the Williston and Illinois Basins during the Devonian and Mississippian

Jerry A. Lineback, Mark Roth, Mary L. Davidson

Stratigraphy of the Deadwood Formation and Winnipeg Group in the Williston Basin

Clarence G. Carlson, Stephen C. Thompson

Structural History of the Nesson Anticline, North Dakota

L.C. Gerhard, S.B. Anderson, J.A. Lefever

Subsurface Stratigraphy and Depositional History of the Madison Group (Mississippian), U.S. Portion of the Williston Basin and Adjacent Areas

James A. Peterson

Subsurface Water Flow Patterns in the Canadian Sector of the Williston Basin

Norbert Hannon

The Williston Basin in the Family of Cratonic Basins

L.L. Sloss

Wrench-Style Deformation and Paleostructural Influence on Sedimentation In and Around a Cratonic Basin

Donald L. Brown, Darren L. Brown