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Rocky Mountain Association of Geologists

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ABSTRACT: Coalbed Methane in Wyoming

Richard W. Jones, Rodney H. DeBruin

ABSTRACT: Structural Controls on Coalbed Methane in the San Juan and Western Canada Sedimentary Basins

Jack R. Century

Cavity Stress-Relief Method for Recovering Methane from Coal Seams

Denes Masszi

Characteristics and Development of Fluvial Sandstone and Coalbed Reservoirs of Upper Cretaceous Mesaverde Group, Grand Valley Field, Colorado

Kurt M. Reinecke, Dudley D. Rice, Ronald C. Johnson

Cleat Detection in Coalbeds Using the Microlog

Michael J. Mullen

Cleats in Coalbeds of Southern Piceance Basinm Colorado - Correlation with Regional and Local Fracture Sets in Associated Clastic Rocks

Marilyn A. Grout

Coal and Coalbed Methane Resources of Montana

Elizabeth Bartow Campen, James R, Gruber Jr.

Coalbed Gas Accumulations in the Paleocene Fort Union Formation, Powder River Basin, Wyoming

Ben E. Law, Dudley D. Rice, Romeo M. Flores

Coalbed Gas Development in the Western United States--An Update

Kurt M. Petersen

Coalbed Methane -- A Canadian Resource for the 1990s

Dennis J. Nikols, Brian A. Rottenfuser

Coalbed Methane Resource and Producibility Potential of the Rock Springs Formation, Great Divide Basin, Wyoming

Bruse S. Kelso, Woodruff G. Leel Jr., David L. Carr

Coal Fracture (Cleat) Patterns in Upper Cretaceous Fruitland Formation, San Juan Basin, Colorado and New Mexico - Implications for Coalbed Methane Exploration and Development

Carol M. Tremain, Stephen E. Laubach, Neil H. Whitehead III

Coal Geology and Coalbed Methane Potential of Comox and Nanaimo Coal Fields, Vancouver Island, British Columbia

C. Gwyneth Cathyl-Bickford

Coal Resources and Coalbed Methane Potential of a Major Alberta Coal Zone

R.J.H. Richardson

Composition, Distribution, and Origin of Fruitlan Formation and Pictured Cliffs Sandstone Gases, San Juan Basin, Colorado and New Mexico

Andrew R. Scott, W.R. KAiser, Walter B. Ayers Jr.

Delineation of Prospective Coalbed Methane Trends in Western and Central Washington State

Steven P. Pappajohn, Terry Mitchell

Depositional Environments and Stratigraphy of Mesaverde Formation, Southeastern Piceance Basin, Colorado-Implications for Coalbed Methane Exploration

Henry C. Nowak

Evaluation of Coalbed Methane Potential of Recluse Muddy Field, Campbell County, Wyoming

Jill D. Henderson

Evaluation of Fruitland Coal Properties and Development Economics, San Juan Basin, Colorado and New Mexico

Rahul Dhir, Matther J. Mavor, Jay C. Close

Evaluation of the Hydraulic Fracture Stimulation of the Colorado 32-7 No. 9 Well, San Juan Basin

Matthew J. Mavor, Rahul Dhir, John D. McLennan, Jay C. Close

Factors Affecting Rate and Total Volume of Methane Desorption from Coalbeds

B.M. Das, Dennis J. Nikols, Z.U. Das, V. Joseph Hucka

Geologic Controls on Coalbed Methane Occurrence and Producibility in the Fruitland Basin, Cedar Hill Field and COAL Site, San Juan Basin, Colorado and New Mexico

William A. Ambrose, Walter B. Ayers Jr.

Hydrogeology of the Fruitland Formation, San Juan Basin, Colorado and New Mexico

Paul R. Oldaker

Influence of Coal Composition and Rank on Fracture Development in Fruitland Coal Gas Reservoirs of

Jay C. Close, Matthew J. Mavor

In Situ Determination of Desorbable Methane Content by Use of Three Decay Functions

Rex R. Plaizier, V. Joseph Hucka

Lineament Analysis of Northern San Juan Basin, New Mexico and Colorado - Applications to Coalbed Methane Exploration

Robert W. Baumgardener Jr.

Predicting Cleats in Coal Seams from Mineral and Maceral Composition with Wireline Logs

David J. Johnston, Patrick J. Scholes

Preliminary Results of a Coalbed Methane Assessment of the Wind River Indian Reservation, Wyoming

Ronald C. Johnson, Charles E. Barker, Mark J. Pawlewicz, Bonnie L. Crysdale, Arthur C. Clark, Dudley D. Rice

Road Log Through Southeastern Piceance Basin (Focusing on the Basin's Coalbed Gas Resources)

Bradford C. Boyce, Clarence L. Harr, Bruce S. Kelso

Western United States Coal Gas-Content Correlations

Peet M. Soot