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The AAPG/Datapages Combined Publications Database

Rocky Mountain Association of Geologists

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3-D AVO Analysis and Modeling Applied to Fracture Detection in Coalbed Methane Reservoirs

Antonio C.B. Ramos, T.L. Davis

An Analysis of Joint Development in Thick Sandstone Beds of the Elk Basin Anticline, Montana-Wyoming

Terry Engelder, Michael R. Gross, Paul Pinkerton

Application of Enhanced Oil Recovery in the Rocky Mountain Region

Eugene T. Williams, Malcolm Pitts

Application of High Fold, Multi-Azimuth 3-D P-Wave Seismic to Characterize Natural Fractures in the Rulison Field, Piceance Basin

Vello A. Kuuskraa, David Campagna, David Decker

Applying Advanced Drilling Technology to Improve Productivity

George H. Medley Jr.

Bibliography - Geologic History of the Colorado Front Range

Edited by Dudley W. Bolyard and Stephen A. Sonnenberg

Bulk Gel Treatments for Water Control

Julie Smith, Dan Larsen

Characterization and Simulation of Fluid Flow in Natural Fracture Networks

Hugo Harstad, Lawrence W. Teufel, John C. Lorenz

Characterization of Fracture Networks Using Close-Range Photogrammetric Mapping and CIS Analysis

J.A. Coe, E.P. Nelson

Characterizing the Fracture Network at Yucca Mountain, Nevada Part 1. Integration of Field Data for Numerical Simulations

D.S. Sweetkind, L.O. Anna, S.C. Williams-Stroud, J.A. Coe

Characterizing the Fracture Network at Yucca Mountain, Nevada Part 2. Numerical Simulation of Flow in a Three-Dimensional Discrete Fracture Network

Lawrence O. Anna, Peter Wallman

Cleat, Fracture, and Stress Patterns in the Piceance Basin, Colorado: Controls on Coalbed Methane Producibility

Carol M. Tremain, Roger Tyler

Coalbed Gas Development in the Rockies - Analogues for the World

D. Keith Murray, Stephen D. Schwochow

Colloidal Dispersion Gels for Improving Volumetric Sweep in Waterfloods - Case Histories

Jim Mack, Julie Smith

Colorado Front Range Field Trip - Road Logs

Dudley W. Bolyard, Eric A. Erslev

The Colorado Mineral Belt

Graham R. Curtis

Comparison of the Location and Structure of the Late Paleozoic and Late Cretaceous-Early Tertiary Front Range Uplift

Charles F. Kluth

Correlation Strategies for Clastic Wedges

Timothy A. Cross, Margaret A. Lessenger

Cuttings Analysis - An Integral Support Tool for Exploration and Exploitation

K.K. Stolper

Drilling Multilaterals in a Complex Carbonate Reservoir, Aneth Field, Utah

L.J. Amateis, Scott Hall

Drunkard's Wash Unit: Coalbed Methane PRoduction from Ferron Coals in East-Central Utah

Robert A. Lamarre, Terry D. Burns

Electromagnetic Imaging in Exploration for Morrow Fields

M. Tashin Tasci, John M. Jordan, George V. Keller

Enhancing Limited Log Suites with Neural Networks

J.S. Arbogast, M.H. Franklin, M.L. Butler, K.A. Thompson

Evolution of Completion and Fracture-Stimulation Practices in Jonah Field, Sublette County, Wyoming

R.W. Finch, W.W. Aud, J.W. Robinson

Fault and Fold Orientations in the Central Rocky Mountains of Colorado and Utah

Eric A. Erslev, Davd Wiechelman

Fracture Definition by Surface Seismic at the Bluebell-Altamont Field, Uinta Basin, Utah

Norman Harthill, C. Richard Bates, Heloise B. Lynn, K. Michelle Simon

Fractures At The Surface, San Juan Basin, New Mexico and Colorado

Neil H. Whitehead III

Fracture Stimulation of the Eagle Sandstone on the Cedar Creek Anticline

Trent Green, Monte Besler, Dennis Zander

Future Petroleum Potential of Front Range Areas, Colorado

Donald R. Hembre, Harry TerBest Jr.

Geology of Jonah Field, a Major Gas Accumulation in the Upper Cretaceous Lance Formation, Sublette County, Wyoming

Edward M. Warner

Heartburn in Predicting Natural Fractures: The Effects of Differential Fracture Susceptibility in Heterogeneous Lithologies

John C. Lorenz

Heterogeneous Laramide Deformation in the Uinta Mountains, Colorado and Utah

Joe D. Gregson, Eric A. Erslev

Horizontal Drilling in the Ordovician Red River "B" Williston Basin

Scott L. Montgomery

Hydrocarbon Prosepecting Using "Quick Look" Bulk Volume Water

Mark H. Franklin

Internal Structure of the Southern Front Range, Colorado, From an Apatite Fission-Track Thermochronology Perspective

Shari A. Kelley, Charles E. Chapin

Joint Networks in Reservoir Rocks: Case Studies of Prediction at Depth

Earl R. Verbeek, Marilyn A. Grout

Laramide Mountain Flank Deformation and the Golden Fault Zone, Jefferson County, Colorado

Robert J. Weimer, R. Randy Ray

Late Cenozoic History of the Northern Colorado Front Range

Dudley W. Bolyard

A Method for Developing 3-D Hydrocarbon Saturation Distributions in Old and New Reservoirs

Michael J. Heymans

Middle and Late Cenozoic Tectonic and Geomorphic Development of the Front Range of Colorado

Thomas A. Steven, Emmett Evanoff, Roberta H. Yuhas

Naturally Fractured Reservoirs and Compartments: A Predictive Basin Modeling Approach

P. Ortoleva, J.M. Maxwell, D. Payne, W. Sibo, J. Comer

Optimization of Horizontal Well Spacing Based on Stochastic Fracture Modeling

William C. Belfield

Permeability, Porosity, and Shear-wave Anisotropy From Scaling of Open Fracture Populations

Randall Marrett

Petroleum Potential of the South Park Basin, Park County, Colorado

David J. Steyaert, Craig Wandrey

Prediction of Fractured Reservoir Production Trends and Compartmentalization Using an Integrated Analysis of Basement Structures in the Piceance Basin, Western Colorado

Thomas E. Hoak, Alan L. Klawitter

Predictive Fracture Mechanics of Normal Faults: Field Examples from the EspaƱola Basin, New Mexico

K.E. Carter Krogh

Proterozoic Tectonics of the Northern Colorado Front Range

Jane Selverstone, Meghan Hodgins, Colin Shaw, John N. Aleinikoff, C. Mark Fanning

Reservoir Characterization for Development of Mesaverde Group Sandstones of the Piceance Basin, Colorado

Vello A. Kuuskraa, Terry Barrett, Robert Mueller, John Hansen

The Rocky Mountain Erosion Surface in the Front Range of Colorado

Charles E. Chapin, Shari A. Kelley

Seismic Expression of the Versippi Lodgepole Field, Stark County, North Dakota

Jeffrey C. Sprain

Space-Time Relationships Between Magmatism and Tectonism in the Western United States Between 120 Ma and 10 Ma: a Regional Context for the Front Range of Colorado

Edward J. Sterne

Synorogenic and Post-Orogenic Strata in the Central Front Range, Colorado

Robert G. Raynolds

Tectonic History of the Front Range in Colorado

Stephen A. Sonnenberg, Dudley W. Bolyard

Thrusts, Backthrusts and Triangle Zones: Laramide Deformation in the Northeastern Margin of the Colorado Front Range

Eric A. Erslev, Bjorn Selvig

Use of 2-D and 3-D Seismic Data to Reduce Drilling Risk, Ismay Algal-Mound Play, Southern Paradox Basin

Beth McBride, Claudia A. Rebne

Use of a Large Database for Revealing a Complexly Compartmentalized Reservoir, Denver Basin, Colorado

Roger M. Slatt, Dwaine H. Edington, Anna A. Fursova