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Welcome to the new Datapages Archives

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Rocky Mountain Association of Geologists

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Advances in Hydraulic Fracturing of Low Permeability Reservoirs: Slickwater, Mini-Fracs, and Other Key Factors

Jennifer L. Miskimins

Assessment of the Mesaverde Total Petroleum System in Southwestern Wyoming Province: A Petroleum System Approach to Assessing Undiscovered Oil and Gas Rresources

Ronald C. Johnson, Thomas M. Finn, Troy Cook

Effects of Exhumation on Gas Saturation in Tight Gas Sandstones

Alton Brown

Experimental and Empirical Observations Supporting ACapillary Model Involving Gas Generation, Migration and Seal Leakage For the Origin and Occurrence of Regional “Gasifers”

Stephen W. Burnie Sr., Brij B. Maini, Bruce R. Palmer, Kaush Rakhit

Fractured-Sandstone Gas Reservoirs, San Juan Basin, New Mexico and Colorado: Stratigraphic Traps, Not Basin Centered Gas Deposits—With an Overview of Fruitland Formation Coal-Bed Methane

James E. Fassett, Bradford C. Boyce

The Interpretation of Fluids and Pressures in Determining Conventional and Unconventional Gas Resources in the Rocky Mountain Region

John R. Forster, John C. Horne

Performance Parameters: Selected Rocky Mountain Unconventional Gas Reservoirs

Philip H. Stark, Leta K. Smith

Permeability, Capillary Pressure, and Relative Permeability Properties In Low-Permeability Reservoirs and the Influence of Thin, High-Permeability Beds On Production

Alan P. Byrnes

Pervasive Tight Gas Sandstone Reservoirs: An Overview

Lawrence D. Meckel, M. Ray Thomasson

Petrophysical Analysis of Piceance Basin Tight Gas Sandstones, Northwest Colorado, To Distinguish Wet Sands from Gas-Bearing Sands, and To Categorize Rock Quality Variation by Incorporating Capillary Pressure Interpretations

Michael Holmes, Antony M. Holmes, Dominic I. Holmes

Shear Reactivation of Fractures In Deep Frontier Sandstones: Evidence From Horizontal Wells In The Table Rock Field, Wyoming

John C. Lorenz, Lee F. Krystinik, Thomas H. Mroz