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Rocky Mountain Association of Geologists

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The Bakken—Three Forks Petroleum System in the Williston Basin; Frontmatter

John W. Robinson, Julie A. LeFever, Stephanie B. Gaswirth

Chapter 1: Revised Nomenclature for the Bakken Formation (Mississippian-Devonian), North Dakota

Julie A. LeFever, Richard D. Le Fever, Stephan H. Nordeng

Chapter 2: Facies Architecture and Sequence Stratigraphy of the Middle Bakken Member, North Dakota

Sven Egenhoff, Aaron Van Dolah, Ali Jaffri, Jörg Maletz

Chapter 3: Depositional Facies and Petrophysical Analysis of the Bakken Formation, Parshall Field and Surrounding Area, Mountrail County, North Dakota

Andrea L. Simenson, Stephen A. Sonnenberg, Robert M. Cluff

Chapter 4: Mineralogic Analysis of the Middle Bakken Member, Parshall Field Area, Mountrail County, North Dakota

Becky L. Kowalski, Stephen A. Sonnenberg

Chapter 5: Clastic Injectites in the Devonian (Famennian) Lower Bakken Shale, Williston Basin, North Dakota

William J. Clark, Amy L. Maldonado

Chapter 6: The Bakken Formation of Southeast Saskatchewan, Canada

Erik H. Nickel, Dan Kohlruss

Chapter 7: Depositional Lithofacies of the Upper Devonian Three Forks Formation and the Grassy Butte Member of the Lower Bakken Shale in the Williston Basin

Brian R. Berwick, Michael L. Hendricks

Chapter 8: Stratigraphic Relationships and Reservoir Quality at the Three Forks–Bakken Unconformity, Williston Basin, North Dakota

Richard J. Bottjer, Robert Sterling, Anne Grau, Peter Dea

Chapter 9: The Geology and Geochemistry of the Parshall Area, Mountrail County, North Dakota

Daniel M. Jarvie, Robert J. Coskey, Michael S. Johnson, Jay E. Leonard

Chapter 10: Characterization of the Bakken Reservoir at Parshall Field and East of the Nesson Anticline, North Dakota

Anne Grau, Robert Sterling, Richard J. Bottjer, Peter Dea

Chapter 11: TOC and Pyrolysis Data for the Bakken Shales, Williston Basin, North Dakota and Montana

Stephen A. Sonnenberg

Chapter 12: The Role of the Lower Lodgepole Formation in the Bakken Petroleum System, Billings Nose, North Dakota

John Stroud, Stephen A. Sonnenberg

Chapter 13: Comparing Production to Structure Over the Course of Bakken Development: The Diminishing Significance of the “Sweet Spot” in Exploration

Stephan H. Nordeng, Julie A. Lefever

Chapter 14: Structural Relationships between Surface Lineaments and Basement Faulting in the Northeastern Williston Basin

Fred J. Anderson

Chapter 15: Fracturing in the Bakken Petroleum System, Williston Basin

Stephen A. Sonnenberg, Julie A. LeFever, Ronald J. Hill

Chapter 16: Discovery of Parshall Field, North Dakota

Michael S. Johnson

Chapter 17: Reference List for the Bakken and Three Forks Formations in the Williston Basin

John W. Robinson, Julie A. LeFever, Stephanie B. Gaswirth

Chapter 18: Organic Metamorphism in the Mississippian-Devonian Bakken Shale North Dakota Portion of the Williston Basin

Leigh C. Price, Tom Ging, Ted Daws, Alonza Love, Mark Pawlewicz, Don Anders

Chapter 19: Petroleum Source Rocks and Stratigraphy of the Bakken Formation in North Dakota

Rick L. Webster

Chapter 20: Horizontal Drilling in the Williston Basin, United States and Canada

Julie A. LeFever

Chapter 21: Does Bakken Horizontal Drilling Imply a Huge Oil-Resource Base in Fractured Shales?

Leigh C. Price, Julie A. LeFever