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Welcome to the new Datapages Archives

The AAPG/Datapages Combined Publications Database

Rocky Mountain Association of Geologists

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ABSTRACT: Economics - The New Dimension in Geologic Thinking

Michel T. Halbouty

ABSTRACT: Significance of Hydrocarbon Disposition in Petroleum Exploration

William M. Zarrella

ABSTRACT: The Effect of Decrease in Porosity With Depth on Oil and Gas Reserves in Sandstone Reservoirs

Gordon I. Atwater

ABSTRACT: The Geologyof Nevada - An Exploration Frontier

John C. Osmond

The Bridger Lake Field, Summit County, Utah

John M. Parker

Cattle Creek Anticline, A Salt Diapir Near Glenwood Springs, Colorado

W.W. Mallory

The Denver Area Earthquakes and The Rocky Mountain Arsenal Disposal Well

David M. Evans

Evidence Bearing on Deep Earthquake Origin: Weakening of Olivine by Serpentine Dehydration

R.E. Riecker

Geologic and Economic Evaluation of the LAramie-Eastern Hanna Basin Area, Wyoming

D.S. Stone

The Geologist in Construction

L.W. Leroy

The Geology and Structure of the Mt. Richthofen-Iron Mt. Region, North Central Colorado

Marshall K. Corbett

Geology of Williams fork Fiels Moffat County, Colorado

Gary W. Lauman

Joints and Microfractures in Glenwood Canyon, Colorado

M.L. Harper

Numerous Eolian Ripple Marks From Entrada Formation

William F. Tanner

Paleontologic Age of the Fountain Formation South of Denver, Colorado

C. Howard Ellis

Pathfinder Uplift of Pennsylvanian Age in Southern Wyoming

William W. Mallory

PAtterns of Sediment Dispersal in the Fountain Formation of Colorado

James D. Howard

Physical Stratigraphy, Middle Ordovician Harding and Lander Sandstones, Wyoming

Marvin D. Allison

Resume of the Geology of the Laramie Anorthosite Mass

M.A. Klugman

The sheep Creek Thrust at Cooper Creek, Fremont County, Wyoming

C.J. Gudim

Some Statistical Features of the relationship Between Rocky Mountain Arsenal Waste Disposal and Frequency of Earthquakes

George E. Bardwell

Stratigraphy and Sedimentary Structures in the Fox Hills Sandstone (Upper Cretaceous), Golden Area, Colorado

George Covington

Stream Profiles and Pediments Near Boulder, Colorado

Ian A. Campbell

Variations in Zircon Crop Measurements Cause by Weathering, Whitehorn Stock, Central Colorado

Rae L. Harris Jr., John R. Wilbanks

West Moorcroft Dakota Field, Crook County, Wyoming

Don E. Mettler