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Welcome to the new Datapages Archives

The AAPG/Datapages Combined Publications Database

Rocky Mountain Association of Geologists

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Abnormal Formation Pressure: A Review

L.A. Pickering, G.J. Indelicato

Airfall Tuff in the Browns Park Formation, Northwestern Colorado and Northeastern Utah

Stanley J. Luft

Balanced Cross Sections of Small Fold-t hrust Structures

John H. Spang, James P. Evans, Robert R. Berg

COMMENT: Balanced Cross Sections of Small Fold-thrust Structures

Eric A. Erslev

COMMENT: Quealy Dome: A Rocky Mountain Foreland Sttuctural Trap Oil Field

Donald S. Stone

Conodonts of the Bakken Formation (Devonian and Mississippian), Williston Basin, North Dakota

Michael D. Hayes

Depositional Trends In Upper Paleozoic Terrigenous Clastic Rocks, Sacramento Mountains, New Mexico

David L. Carr

Description and Origin of the Lower Part of the Mesaverde Group in Rifle Gap, Garfield County, Colorado

Dawn J. Madden

Drainage Development of the Green River Basin In southwestern Wyoming and its Bearing on Fish Biogeography, Neotectonics, and Paleoclimates

Wallace R. Hansen

Late Pleistocene Glaciation of Pikes Peak, Colorado

Thomas P. Huber, Paul K. Grogger

Mineral, Chemical, and Textural Relationships Chalk of the Niobrara Formation, Denver Basin, Colorado

Richard M. Pollastro, Carl J. Martinez

The Permian-Triassic Stratigraphy of the Northwest Paradox Basin Area, Emery, Garfield, and Wayne Counties, Utah

Gary C. Mitchell

A Revision in the Glacial History of Jackson Hole, Wyoming

Charles D. Harrington

San Juan Sag: Cretaceous Rocks in a Volcanic- Covered Basin, South Central Colorado

Robbie R. Gries

Sedimentology and Depositional Environments of the Emery Sandstone Member of the Mancos Shale, Emery and Sevier Counties, Utah

J. Paul Matheny, M. Dane Picard

Seismic Evidence of Tectonic Influence on Development of Cretaceous Listric Normal Faults, Boulder-Wattenberg-Greeley Area, Denver Basin, Colorado

Thomas L. Davis


Carrie Manfrino

Structural Features in the Huerfano Park Area, East Flank, Sangre de Cristo Range, Colorado

Gabrielle Schavran

Synorogenic Sedimentation of Upper Cretaceous Frontier Formation Conglomerates and Associated Strata, Wyoming-Idaho-Utah Thrust Belt

JAMes G. Schmitt

Tectonic and Sedimentation Model For Morrow Sandstone Deposition, Sorrento Field Area Denver Basin, Colorado

Stephen A. Sonnenberg