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Welcome to the new Datapages Archives

The AAPG/Datapages Combined Publications Database

Rocky Mountain Association of Geologists

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Alkali Metasomatism and Fossil Geothermal Activity: Wah Wah Springs Tuff, Utah

Robert L. Nusbaum, S. Kerry Gant

Comparing Geotechnical to Geologic Estimates for Past Overburden in the Pierre-Hayes, South Dakota Area: An Argument for In-situ Pressuremeter Determination

Donley S. Collins, Thomas C. Nichols Jr.

Deltaic Deposits of the Upper Cretaceous Dad Sandstone Member of the Lewis Shale, South-Central Wyoming1

Roseanne Chambers Perman

Dinosaur Footprints from the Dakota Group of Eastern Colorado

Martin G. Lockley

Geology of the Precambrian Metamorphic Rocks Along South Hardscrabble Creek, Wet Mountains, Colorado

Jeffrey B. Noblett

Geomorphic Evidence for Youngest Dated Faults in North-Central Arizona

Richard F. Holm

The Goshen Hole Uplift: A Brief Review of its History and Exploration Potential

Thomas S. Ahlbrandt, Wilson Groen

Government Draw Bentonite Beds: A Newly Identified Stratigraphic Marker in the Virgin Creek MEmber of the Pierre Shale, Central South Dakota

Thomas C. Nichols Jr., Alan F. Chleboard, Donley S. Collins

Low-Energy Seismic Survey of Quaternary Materials, Rocky Mountain National Park, Colorado

William W. Locke

A Method for Estimating Fault Geometry from Rotated Basement Blocks Using Slip Lines

Peter H. Hennings, John H. Sprang

Mississippian Ratcliffe and Nesson Reservoirs, Rosebud Field, Williams County, North Dakota

Karen Dean

A Preliminary Report on the Bentonite Beds of the Lower Virgin Creek Member of the Pierre Shale, Stanley County, South Dakota

Donley S. Collins

Reactivation of a Cretaceous Thrust Surface by Basin-and-Range Extension, Southwestern Gunnison Plateau, Central Utah

S.R. Mattox, M.P. Weiss

Sedimentation of the Late Triassic Higham Grit in a South SaskatchewanlPlatte River-Type Braided Stream Complex, Southeastern ldaho and Western Wyoming

James G. Schmitt, David R. Hazen

A Wrench FaultIThrust-Fold Clay Model Study and Comparison with the Bonanza-Zeisman Area of the Eastern Big Horn Basin

Donald S. Stone