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Welcome to the new Datapages Archives

The AAPG/Datapages Combined Publications Database

Rocky Mountain Association of Geologists

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40Ar/39Ar Ages of Challis Volcanic Rocks and the Initiation of Tertiary Sedimentary Basins in Southwestern Montana

John w. M'Gonigle, G. Brent Dalrymple

Analysis of Compaction Effects on Coal Fracture Patterns, Upper Cretaceous Rock Springs Formation, Southwestern Wyoming

Stephen E. Laubach, Daniel D. Schultz-Ela, Roger Tyler

Analysis of K-Feldspar from a Contact Aureole:, Applications to Thermal History Studies

Alan Lester

Devonian Oil in Mississippian and Mesozoic Reservoirs - Unconformity Controls on Migration and Accumulation, Sweetgrass Arch, Montana

John Dlson, Joe Piombino, Mark Franklin, Robert Harwood

Extensional Tectonic Influence on Lower and Upper Cretaceous Stratigraphy and Reservoirs, Southern Powder River Basin, Wyoming

Gary C. Mitchell, Mark H. Rogers

Kleinholz Paleozoic Field Study Kimball County, Nebraska

Howard L. Sahl, Frank I. Pritchett Jr., Peter T. Loeffler

Lode-Gold Deposits Hosted by the Helena and Wallace Formations (Middle Proterozoic) in the Rock Creek Gold Belt, Southwestern Montana

Lee A. Woodward

Oil Production from Niobrara Formation, Silo Field, Wyoming: Fracturing Associated with a Possible Wrench Fault System (?)

Stephen A. Sonnenberg, Robert J. Weimer

The Point Lookout Sandstone: A Tale of Two Cores, or Petrology, Diagenesis, and Reservoir Properties of Point Lookout Sand- stone, Southern Ute Indian Reservation, San Juan Basin, Colorado

C.W. Keighin, R.S. Zech, R. Wright Dunbar

Provenance of the Tullock Member of the Fort Union Formation, Powder River Basin, Wyoming and Montana: Evidence for Early Paleocene Laramide Uplift

Paula L. Hansley, Janet L. Brown

Sedimentology of Permian Upper Part of the Minnelusa Formation, Eastern Powder River Basin, Wyoming, and a Comparison to the Subsurface

Christopher J. Schenk, James W. Schmoker, James E. Fox