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Welcome to the new Datapages Archives

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Rocky Mountain Association of Geologists

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Exploration for Shallow Compaction-Induced Gas Accumulations in Sandstones of the Fort Union Formation, Powder River Basin, Wyoming

David W. Oldham

A Fission-Track Study of the Terrigenous Sedimentary Sequences of the Morrison and Cloverly Formations in the Northeastern Bighorn Basin, Wyoming

Zi-Qiang Chen, Susan Lubin

Middle Jurassic Incised Valley Fill (EolianIEstuarine) and Nearshore Marine Petroleum Reservoirs, Powder River Basin

Thomas S. Ahlbrandt, James E. Fox

Natural Gas Resources of the Rocky Mountains and Considerations for Future Supply

John B. Curtis

The Oligocene Little Cottonwood Stock, Central Wasatch Mountains, Utah: An Example of Compositional Zoning by Side-Wall Fractional Crystallization of an Arc-Related Intrusion

Antony J. Marsh, R.K. Smith

The Potential for Coalbed Gas Exploration and Production in the Greater Green River Basin, Southwest Wyoming and Northwest Colorado

Roger Tyler, William R. Kaiser, Andrew R. Scott, Douglas S. Hamilton

Reservoir Characteristics of Low-Permeability Sandstones in the Rocky Mountains

Alan P. Byrnes

Role of Regional Tectonic Analysis in Exploration for Fracture Reservoirs in Cretaceous Source Rocks of the Raton Basin, New Mexico

Lee A. Woodward

Sample from Wild Cow Formation, Abo Pass, New Mexico: Geoquiz Answers

Donald S. Stone

Seismic and Subsurface Evidence of Local Sedimentary Infill of Massive Salt Solution "Micro-Basins" in the Middle Jurassic Carmel Formation, Central Utah

Gary L. Garner

A Special Volume: 75 Years of the RMAG

Harold E. Kellogg