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Welcome to the new Datapages Archives

The AAPG/Datapages Combined Publications Database

Rocky Mountain Section (SEPM)

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Applications of Thermal Maturity Studies to Energy Exploration; Frontmatter

Vito F. Nuccio, Charles E. Barker, Sally J. Dyson

Coal Rank Trends in the Western Kentucky Coalfield and Relationship to Hydrocarbon Occurrence

James C. Hower, Susan M. Rimmer, David A. Williams, John G. Beard

Determination of Source-Rock Thermal Maturity by Direct Measurements and Predictive Modeling—Application to Upper Cretaceous Cody Shale, Powder River Basin, Wyoming

Vito F. Nuccio

Effect of Maturation History and Dissolution of Methane on Gas Migration in an Organically Lean Molasse Basin—Computer Modeling for the Pannonian Basin

Istvan Veto, Lajos O. Kovacs, Istvan Horvath, Laszlo Odor

Graptolite Reflectance and Thermal Maturity of Lower Paleozoic Rocks

Fariborz Goodarzi

The Illite/Smectite Geothermometer—Concepts, Methodology, and Application to Basin History and Hydrocarbon Generation

Richard M. Pollastro

The Maturation of Organic Matter During Experimental Simulation of Carbonate Diagenesis

John Ferguson

The Modification of Sedimentary Thermal Maturity by Igneous Sills

X. Wang, I. Lerche, C. Walters

Paleoheat Flux and Thermal Maturity from Distributions of Fission Tracks in Apatite

Z. He, I. Lerche

Regional Trends of Sandstone Porosity Versus Vitrinite Reflectance—A Preliminary Framework

James W. Schmoker, Timothy C. Hester

A Review of the Use of Bitumen Reflectance in Hydrocarbon Exploration with Examples from Melville Island, Arctic Canada

Thomas Gentzis, Fariborz Goodarzi

Some Problems in Thermal History Studies

David Deming, Jeffrey A. Nunn, Steven Jones, David S. Chapman

Thermal and Fluid Migration History in the Niobrara Formation, Berthoud Oil Field, Denver Basin, Colorado

B.L. Crysdale, C.E. Barker

Thermal Maturation by Vitrinite Reflectance of Woodford Shale Near Washita Valley Fault, Arbuckle Mountains, Oklahoma

Brian J. Cardott, William J. Metcalf III, Judson L. Ahern

Thermal Maturity, Tectonostratigraphic Terranes, and Regional Tectonic History: An Example from the Kandik Area, East-Central Alaska

Matthew M. Laughland, Michael B. Underwood, Thomas J. Wiley

Variability in Type III Organic Matter at the Initiation of Diagenesis

R. P. Suggate

Vitrinite Reflectance as an Exploration Tool in Defining Areas of Recent and Ancient Heating: A Case Study of the Cerro Prieto Geothermal System, Mexico

Charles E. Barker, Mark J. Pawlewicz