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Welcome to the new Datapages Archives

The AAPG/Datapages Combined Publications Database

Rocky Mountain Section (SEPM)

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Introduction to Cenozoic West-Central U.S. Paleogeography

Romeo M. Flores, Sanford S. Kaplan

Cenozoic Paleogeography of Arizona

Dale Nations, Jan C. Wilt, Richard H. Hevly

Cenozoic Paleogeography of the West-Central United States; Frontmatter

Romeo M. Flores, Sanford S. Kaplan

Cenozoic Paleogeography of Western Nebraska

James B. Swinehart, Vernon L. Souders, Harold M. DeGraw, Robert F. Diffendal Jr.

Cenozoic Rocks of the Intermontane Basins of Western Montana and Eastern Idaho: A Summary

Robert W. Fields, Donald L. Rasmussen, Alan R. Tabrum, Ralph Nichols

Depositional Settings of the Chalk Hills and Glenns Ferry Formations West of Bruneau, Idaho

Larry T. Middleton, Michael L. Porter, Peter G. Kimmel

Early Cenozoic History of the Uinta and Piceance Creek Basins, Utah and Colorado, with Special Reference to the Development of Eocene Lake Uinta

Ronald C. Johnson

Early Tertiary Paleogeography and Paleotectonics of the San Juan Basin Area, New Mexico and Colorado

James E. Fassett

Early Tertiary Quartzite Conglomerates of the Bighorn Basin and Their Significance for Paleogeographic Reconstruction of Northwest Wyoming

Mary J. Kraus

Early Tertiary Volcaniclastic Deposits of the Northern Rocky Mountains

William J. Fritz, Sylvia Harrison

Evolution of Intermontane Fluvial Systems of Tertiary Powder River Basin, Montana and Wyoming

Romeo M. Flores, Frank G. Ethridge

Evolution of Paleogene Depositional Systems, Williston Basin, in Response to Global Sea Level Changes

Victor B. Cherven, Arthur F. Jacob

Fine Scale Reconstruction of Late Paleocene-Early Eocene Paleogeography in the Bighorn Basin of Northern Wyoming

Scott L. Winy, Thomas M. Bown

Late Cretaceous and Cenozoic Orogenesis of Arizona and Adjacent Regions: A Strato-Tectonic Approach

Stanley B. Keith, Jan C. Wilt

Miocene Sedimentation in the Goose Creek Basin, South Central Idaho, Northeastern Nevada, and Northwestern Utah

Ricky T. Hildebrand, Karl R. Newman

Oligocene Paleogeography in the Southern Denver Basin

David G. Morse

Oligocene Paleogeography of the Northern Great Plains and Adjacent Mountains

David Seeland

Origin and Early Evolution of An Eocene Lake System Within the Washakie Basin of Southwestern Wyoming

Scott E. Sklenar, David W. Andersen

Overview of Cenozoic Volcanism in the West-Central United States

Robert A. Chadwick

Paleoenvironments of the Paleocene Sentinel Butte Formation, Knife River Area, West-Central North Dakota

Daniel J. Daly, Gerald H. Groenewold, Craig R. Schmit

Paleogene Stratigraphy, Sedimentation and Volcanism of New Mexico

Larry N. Smith, Spencer G. Lucas, Wolfgang E. Elston