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Welcome to the new Datapages Archives

The AAPG/Datapages Combined Publications Database

Rocky Mountain Section (SEPM)

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Carboniferous and Permian Stratigraphy of the Sublett Range, South-Central Idaho

Thomas E. Yancey, Gary D. Ishibashi, Paul T. Bingman

Depositional and Diagenetic History of Porous Dolomitized Grainstones at the Top of the Madison Group, Disturbed Belt, Montana

K. M. Nichols

Depositional Environments of the Mississippian Redwall Limestone in Northeastern Arizona

W. Norman Kent, Richard R. Rawson

Depositional Systems and Paleogeographic Evolution of the Late Paleozoic Taos Trough, Northern New Mexico

J. Michael Casey

Devonian and Mississippian Stratigraphy and Conodont Zonation of Pilot and Chainman Shales, Confusion Range, Utah

Charles A. Sandberg, Forrest G. Poole, Raymond C. Gutschick

Euxinic Early Permian Sedimentation in the Cassia Basin of Southern Idaho

William A. Morgan

Late Devonian (Frasnian) Paleogeography and Paleoenvironments In Northern Arizona

Stanley S. Beus

Lower Permian Depositional Systems and Wolfcampian Paleogeography, Uncompahgre Basin, Eastern Utah and Southwestern Colorado

John A. Campbell

Middle-Late Permian Paleogeography of Idaho, Montana, Nevada, Utah, and Wyoming

Bruce R. Wardlaw

Middle and Upper Ordovician Paleogeography of the Region Bordering the Transcontinental Arch

Brian J. Witzke

Mississippian Shelf Margin and Carbonate Platform from Montana to Nevada

Raymond C. Gutschick, Charles A. Sandberg, William J. Sando

The Mississippian System of New Mexico and southern Arizona

Augustus K. Armstrong, Bernard L. Mamet, John E. Repetski

Paleogeographic Interpretation of Permian Units in Northwestern Colorado and Northeastern Utah

Abdul Raof Jado

Paleogeography and Marine Communities of the Silurian Carbonate Shelf in Utah and Nevada

Peter M. Sheehan

Paleogeography and Structural Development of the Late Pennsylvanian to Early Permian Oquirrh Basin, Northwestern Utah

Teresa E. Jordan, Raymond C. Douglass

Paleogeography of Eustatic Model for Deposition of Midcontinent Upper Pennsylvanian Cyclothems

Philip H. Heckel

Paleogeography of Northern Arizona During the Deposition of the Permian Toroweap Formation

Richard R. Rawson, Christine E. Turner-Peterson

Paleogeography of the Late Early Mississippian (Tournaisian 3) in the Central and Southwestern United States

H. Richard Lane, T. L. De Keyser

Paleozoic Paleogeography of the West-Central United States; Frontmatter

Thomas D. Fouch, Esther R. Magathan

Pennsylvanian and Early Permian Paleogeography, Southern Colorado Plateau and Vicinity

Ronald C. Blakey

The Pennsylvanian Callville Limestone in Beaver County, Southwestern Utah

Bruce R. Wardlaw

Permian Paleogeography and Sedimentary Provinces, West Central United States

James A. Peterson

Sedimentation and Biostratigraphy of Osagean and Meramecian Starved Basin and Foreslope, Western United States

Charles A. Sandberg, Raymond C. Gutschick

Status of the Antler Orogeny in Central Idaho–Clarifications and Constraints from the Pioneer Mountains

James H. Dover

Stratigraphic and Tectonic Parallels Between Paleozoic Geosynclinal Siliceous Sequences in Northern Nevada and Those of the Marathon Uplift, Texas, and Ouachita Mountains, Arkansas and Oklahoma

Keith B. Ketner

Tidal-Flat Carbonates of the Maywood Formation (Frasnian) and the Cambrian-Devonian Unconformity, Southwestern Montana

James H. Meyers

Upper Paleozoic Paleotectonics and Paleogeography of Idaho

Betty Skipp, Wayne E. Hall