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The AAPG/Datapages Combined Publications Database

Saskatchewan Geological Society

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ABSTRACT: A Comparison of McMurray Formation and Saskatchewan Steam-Assisted Gravity Drainage (SAGD) Reservoirs

Peter Putnam, Shawna Christensen

ABSTRACT: An Enigmatic Interval Rich in Quartz Sand-Size Particles in the Mississippian of Southeastern Saskatchewan: A Possible Solution to Its Origin Based on Sequence Stratigraphic Principles

Don Kent

ABSTRACT: A Sequence Stratigraphic Approach to Interpreting the Depositional Setting and History of the Souris Valley/Lodgepole Succession in Southeastern and South-Central Saskatchewan

Don Kent

ABSTRACT: Regional Hydrochemistry of Deep Formation Waters in the Williston Basin (Canada-U.S.A.): Implications for Fluid Migration in the Basin

Ben Rostron

Categorizing Gas Shales in Alberta for Resource Evaluation

Dean Rokosh, Andrew Beaton

The Cenomanian-Santonian Colorado Formations of Eastern Southern Saskatchewan and Southwestern Manitoba

Jim Christopher, Melinda Yurkowski, Michelle Nicolas, Jim Bamburak

Estimates of CO2 Storage Capacity in Oil Fields of the Plains CO2 Reduction (PCOR) Partnership Region

James Sorensen, Steven Smith, David Fischer, Edward Steadman, John Harju

Evidence Linking Surface Lineaments and Deep-Seated Structural Features in the Williston Basin

Lynden Penner, Jason Cosford

Extended Abstract: Basement Structural Influences on Hydrocarbon Accumulation in Saskatchewan

John Peirce

Extended Abstract: Dolomitization of the Frobisher and Midale Beds in the Steelman Field, southeastern Saskatchewan

Arden Marsh, Andrew Nimegeers

Extended Abstract: Geology and Experience at Husky's Lloydminster Thermal Projects

Andrew Bau

Extended Abstract: History, Geology, and Potential Hydrogeochemical Indicators of Natural Gas Occurrence and Production from Quaternary Glacial Drift and Upper Cretaceous Sedimentary Bedrock in North-Central North Dakota

Fred Anderson, George Shurr, David Fischer

Extended Abstract: Kaolinized Sandstone of the Whitemud Formation, Southern Saskatchewan: A Potential Source of Meta-Kaolin for High-Performance Concrete

Lynn Kelley

Extended Abstract: Origin of Mississippian Caprock (Alteration Zone): Insights from Petrographic and Geochemical Data from the Alida Beds, Southeastern Saskatchewan

Cornelius Rott, Hairuo Qing

Extended Abstract: Stratigraphic Framework of the Niobrara and Carlile Formations of Southwestern Saskatchewan - Preliminary Analyses

Melinda Yurkowski, Arden Marsh, Kimberley Heinemann

Extended Abstract: The Regional Stratigraphic Framework of Western Saskatchewan - Phase 2

Kimberley Heinemann, Arden Marsh

Extended Abstract: δ18O and δ34S Isotopic Systematics of Anhydrite from Mississippian Carbonate Rocks, Southeastern Saskatchewan: Implication for Sealing Effectiveness for Utilization of Hydrocarbon Reservoirs as Potential Sites for CO2 Sequestration

Hairuo Qing, Erik Nickel, Arden Marsh

Greenhouse Atmosphere Controls on Reservoir Development during Upper Osagean (Mississippian) Frobisher and Midale (Vuggy) Lowstands, Southeastern Saskatchewan, Williston Basin

John Lake

Heavy Oil Reservoir Characterization using Integrated Geochemical and Geophysical Techniques

Mathew Fay, Joan Embleton, Larry Lines, Doug Schmitt, Steve Larter, Barry Bennett, Xun Qi

Hydrocarbon Potential of Bakken and Torquay Formations, Southeastern Saskatchewan

Kim Kreis, Andre Costa, Kirk Osadetz

Hydrocarbon Trapping in Mississippian Strata of Southeastern Saskatchewan: Ratcliffe to Souris Valley Beds

Andrew Nimegeers, Don Kent, Arden Marsh, Erik Nickel

Integrated Analysis of the Bakken Petroleum System, U.S. Williston Basin

Jack Flannery

An Interprovincial Structural Database for the Western Canada Sedimentary Basin

Dinu Pana Joan Waters, Jim Bamburak, Paul Lenton, MarkPacey, Andrew Nimegeers, Arden Marsh, Megan Opseth, Steve Whittaker

The Mississippian of Southeastern Saskatchewan: Regional Considerations

Steve Halabura

Net and Gross Storage of C02 in the Subsurface

Jitsopa Suebsiri, Malcolm Wilson, Paitoon Tontiwachwuthikul

The Northeastern Sector of the Lower Cretaceous Athabasca Oil-Sands Basin: Facies and Fluids

Michael Ranger

Petrographic Reservoir Characterization of the Duperow Formation, Southeastern Saskatchewan

Xiaochun Cen, Osman Salad Hersi

Petrophysical Evaluation of Carbonates from the Weyburn Oil Field Using Synchrotron X-Ray Computed Microtomography

Chad Glemser, Tom Kotzer, Steve Whittaker, Chris Hawkes

Potential Use of Petroleum Inclusions in the Study of Hydrocarbon Degradation in Oil Sands and Heavy Oils in the Western Canada Sedimentary Basin - Examples from Western Saskatchewan

Guoxiang Chi, Jianqing Lai, Andy Tong, Per Pedersen

Preliminary Study of Geochemistry and Fluid Flow in Mississippian Aquifers of the Williston Basin, Canada-U.S.A.

Gavin Jensen, Ben Rostron

Regional Geophysical Mapping of the Sub-Phanerozoic Basement, Eastern Southern Saskatchewan and Southwestern Manitoba

Jiakang Li , Igor Morozov

Regional Hydrochemistry of Lower Paleozoic Aquifers in the Northern Portion of the Williston Basin, Saskatchewan-Manitoba

Dan Palombi , Ben Rostron

Rejuvenation of the Billion-Barrel Weyburn Oil Pool

Andrew Graham, Geoff Burrowes, Dave Cooper

Relationships of Cambro-Ordovician Stratigraphy to Paleotopography on the Precambrian Basement, Williston Basin

Dean Potter

Scientific and Industrial Implications of Continued Study and Revision of Petroleum System Models in the Williston Basin

Kirk Osadetz, Mark Obermajer, Maowen Li, Chunqing Jiang

Spatial Variations in Magnetic Properties and Paleomagnetic Directions in the Duperow Formation, Williston Basin

Maria Cioppa

Stratigraphy and Hydrocarbon Potential of Silurian Interlake Strata, Southeastern Saskatchewan

Fran Haidl, Andrew Nimegeer, Arden Marsh

Stratigraphy and Petrography of Viking Sandstones in the Bayhurst Pool Area, Southwestern Saskatchewan

Carrie Walz, Per Pedersen, Guoxiang Chi

Subsurface Geology and Fades Characterization of the Athabasca Wabiskaw-McMurray Succession in the Lewis and Firebag-Sunrise Areas, Northeastern Alberta

Frances Hein

Tectonic and Petrophysical Investigation of Williston Basin Strata around the Weyburn CO2 Sequestration Reservoir

Sandor Sule, Zoltan Hajnal, Bhaskar Pandit

The Upper Birdbear Formation (Nisku) of Western North Dakota: Another Emerging Williston Basin Horizontal Play

Jay Sperr, Randolph Burke

Waulsortian Lithofacies of the Mississippian Souris Valley Beds (Lodgepole Formation), Williston Basin, Southeastern Saskatchewan, Canada

Cody Miller, Federico Krause