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The AAPG/Datapages Combined Publications Database

Saskatchewan Geological Society

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ABSTRACT: Advances in Subdivision of the Trans-Hudson Orogen and Its Hinterland in Saskatchewan

John F. Lewry

ABSTRACT: Basement-Sandstone Interaction, Alteration Patterns in the Sandstone and Metal Sourcing, Athabasca Unconformity Uranium Deposits

V. Sopuck, Ken Wasyliuk

ABSTRACT: Economic Implications of Multidisciplinary Geological Studies on Fort-à-la-Corne Kimberlite Pipe #169

B.A. Kjarsgaard, D. Leckie, J. Mwunifumbo

ABSTRACT: Eocene Magmatism in the Subsurface of Southern Alberta: Aeromagnetic Expression and Implications for Hydrocarbon Exploration

Gerald M. Ross, John Mariano, Regis Dumont, Bruce Kjarsgaard, Dennis Teskey

ABSTRACT: Felsic-intrusion-related Gold Deposits: Diversity and its Significance

Francois Robert, K. Howard Poulsen

ABSTRACT: Gold Anomalies in Plants from the La Ronge Belt - Red Herrings or Real Prospects?

Colin E. Dunn

ABSTRACT: Gold in the Glennie Domain: Relationship to a Major Temporal Break in the Supracrustal Succession

G.D. Delaney

ABSTRACT: Industrial Archaeology with Traditional Methodology: A Case Study of Early European Copper Mining in Upper Michigan

Larry Buhr

ABSTRACT: Mineralogical, Elemental, and Organic Signatures of Prairie-type Mineralizing Processes in the Western Canada Sedimentary Basin

Hugh J. Abercrombie, Glen R. De Paoli

ABSTRACT: New Ideas about the Relation between Fluids and Uranium and Gold Mineralization in Saskatchewan

Kurt Kyser

ABSTRACT: Nicholson Bay Uranium-Gold-PGE Deposits

T.I.I. Sibbald

ABSTRACT: Paleoproterozoic Evolution of the Snowbird Tectonic Zone - Fact or Fiction?

Gerald M. Ross

ABSTRACT: Paleoproterozoic Evolution of the Snowbird Tectonic Zone - Fact or Fiction? - Another Perspective

Simon Hanmer

ABSTRACT: Redefining Contact Relationships Between McLennan Group and Surrounding Lithotectonic Elements in the Southern La Ronge Domain, Trans-Hudson Orogen, Saskatchewan

Ralf O. Maxeiner, Tom T.I. Sibbald

ABSTRACT: The Devil's Lake Gold Discovery, Exploration Highlights, and Petrographic Discussion of the Mineralized Zones

N.R. Newson, D.M. Studer, M.W. Thomas, W.K. Mysyk

ABSTRACT: The McArthur River Deposit - A Geological Update

Brian McGill

ABSTRACT: U-Pb Zircon, Monazite, and Titanite Geochronology in the Wollaston Lake Area, Saskatchewan: Timing of Deformation, Metamorphism, and Magmatism

I.R. Annesley, C. Madore, R. Shi, T.E. Krogh

Advances in the Genetic Model and Exploration Techniques for Unconformity-type Uranium Deposits in the Athabasca Basin

K. Wheatley, J. Murphy, M. Leppin, C. Cutis, J.A. Climie

The Anglo-Rouyn Deposit, La Ronge, Saskatchewan: A Besshi-type Massive Sulphide Deposit

R. Gwilym Roberts, R.O. Maxeiner

Application of Reflectance Spectrometry to Assessment of Alteration Mineralogy at the Key Lake Uranium Deposit, Saskatchewan

Steven Earle, Ken Wheatley, Ken Wasyliuk

Four-Dimensional Mapping of the Flin Flon Belt Through Interdisciplinary NATMAP and LITHOPROBE Studies

S.B. Lucas, K.E. Ashton, E.C. Syme, R.A. Stern, D.J. White, K.M. Ansdell, J.J. Ryan

Lithostructural Setting of the Contact Lake Gold Deposit: Controls on Vein Formation and Ore Distribution

Christopher B. Lee, R. Gwilym Roberts

Mississippi Valley-type Mineralization in Lower Devonian Lower Elk Point Strata, South La Ronge Area, Central Saskatchewan: A Case History

D.M. Kent

The Provenance of Prairie Tills and its Importance in Mineral Exploration

Robert G. Garrett, L. Harvey Thorleifson

Recognition of Felsic Volcanic Rocks and Hydrothermal Alteration in Moderately to Highly Metamorphosed Parts of the Flin Flon Volcanic Belt

K.E. Ashton, E. Froese, A. Legault

Seabee Mine

Richard Basnett

Shea Creek - A Deep Geophysical Exploration Discovery

Rodney R. Koch, Frank Dalidowicz

The Sue D and E Uranium Deposits, Northern Saskatchewan: Evidence for Structurally Controlled Fluid Circulation in the Athabasca Basin

D. Baudemont, A. Pacquet