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South Texas Geological Society Special Publications

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Balcones Volcanoes in South Texas: Exploration Methods and Examples

Thomas E. Ewing

The Bell Nipple Densitometer

Robert W. Rochon

Berkow Field, Bee County, Texas

Wilford Lee Stapp, Sharon G. Srubar

Cole Field Re-Entered, Duval and Webb Counties, Texas

Robert W. Hopf

Computer-Aided Geologic Study of Yoakum Field, Dewitt and Lavaca Counties, Texas

Stewart Chuber

Delta Environments in the Upper Midway Formation of Wilson County, Texas

Robert W. Hopf

Dial Field, Goliad County, Texas

Richard H. Sams, Kenneth R. Grome

East Kemper Field, Lavaca County, Texas

Fritz Wernli, Kemp Solcher

Electric Log Evidence for Hydrocarbon Production and Trapping in Sandstones Possessing Diagenetic Clay Minerals

Alvin L. Schultz

The Eocene Lobo Gravity Slide, Webb and Zapata Counties, Texas

John Long

Escondido Sands of the Leming Field in Bexar, Atascosa, and Wilson Counties, Texas

Michael A. MacDonald

Extrapolated Reserve Estimates from Past and Present Production in the Poth Sand Trend of South Texas

Robert W. Hopf

Fandango Field Zapata County, Texas

C. E. Kimmell

Front Matter: Contributions to the Geology of South Texas, 1986

Wilford Lee Stapp

Geology of McCaskill Field Karnes County, Texas

Don A. Urbanec

Geology of the Atkinson (4250) Sand, Atkinson Field, Live Oak and Karnes Counties, Texas

Richard H. Sams

Geology of the First Mirando Sand, South Lopez Unit, Lopez Field, Webb and Duval Counties, Texas

Alvin L. Schultz

Geology of the Nuhn Uranium Ore Body, Jackson Group, South Texas Uranium District

Richard P. McCulloh, Charles Roberts

Glen Rose Formation — Central Texas Slope Expansion Features

William Feathergail Wilson

Groundwater Geochemistry as a Uranium Exploration Tool: The Solution-Mineral Equilibria Approach, Carrizo Formation, Atascosa County, Texas

Dawn S. Kaback

A Guide to Qualitative Interpretation of South Texas Electric Logs

Alvin L. Schultz

Gulf Coast Stratigraphic Traps in the Lower Cretaceous Carbonates

Richard H. Sams

Holly Beach Revisited

Wilford Lee Stapp

Hysaw Field, Karnes County, Texas

Wilford Lee Stapp, Laurie A. Dutton

Las Tiendas (Wilcox) Field, Webb County, Texas

Dan A. Hughes

Leoncita Field, Medina County, Texas

Jon S. Henke, Louis H. Goldsmith

Lithology Crossplots: Applications in an Evaporite Basin—The Maverick Basin of Southwest Texas

John V. Crues, Jr.

Louann Salt of South Texas: Exploration Observations and Implications

Andrew Raring

The Louann Salt of the Gulf Coast Basin, with Emphasis on South Texas

Jan Sloan Posey

Major Oil Plays of South and South-Central Texas

Noel Tyler, Thomas Ewing

A Mappable Parameter for Predicting Gas Production in South Texas Sandstones: A Study of Owen (Olmos) Field, Webb County, Texas

Alvin L. Schultz

North Washburn Field LaSalle County, Texas a Case History

Wilford Lee Stapp

Oil and Gas Occurrence in Lower Cretaceous Rocks, Maverick Basin Area, Southwest Texas

Peter R. Rose

Ouachita Overthrust: A New Look at Old Data

Richard H. Sams

Paleoenvironments of the Upper Cretaceous Anacacho Formation in Southwest Texas

Douglas Wilson

Proposed Stratigraphic Classification of the Wilcox of South Texas

Richard N. Hargis

A Reappraisal of Depositional Environment (Barrier Bar or Submarine Fan) for Lower Wilcox Reservoirs of Valentine Field, Lavaca County, Texas Gulf Coast

Marc B. Edwards

Recognizing Large SP Anomalies in the Cretaceous Carbonates Along the Balcones System, and How to Interpret Them

John V. Crues, Jr.

San Antonio as Seen from Space

Alf Hawkins, Leslie Jones

Selected Comparisons of Aircraft-Borne and Orbital Imaging Radar Data and their Geologic Significance

Allen M. Feder

Small-Scale Decollement Folding in the Upper Buda Formation

William Feathergail Wilson

Strandlines of the Chamberlain Sands, Lower Frio Formation, South Texas

Richard H. Sams

Stratigraphy of the Dale Lime and its Relation to Structure at Bateman Field, Bastrop County, Texas

Mark E. Thompson

The Stuart City Reef: Problems with Stratigraphic Nomenclature and Exploration

William Feathergail Wilson

Tejas Field, Goliad County: A Frio Stratigraphic Trap

Frank I. Brooner

Using the Self-Potential Log to Define Depositional Trends in Lower Wilcox Sands, McMullen County, Texas

Walter W. Coppinger, Alvin L. Schultz

Variations in Fault Planes in South Texas

Richard H. Sams

West Terryville Field, DeWitt County, Texas

Leonard C. Bryant

What is the I.Q. of That Sieve?

Porter Montgomery