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Welcome to the new Datapages Archives

The AAPG/Datapages Combined Publications Database

Southeast Asia Petroleum Exploration Society (SEAPEX)

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Abstract: Advances in Drilling and Completion Technology

Broderick Sutcliffe

Abstract: Beagle Deep Non-Exclusive Seismic Survey 1998: Stimulating Australian Deep Water Exploration

Peter Baillie, Paul Gilleran, Chris Johnston

Abstract: Cenozoic and Mesozoic Magmatism and Thermal History of Southeast Asia: New Data and Tectonic Constraints

Steven. C. Bergman

Abstract: Cenozoic Collision-extrusion Tectonics in Southeast Asia: Constraints from the Ailao Shan-Red River Shear Zone

Tung-Yi Lee

Abstract: Crustal Cross-sections of Borneo

R. Murphy

Abstract: Deep Water Seismic Surveys in Southeast Asia: Frontier Hydrocarbon Plays

Roberto Fainstein

Abstract: East Coast of India: an Emerging Exploration Frontier

Darko Tufekcic, Graham Milne

Abstract: New Constraints for the Neogene Tectonic Evolution of Southeast Asia from Geodesy and Tomography

Claude Rangin

Abstract: Satellites, Virtual Reality and Other Exotics

Simon P. Kendall

Abstract: Structural Styles in Deepwater, West Palawan, Philippines

R. A. Reyes

Abstract: The Deep Gas Potential of the BatuRaja Formation in South Sumatra. A Case History: The Singa Gas Discovery

Jonathan Redfern, Paul Ebdale, Suhaimi Oesman

Abstract: Timing of the Shan-Thai – Indochina Collision: New Evidence from the Pak Lay Foldbelt of the Lao P.D.R.

Robert B. Stokes

Advancements in Wireline Technology – Past, Present and Future

Kenneth C. Henry

Cenozoic Tectonics of South East Asia: Myths, Models and Methods; Reconstructions, Implications and Speculations

Robert Hall

Cost Effective Seismic Acquisition to Reduce Structural Risk in Areas of Karst Topography in Papua New Guinea

Robert de Lastic, Tony Cheshire, Patrick Mee

A Decade of (1987-1997) of Exploration in Malaysia under the 1985 Production Sharing Contract

Chua Beng Yap

An Evaluation of Hydrocarbon Seepage in Australia’s Timor Sea (Yampi Shelf) Using Integrated Remote Sensing Technologies

Geoffrey W. O’Brien, Paul Quaife, Shawn Burns, Michael Morse, John Lee

Extended Abstract: Advances in Interpretation & Imaging

P. Beale

Extended Abstract: Structural Evolution of Rift Basins in Northern Thailand: New Constraints from Paleostress Analysis

C. K. Morley, N. Sangkumarn, T. B. Hoon

Extended Abstract: The Quest for an Understanding of Southeast Asian Cenozoic Tectonics and the Importance of pre-Tertiary Structures

Charles S. Hutchison

Frontmatter: The Proceedings of the SEAPEX Exploration Conference Silver Jubilee Year 1973-1998

Andrew Johnson

The Khorat Plateau of NE Thailand - Exploration History and Hydrocarbon Potential

John E. Booth

New Life in an Old Basin, An Example from Natuna Sea Block A, West Natuna, Indonesia

Huw Evans

Petroleum Plays of the Bohai Basin, China: Expanding Exploration Concepts in a Mature Basin

Colin Murray, Eugene J. Murray, Changlin Wu

Reducing Reservoir and Source Rock Risk in Deepwater Plays: Examples from Southeast Asia

John W. Snedden, J. F. (Rick) Sarg

South Furious Field, The Evolution of an Interpretation: Subsurface Model Based on Latest Drilling Results

P. E. Heer, H. I. Thio

Subsurface Deepwater Challenges in Brunei

Patrick Allman-Ward

The Use of the Petroleum System Approach in Exploration of the Southwest China Sea: An Example from the Vung May Basin

C. S. Kenyon

“The Explosion in Marine Seismic Technology – How to Choose the Right Tool”

William S. French, Svein Vaage

The “Vicky Discovery” in the East China Sea: A New Marine Palaeocene Hydrocarbon System, Offshore China

A. Soulsby, G. M. Wang