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Welcome to the new Datapages Archives

The AAPG/Datapages Combined Publications Database

Southeast Asia Petroleum Exploration Society (SEAPEX)

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Abstract: A Review of the Lower Middle Triassic on the Inboard Northern Carnarvon Basin

Roisin McGee, Jeff Goodall, Stephen Molyneux

Abstract: Ca Voi Xanh Field, Block 118, Offshore Da Nang, Vietnam: Exploration Highlights and Development Challenges

Lori Meyer, David Walley, Jacqueline Sutton, Martin Schapper

Abstract: Detecting Basement Reservoir Fractures on Vietnam’s First Ocean Bottom Seismic Survey in the Cuu Long Basin

James Keggin, Joe Zhou, Nguyen Lam Anh

Abstract: Exploration Opportunities in the Asia Pacific Region

Jean-Marc Rodriguez

Abstract: How Exploration Will Fix Its Broken Economics

Dr Andrew Latham

Abstract: Indonesia: Why East Java Should Still be in your Exploration Portfolio

Ian Longley, Chris Kenyon, Andy Livsey, Jeff Goodall

Abstract: Investment Opportunity in Block 16-2, Cuu Long Basin, Vietnam


Abstract: Investment Opportunity in Blocks 102/10 & 106/10


Abstract: Investment Opportunity in Blocks 103 & 107


Abstract: Investment Opportunity in Blocks 148 & 149, Offshore Vietnam


Abstract: Learnings in the Current South East Asian deal space

Barry O’Donnell, Shariff D’Souza

Abstract: Mongolia: Emerging and Frontier Exploration Potential

Philip Holloway

Abstract: Papua New Guinea – PRL 15: Recent Appraisal, Exploration Highlights and Technological implications in Foothills Exploration

William G Canning

Abstract: Ranking and Risking the Carboniferous Petroleum Systems in the Midcontinent, USA: How Warwick Energy A Built Top Ten Position in the Core of the STACK Play, Oklahoma

Andrew Cullen, Doug Bellis

Abstract: Re-evaluating Triassic Outcrop Stratigraphy in Timor-Leste: Initial Insights into Source, Reservoir and Seal

Eujay McCartain

Abstract: Technical Overview of the Geology and Chronostratigraphy of the Rakhine Basin

Tony Almond, Terry Walker, Rob Nesbit, Glenn Thomas, Ralph Weiss

Abstract: The Early Syn-Rift Petroleum System in the Eastern Cuu Long Basin, Offshore Vietnam

Tran Nhu Huy, Nguyen Tien Long, Tang Van Binh, Nguyen Dinh Chuc, Hoang Viet Bach, Tran Van Lam, Nguyen Manh Tuan

Abstract: The Pasca ‘A’ Field Papua New Guinea: A Forensic Approach to the Evaluation of a 50 year Old Discovery

Huw Evans, Gerry Burgon

Abstract: Well Failure; the Fairway to Success. How Understanding Failures can be the Key to Discoveries

Jono Weir, Greg Browne, Tusar Sahoo

Asia Pacific Unconventionals: Where to Next?

Kim Morrison, Andrew Cullen

Bohai Bay PL19-3 Field Growth – A Mega Project with a Phased Development Strategy and Successful Appraisal Program

Mark Wheeler

Central Luconia Carbonate Exploration – An Update: After Three More SK408 Wildcats, has the Story Changed?

James Clark, Paul Owen, Sean O’Brien, Barry Dawe

Constructing Neogene Palaeogeographical Maps for the Sunda Region

Robert J Morley, Harsanti P Morley, Tony Swiecicki

Exploration Opportunity New Zealand

OMV New Zealand Ltd

Extended Abstract: A Unique Post-MMU Hydrocarbon Charge System in the Bunguran Trough: A Case Study from Deepwater Sarawak and Implications for Petroleum Exploration

Kazuhiro Ogawa, John Jong

Extended Abstract: Exploration of a Sub-salt Play in the Southern Amadeus Basin, Central Australia – Searching for Big Gas in Proterozoic Reservoirs

D. R. Johns, S. A Menpes, P Walshe, F Bache

Extended Abstract: Turbidite Systems of the East Andaman Basin (Myanmar): Impacts on Exploration

I. Tarrass, P. Dattilo, P. Bourguignon, S. Van De Beuque, J-P Thiriet

From Canada to New Zealand; Fairways of Opportunity

Henrik Lundin

Frontier Exploration Opportunity in Mongolia Blocks IV, V AND XX

Ridvan Karpuz, Philip Holloway

Ham Rong Dong & Ky Lan discoveries – a new significance and opening up vast opportunities in the Northern offshore Part of Song Hong basin

Nguyen Ngoc Son, Nguyen Quang Trong, Nguyen Huu Nam, Nguyen Van Thang, Phan Giang Long, Nguyen Tien Long, Le Tuan Viet, Nguyen Xuan Phong, Tran Ngoc Lan

Hidden Basins and Undrilled Anticlines: The Legacy of Early Oil Exploration in Indonesia

Chris Atkinson, Tony Wain, Hening Sugiatno, Sean Hayes

Influence of Structural Inheritance on the Moattama – East Andaman Basins and the Present Day Plate Boundary

Karen Connors, Cedric Jorand, Lynn Pryer

Insights in the Development of the Central Tertiary Basins Onshore & Offshore Myanmar

Thomas Kelly, Christophe Gonguet

Low-cost Exploration in a Frontier Area: Breaking our Model with Data, Phu Khanh Basin, East Sea, Vietnam

AJ Kullman, Widya Dharmasamdhi, Mark Jones, Nguyen Tran Nhu Ngoc, Nguyen Tien Long, Le Tuan Viet, Le Trung Tam, Nguyen Huu Nam, Nguyen Quang Trong, Fausto Mosca, Daniel Orange, Phillip Teas, Robert Morley

Matching Exploration Strategies and Opportunities in Asia Pacific

Dylan Mair, Antonio Dimabuyu

Miocene Clastic Play in South West Palawan: A New Playground for Hydrocarbon Exploration

Charmaine B. Mapaye, Jaime A. Bacud, Raymundo B. Savella

Neogene Tectonics of Northern Borneo: A Simple Model to Explain Complex Structures within Miocene-Recent Deltaic-deepwater Sediments both Onshore and Offshore

James Clark

A New Plate Model for South East Asia Aimed at Understanding Basin Evolution

Jon Teasdale, Jan Bon

New Zealand’s Diverse Sedimentary Basins

Chris Uruski

Observations of Hydrocarbon Migration within the Jasmine Field and the Impact on Risk Assignment for Exploration Prospectivity in Eastern Block B5/27, Gulf of Thailand

Stuart J. A. Clark, Robert C. Davis

Opportunities in the North West Shelf of Western Australia

Philip Huizenga, Jeff Goodall

PEP 52717 Offshore Canterbury Basin, New Zealand: Multi TCF liquids rich Gas Condensate Opportunity

New Zealand Oil & Gas

Petroleum Exploration Offshore Myanmar: History and Future Potential

Andy Racey

Potential for Future Petroleum Resource Growth in PNG

John Warburton, Jeremy Iwanec, Julianne Lamb, Doug Waples, Keiran Wulff

Project Portfolio Update: March 2017

Envoi Limited

Reassessment of the Petroleum Prospectivity of the Browse Basin, Offshore North West Australia

Nadege Rollet, Dianne Edwards, Emmanuelle Grosjean, Tehani Palu, Steve Abbott, Megan Lech, Jennifer Totterdell, Duy Nguyen, Kamal Khider, Chris Boreham, Lisa Hall, Karen Higgins, Merrie-Ellen Gunning, Chris Nicholson

A Seismic Inversion Method for Fluvial Reservoirs in South East Asia

Mark Sams, David Carter

TIMOR GAP’s Onshore Block: A Preliminary Assessment of Prospectivity in Onshore Timor-Leste

Tim Charlton, Dino Gandara, Norberta da Costa Noronha

West Australian Farm-in Opportunities

Conrad Todd

Why Has Papua New Guinea Been Successful in Producing Oil and Gas?

Michael McWalter