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Welcome to the new Datapages Archives

The AAPG/Datapages Combined Publications Database

Southeast Asia Petroleum Exploration Society (SEAPEX)

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Abstract: A Reconnaissance of the Cycle I of Offshore Sarawak NW Borneo

Mohammad Yasir Bin Mohammad Said, Robert Hall, Peter Lunt

Abstract: Asia-Pacific Unconventional Opportunities at $50 Oil: The Differences and Challenges Between North American Proven Unconventional Systems and Recognised Unconventional Opportunities in Australia and SE Asia

Ian Cockerill

Abstract: Bold, Smart, Inventive – Technology Game Changers

Sian Grant

Abstract: Cambodia’s Hydrocarbon Prospectivity - An Insight from Block A

Katherine Y. J. Kho, John M. Jacques

Abstract: Enabling the Revolution in Seismic Digital Transformation

Stuart Darling

Abstract: Exploring the “Undeformed” Bengal Fan and What Lies Below: Deepwater Rakhine Basin

R. Courel, W. Parsons, E. Pettinotti, D. Harger, N. Bianchi, J. Teasdale, K. Bale

Abstract: Heartlands in Transition: Brunei and Malaysia

Graeme Smith

Abstract: How to Transform a ‘Big Data’ Archive: The Story Behind AAPG Datapages Exploration Objects (DEO)

Chris Morgan

Abstract: Mesozoic Stratigraphic Evolution of the North Carnarvon Basin Unlocked Using Olympus 3D

Stacey Mansfield, Daniel Bishop, Megan Halbert, Vincent Dykmans, Simon Price

Abstract: Myanmar PSC H Block – Fresh Insights from the Reprocessing and Interpretation of Legacy Gravity and Magnetic Data

Kaxia Gardner, Simon Campbell, Stan Mazur, Sam Cheyney, Krista Davies

Abstract: New Data Brings New and Deeper Play Insight for North Madura, Indonesia

Adriana Sola, Andy Bromley, Jo McArdle

Abstract: New Insights into the Tectonic Architecture and Evolution of the Offshore Papuan Plateau, PNG

A. Shakerleyl, C. Kergaravat, V Bailly, W. Vetel, W. Gordon-Canning, A. Kusuma, M. Dixon, J-C. Ringenbach

Abstract: New Regional Data and Advances in Understanding of the Stratigraphy, Tectonics, Structure and Prospectivity of the Gulf of Papua (Papua New Guinea)

Andrew Weller, Said Amiribesheli, Dariusz Jablonski

Abstract: Papua New Guinea’s Northern Basins: A Fresh Look at the Bougainville Basins

Said Amiribesheli, Andrew Weller

Abstract: Pasca-A Gas Condensate Field, a 50-year-old Field brought to Life

Huw Evans

Abstract: Petroleum Seepage Analysis in Java-Sumatra Forearc Basins

Hugo Putuhena, Mads Huuse, Benyamin Sapiie, William Jeffery

Abstract: Provenance and Sedimentary Routing Pathways of the Salin Sub-Basin, Myanmar

Joseph McNeil, Amy Gough

Abstract: Provenance and Significance of Neogene Sediments from Offshore NW Borneo, Malaysia

Rafika Ismail, Robert Hall

Abstract: Provenance of Sediments from Sumatra, Indonesia - Insights from Detrital U-Pb Zircon Geochronology, Heavy Mineral Analyses and Raman Spectroscopy

Christof Liebermann, Robert Hall, Amy Gough

Abstract: Quantitative Analysis of Geobody Geometries and Architectural Elements within Paralic Depositional Systems: A Case Study from the Mungaroo Fm, Carnarvon Basin, Western Australia

Georgina Heldreich, J. Redfern, D. Hogdetts, K. Gerdes

Abstract: Re-Evaluating Fluvial Architecture of Pre-Vegetation Reservoirs Using Large Digital Outcrop Datasets from the Tumblagooda Sandstone, Western Australia, Southern Carnarvon Basin

Ginny-Marie Bradley, J. Redfern, D. Hodgetts

Abstract: Regional Review of Statoil’s Indonesian Exploration Portfolio and Upside

Toril Karlberg Dyreng

Abstract: Reservoir Characterization of Deep Marine Sediments, Northern Borneo

M. Johansson

Abstract: Reservoir Characterization of the Middle Miocene Isolated Ca Voi Xanh Carbonate Platform

Christian J. Strohmenger, Lori Meyer, Donald Lyons, Mazlina Md Yusoff, David Walley, Jacqueline Sutton, Matthew R. Bourke, Beata von Schnurbein, Phong Nguyen Xuan

Abstract: Rewards and Challenges of Exploration on the South China Margin – a Review of BP Heritage Exploration

R W Wilson, G. Molinero, T. Love, W. Matthews, S. Matthews, N. Kusznir, G. Mohn

Abstract: Sediment Provenance Studies in SE Asia

Robert Hall

Abstract: Shallow Gas Play Takes Off in West Natuna Sea, Indonesia

Amir Mahmud, Miltos Xynogalas, Radian Z Hartama

Abstract: Sources of Cenozoic Sediments around the Southern South China Sea

Juliane Hennig, H. Tim Breitfeld

Abstract: The latest Airborne Gravity Instrumentation; How to Use Effectively and its Role in a Low-Price Environment

Jonathan Watson

Abstract: Unlocking Hidden Plays in and Around Sarawak with FTG Gravity Data

Colm Murphy, Mohd Idrus Ismail, Hamdan Mohamad

Abstract: Volcanic Reservoirs of SE Asia

Andy Racey

Abstract: Xanadu Oil Discovery, northern Perth Basin, Western Australia

Shelley Robertson

Big Gas/Liquids Opportunities High Impact Exploration in a Proven Underexplored Emerging Hydrocarbon Province

Chris McKeown

Context for the Opportunities in Asia Pacific

Dylan Mair, Antonio Dimabuyu

Extended Abstract: An Active Petroleum System in the New Ireland Basin: Papua New Guinea’s New Frontier Carbonate Play

Brent McInnes, Said Amiribesheli

Extended Abstract: A New Direction for Asian Stratigraphy

Peter Lunt, Hadi Rahman

Extended Abstract: Animated, High Resolution Plate Tectonic Reconstructions of SE Asia Based on the Geognostics Earth Model (GEM) – a New Base for Paleogeographic Mapping

Jon Teasdale, Jan Bon

Extended Abstract: Broadening your Geological Perspective

Howard Nicolls, Phil Cook, Julian Mather, Nicolas Hand

Extended Abstract: Creative Exploration in a Mature Basin: Jangkrik and Merakes Discoveries (Kutei Basin, Indonesia)

Lorenzo Meciani, Marco Orsi

Extended Abstract: Exploration in the Central Burma Depression, Onshore Myanmar

Andy Racey

Extended Abstract: Forward Modeling and Mechanical Behaviors of a Carbonate Platform Involved in Fold-and-Thrust Belt. The Case of Antelope Field and Surrounding Prospectivity

C. Kergaravat, W. Vetel, P. Souloumiac, P. Jousselin, W. Gordon-Canning, A. Shakerley, A. Pichon, F. Gisquet, J- C. Ringenbach

Extended Abstract: Frontier Sabah Malaysia – New Exploration Opportunities Unveiled by Latest Regional 3D Seismic

Tad Choi, Jo McArdle

Extended Abstract: Geometry and Distribution of Latest Cretaceous / Paleocene Turbidites and their Prospectivity, Great South Basin, Offshore SE New Zealand

William Plampton

Extended Abstract: The Greater Tarakan Basin Area - New Plays and New Opportunities

Allan Scardina, Jon Teasdale, Herman Darman

High-impact Opportunities

Ian Cross

Montane Pollen Indicates Character of Mid Cenozoic Uplands Across Sunda Shelf

Robert J. Morley, Harsanti_P Morley

Physics and Biology of Biogenic Gas Plays: Implications for SE Asia

Duncan Macgregor

South China Sea: The Problem of Politics

Bill Hayton

T/49P – Southern Offshore Otway Basin

Dave Briguglio

TIMOR GAP’s Onshore Block: A Preliminary Assessment of Prospectivity in Onshore Timor-Leste

Tim Charlton, Dino Gandara, Debora Freitas, Maria Guterres, Norberta da Costa Noronha

Understanding Malaysian Carbonates - The Complexities of Rock Typing

Melissa Johansson

What the Future Holds for SE Asia’s Exploration and Production Industry: An Independent’s Perspective

Richard Lorentz

‘International Opportunity’

Mike Lakin