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Welcome to the new Datapages Archives

The AAPG/Datapages Combined Publications Database

Southeast Asia Petroleum Exploration Society (SEAPEX)

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Abstract: Chasing the Untested Miocene Deep Water Turbidites & Carbonate Buildups Plays of the East-Palawan Basin, Philippines

Gal Hartman

Abstract: Complex structural evolution at the heel of SE Asia: The interplay between plate tectonics, structure, paleogeography and basin evolution between Sumatra and Myanmar

Jon Teasdale, Bob Morley, Stuart Clark, Rahmat Utomo, Dedi Ariyono, Damion Rudd, Anthony Jervis

Abstract: Emerging, Emerged and Overlooked - Hydrocarbon Plays of Western and Central Mongolia

Jerry Smart, Bolor Erdenebat, Batbileg Tegshjargal, Ochirbat Batsukh

Abstract: Extension of Hydrocarbon Potential of Mixed Turbidite-Contourite Systems into Asia Pacific

Karyna Rodriguez

Abstract: High-Definition Global Paleo Digital Elevation Models and Carbonate Presence: Impact on SE Asia & Pacific Paleo Landscapes and Exploration

Jeroen Kenter, Alexandre Lettéron, Jean Borgomano, Charlotte Nielsen

Abstract: How do international investors find commercial success in Asia Pacific?

Antonio Dimabuyu, Dylan Mair

Abstract: Re-energizing Exploration in the Eastern Foldbelt of Papua New Guinea: a Journey from the Gulf of Papua to the Jungles of the Highlands

Guillaume Backé

Abstract: Reinvigorating a mature production asset through sound application of play analysis: A case study from the Gulf of Thailand

Ed Anderson, Ian Sayers, Willy Gunary Abadi, Suwisa Koysamran, Wipoo Sriiamsaard, Nattha Yodpetch

Abstract: Revealing the CO2 source in Tangguh Jurassic Giant Gas Field Complex and How We Improve CO2 Prediction

Albertus Pradipta, Leonardus Tjahjadi

Abstract: Role of structural evolution in petroleum generation and entrapment in North Pakistan

L Csontos, L Pollner, A Abbasi, J Khoker, M Khokar

Abstract: The CCUS Market in Asia-Pacific

Yvonne Lam

Abstract: The Hydrocarbon Potential of the DPR Korea: the Last Exploration Frontier?

Mike Rego

Abstract: The Perth Basin, Australia – Resurgence after deeper success

William Plampton

APAC Oil & Gas Exploration: Stormy Seas in the Energy Transition?

Patrick Rutty

Assessing the basement gas potential of the Suban Cluster and the greater South Sumatra Basin

Nick Cameron, Tako Koning

AUSTRALIA update: emerging energy projects, vacant acreage and precompetitive data

Tom Bernecker

Benefits and uplift of focused post-migration gather conditioning over prospect specific areas - An Indonesian case study

David Jessup, Dave Goulding, Andy Kalil

A Cretaceous play opening discovery – success in a mature basin through play-based exploration, Toutouwai-1, Taranaki Basin, New Zealand

Alexander Wunderlich, Alan Clare, Ian Mallinson, Miko Fohrmann

Exploration potential of NW Borneo – latest regional MultiClient 3D opens new petroleum plays in offshore Sabah and Sarawak, Malaysia.

Dr Tad Choi, Jens Beenfeldt, Eric Mueller, Alex Vartan

Exploring in Asia for Oil and Gas in Naturally Fractured and Weathered Basement Reservoirs

Tako Koning, Nick Cameron

A Fresh Look into The Mannar Basin Prospects, Sri Lanka

Ching Tu, O. Schenk, W. C. Ong, C. Kularathna

Geological storage of Hydrogen in Salt Caverns for Future Energy Flexibility

Paul Winder

Great Sandy Desert Project: Lower Goldwyer Shale — Oil & Gas Discovery

Jop van hattum

Helium, Hydrogen and Hydrocarbon exploration in the Amadeus Basin, Central Australia – exploration strategies for understanding the similarities and differences in play models

Julie Daws, Andrew Carroll

Insights on Regional Prospectivity from Petroleum System Analysis Surrounding the Chuditch-1 and Greater Sunrise Gas Discoveries, Northern Bonaparte Basin, Timor-Leste

Rob Herries, Colin Murray, Andy Butler, Dino Gandara

Mid-Miocene Turbidite Systems: A New Play for Papua New Guinea

Alaister Shakerley, Tim Rady, Neil Hodgson, Karyna Rodriguez

Multi-TCF Wet Gas Exploration Opportunities Close to Existing and Imminent LNG Export Infrastructure Onshore PNG

Richard Schroder

New Insights into Sri Lanka Cauvery and Mannar Basins from FTG and Aeromagnetic Data

Gaud Pouliquen, Julianne Sharples, Michal Ruder, Jim Podruski

The origin and reservoir potential of thin beds in deep in marine sediments, Northwest Borneo

M. Johansson, S Faraq, J. Van Doorn, I. Robert, J. Phillips

The Outlook for High Impact Exploration in South East Asia and Australasia

Jamie Higton

The Past is the Key to the Present: Geoscientists, Neo-Uniformitarianism and Energy Transition

Ian Hatton

Petroleum Prospectivity of the Cecelia Trough and the foreland edge of the Fold and Thrust Belt, PNG

Richard Schroder, Bronwyn Davies, Rachael Haslar

The Phu Khanh Basin, offshore Vietnam – new exploration play concepts based on recently acquired 2D & 3D Seismic, Gravity and Magnetic Data

Vincent Duignan, Phan Van Trung

SEA depositional cycles, regional unconformities and the ‘pulsebeat’ of sedimentation across the Sunda region

Robert J Morley, Harsanti P Morley

Suban, South Sumatra: not only one of the world’s largest basement gas fields, but also a rich new source of information on the island's Mesozoic evolution

Nick Cameron, Mike Crow, Tako Koning

Sweating The Small Stuff! How Large Datasets Can Help Develop Regional Palaeogeographies Around SE Asia

Amy Gough

Tectonic Evolution of the South China Sea Region: Looking Deeper and Broader with SEATIGER

William Dickson, James Granath, Mark Odegard

Towards a Low Carbon Economy: Evaluating Australia’s Future Energy Commodity Resources

Tom Bernecker, Barry Bradshaw, Andrew Feitz, Aleks Kalinowski, Eric Tenthorey