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Welcome to the new Datapages Archives

The AAPG/Datapages Combined Publications Database

Southeast Asia Petroleum Exploration Society (SEAPEX)

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Astute Basin Evaluation, Key to Economic Success in Hard Times

Peter V. Newman

Bekok Reservoir Model Study

Chew Hai Hong, Abdul Hanif Hussein

Bengal Basin: Current Exploration of the Hinge Zone Area of South-western Bangladesh

C. A. Salt, Md Monsur Alam, Md Mosharref Hossain

Exploration in Bengal Basin India — An Overview

K. S. Raman, Sukhdarshan Kumar, B. B. Neogi

Fault Structures Within the Central Papuan Basin — Implications for Petroleum Exploration

J. Pinchin, K. F. Fowler, C. S. Bembrick

Feasibility of Offshore Marginal Oil Field Development

S. T. Davenport, V. R. Fanse, A. M. Finali, L. A. Gebhart

Front Matter: Proceedings of the Southeast Asia Petroleum Exploration Society - Volume VII - 1986

Douglass H. Morgan

Geology of Hydrocarbon Accumulations in Pakistan

I. B. Kadri, M. Sajid Abid

High-Angle, Shallow Depth Drilling in the South China Sea

Saadon Bin Kairon, D. R. Schroeter

Identification of Bypassed Oil Using Gamma-Ray Spectrometry Tool in Old Wells

A. K. Yasmin Mohamad, G. L. Snijder

The Lelet Limestone, New Ireland: A Probable Petroleum Source Rock

Miryam Glikson

New Concepts on the Tectonic Zonation of Bengal Foredeep

M. A. Matin, M. Fariduddin, M. M. Taolad Husain, M. A. Maroof Khan, M. A. Boul, A. I. Kononov

Oil Development Strategy in an Uncertain Market

J. M. Ausman

Petroleum Prospects of the Frontal Fold Belt and Subduction Complex Associated with the Indian Plate Boundary in the Northeast

T. K. Roy

Son of Crossplot Fights Back

Piers Cooke-Yarborough

The Tectonic Evolution and Petroleum Potential of the Papuan Basin, Papua New Guinea

G. L. Parsons, E. A. Bowen

Tertiary Carbonate Plays in the Papuan Basin

G. R. Leamon, G. L. Parsons

Tilted Fault Block-Buried Hill Oil and Gas Traps in the Bohai Gulf Basin of China

Li Desheng

Undeveloped Discoveries — Marginally Economic or a Hidden Bonanza

Peter F. Gaffney