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Welcome to the new Datapages Archives

The AAPG/Datapages Combined Publications Database

Special Publications of SEPM

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Application of X-Ray Methods to the Investigation of Recent Sediments

Martin Mehmel

Base Exchange in Relation to Sediments

W. P. Kelley


James H. C. Martens

Biological Oceanography

H. W. Harvey

Biotite-Glauconite Transformation and Associated Minerals

E. Wayne Galliher

Continental Shelf Sediments

Francis P. Shepard

Continental Terrace Sediments in the Northeastern Gulf of Mexico

Howard R. Gould

Deep-Sea Sediments of the Indian Ocean

Wolfgang Schott

Dynamic Geology of the Modern Coastal Region, Northwest Gulf of Mexico

E. Alan Lohse

Effects of Transportation on Sedimentary Particles

R. Dana Russell

Eolian Deposits in Marine Sediments

O. E. Radczewski

Faecal Pellets in Relation to Marine Deposits

Hilary B. Moore

Florida and Bahama Marine Calcareous Deposits

E. M. Thorp

General Procedure in Studies of Recent Sediments

W. H. Twenhofel

Graphic Presentation and Statistical Analysis of Sedimentary Data

W. C. Krumbein

Land-Locked Waters and the Deposition of Black Muds

Kaare Münster Str⊘m

Mechanical Analysis

Stina Gripenberg

Mineral Analysis of Sediments

F. J. Pettijohn

Mississippi River Delta Sedimentation

Richard Joel Russell

Occurrence and Activity of Bacteria in Marine Sediments

Claude E. Zobell

Organic Content of Recent Marine Sediments

Parker D. Trask

Particle-Size Distribution in Nearshore Sediments

D. L. Inman

Pelagic Sediments of the North Atlantic Ocean

Carl W. Correns

Petrological Relations of the Sediments of the Southern North Sea

C. H. Edelman

Physical Processes in the Ocean

R. H. Fleming


Parker D. Trask

Properties of Clay

Ralph E. Grim

Rate of Sedimentation of Recent Deep-Sea Sediments

Wolfgang Schott

Sandless Coastal Terrain of the Atchafalaya Bay Area, Louisiana

Warren C. Thompson

Sediments off the California Coast

Roger Revelle

Sediments of the Baltic Sea

Stina Gripenberg

Sediments of the Eastern Mississippi Delta

P. C. Scruton

Sediments of the East Indian Archipelago

Ph. H. Kuenen

Sediments of the North Sea

K. Lüders

Sediment Zones Bordering the Barrier Islands of Central Texas Coast

Francis P. Shepard

Summary of Sedimentary Conditions on the Continental Shelf off the East Coast of the United States

Henry C. Stetson

Synopsis of Glauconitization

Jun-Ichi Takahashi

Tidal Flat Deposits (Wattenschlick)

Walter Häntzschel

Tidal Lagoon Sediments on the Mississippi Delta

W. C. Krumbein

Transportation of Detritus by Moving Water

Filip Hjulstrom