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Special Publications of SEPM

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Alpine Mediterranean and Central Atlantic Mesozoic Facies in Relation to the Early Evolution of the Tethys

Daniel Bernoulli

Ancient Geosynclinal Sedimentation Paleogeography and Provinciality: A Plate Tectonics Perspective for British Caledonides and Newfoundland Appalachians

Frederic L. Schwab

Ancient Submarine Canyons and Fan Valleys

J. H. McD. Whitaker

Ancient Submarine Canyons of the Carpathian Miogeosyncllne

František Pícha

Aulacogens and Their Genetic Relation to Geosynclines with A Proterozoic Example from Great Slave Lake Canada

Paul Hoffman

Biomerization: An Ecologic Theory of Provincial Differentiation

Christopher J. Durden

Carbonate Buildups in the Geologic Record: A Review

Philip H. Heckel

Carbonate Dissolution on the Western Flank of the East Pacific Rise

Wallace S. Broecker

Cenozoic Sedimentary Framework of the Gorda-Juan De Fuca Plate and Adjacent Continental Margin—A Review

L. D. Kulm

Chemical History of the Oceans Deduced from Post Depositional Changes in Sedimentary Rocks

Robert M. Garrels

Collapsing Continental Rises: Actualistic Concept of Geosynclines—A Review

Robert S. Dietz

The Cretaceous-Tertiary Boundary Event in the Ocean

Thomas Worsley

Depositional Trends of Modern and Ancient Deep Sea Fans

C. Hans Nelson

Devonian Carbonate Complexes of Central Europe

Wolfgang Krebs

Dissolved Silica and Deep-Sea Sediments

G. Ross Heath

The Distribution of Calcium Carbonate in Deep Sea Sediments

A. T. S. Ramsay

Early Evolution of the Oceansa—A Weathering Model

G. Michel Lafon

Early Paleozoic Palynomorph Provinces and Paleoclimate

Fritz H. Cramer

Erosion and Deposition Along the Mid-Permian Intracratonic Basin Margin, Guadalupe Mountains, Texas

John C. Harms

Eugeosynclinal Basement and A Collage Concept of Orogenic Belts

James Helwig

Evolution of Successor Basins in the Canadian Cordillera

G. H. Eisbacher

Evolution of Synorogenic Clastic Deposits in the Intermontane Uinta Basin of Utah

David W. Andersen

Evolution of the Western Appalachian Continental Margin

John M. Bird

Examples of Ancient Deep-Sea Fan Deposits from Circum-Mediterranean Geosynclines

Emiliano Mutti

Flysch Deposits of Antler Foreland Basin Western United States

F. G. Poole

Fore Reef Morphology and Depositional Processes North Jamaica

Thomas F. Goreau

Geography and Faunal Provinces in the Tremadoc Epoch

H. B. Whittington

Geomorphology of Reef Complexes

Arthur L. Bloom

Implications of Some Pre-Quaternary Sediment Cores and Dredgings

Tsunemasa Saito

Introductory: The Geosynclinal Concept

R. H. Dott Jr.

Lithogenesis and Geotectonics: The Significance of Compositional Variation in Flysch Arenites (Graywackes)

Keith A. W. Crook

Lower Paleozoic and Uppermost Precambrian Cordilleran Miogeocline, Great Basin, Western United States

J. H. Stewart

Marine Evaporites and the Composition of Sea Water During the Phanerozoic

Heinrich D. Holland

Marsupials and the New Paleogeography

Richard H. Tedford

Melanges and Their Distinction from Olistostromes

K. J. Hsu

Midplate Continental Margin Geosynclines: Growth Processes and Quaternary Modifications

David G. Moore

Migration of Ancient Arc-Trench Systems

Hakuyu Okada

Modern Flysch Sedimentation in a Mediterranean Island Arc Setting

Daniel Jean Stanley

Northern Alpine Molasse and Similar Cenozoic Sequences of Southern Europe

F. B. Van Houten

The Odd Rocks of Mountain Belts

A. G. Fischer

Oligocene Calcareous Nannofossil Provinces

Thomas R. Worsley

Ophiolite Generation and Emplacement: A Key to Alpine Evolution

J. F. Dewey

Ophiolites Melanges Blueschists and Ignimbrites Early Caledonian Subduction in Wales?

Dennis S. Wood

Origin of Franciscan Melanges in Northern California

M. C. Blake Jr.

Origin of Late Cenozoic Basins in Southern California

John C. Crowell

Paleodrainage Pattern and Late-Orogenic Basins of the Canadian Cordillera

G. H. Eisbacher

Paleogeography, Paleobiogeography and the History of Circulation in the Atlantic Ocean

W. A. Berggren

Paleogeography and Provinciality

Charles A. Ross

Paleozoic and Mesozoic Geosynclinal Volcanism in the Japanese Islands and Associated Chert Sedimentation

Kametoshi Kanmera

Paleozoic Marginal Ocean Basin Volcanic Arc Systems in the Cordilleran Foldbelt

Michael Churkin Jr.

Permian Palynofloras and Their Bearing on Continental Drift

George F. Hart

Physical Chemistry of Carbonates in the Oceans

Robert A. Berner

Physical Controls on Marine Biotic Distribution in the Jurassic Period

W. A. Gordon

Plate Tectonics and Sedimentation

William R. Dickinson

A Process Approach to Diagenesis of Reefs and Reef Associated Limestones

R. K. Matthews

Provincial Aspects of Some Neogene Ostracoda of the United States

Frederick M. Swain

Provincialism Exhibited by Ordovician Conodont Faunas

Walter C. Sweet

Reef Configurations: Cause and Effect

Edward G. Purdy

Reflections: Geosynclines Flysch and Melanges

Marshall Kay

Relationships of Cratonic and Continental-Margin Tectonic Episodes

L. L. Sloss

Sedimentanon Within and Beside Ancient and Modern Magmatic Arcs

William R. Dickinson

Sedimentary and Tectonic History of the Ouachita Mountains

Robert C. Morris

Sedimentary Petrographic Provinces: An Evaluation

Lee J. Suttner

Sedimentary Sequence in Modern Pacific Trenches and the Deformed Circum-Pacific Eugeosyncline

D. W. Scholl

Sedimentation Along the San Andreas Fault California

John C. Crowell

Silurian and Devonian Biogeography

Arthur J. Boucot

Submarine Canyons and Fan Valleys Factors Affecting Growth Patterns of Deep-Sea Fans

William R. Normark

Tectonic Control of Late Paleozoic and Early Mesozoic Sedimentation Near the Hinge Line of the Cordilleran Miogeosynclinal Belt

H. J. Bissell

Triassic Carbonate Buildups of the Dolomites, Northern Italy

Alfonso Bosellini