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John C. Crelling


Y. K. Bentor

Applications of Coal Petrology in Coal Carbonization

John C. Crelling

Applications of Coal Petrology in Coal Selection and Coal Land Evaluation

John C. Crelling

Applications of Coal Petrology in Oil and Gas Exploration

John C. Crelling

Behavior of Some Trace Elements in Phosphatic Sedimentary Formations

Liliane Prévôt

Burial Dolomitization of the Upper Devonian Miette Buildup, Jasper National Park, Alberta

Bret W. Mattes

Carbonate Petrology of the Nido B-3A Core, Offshore Palawan, Philippines

Mark W. Longman

The Chemistry of Dolomite Formanon I: The Stability of Dolomite

Alden B. Carpenter

Climatic Control of Dolomitization, Seroe Domi Formation (Pliocene), Bonaire, N. A.

Duncan F. Sibley

Coal as a Rock

John C. Crelling

Coal Composition

John C. Crelling

Coal Petrographic Laboratories in North America

John C. Crelling

Coal Rank

John C. Crelling

Composition and Origin of Phosphorite Deposits of the Blake Plateau

F. T. Manheim

The Coorong Model for Penecontemporaneous Dolomite Formation in the Middle Proterozoic Mcarthur Group, Northern Territory, Australia

Marjorie Muir

Criteria for the Recognition of Diverse Dolomite Types with An Emphasis on Studies on Host Rocks for Mississippi Valley Type Ore Deposits

Frank W. Beales

Depositional Facies, Diagenesis and Reservoir Character of the Mission Canyon Formation (Mississippian) of the Williston Basin at Little Knife Field, North Dakota

Robert F. Lindsay

Depositional Facies and Porosity Development in Lower Ordovician Ellenburger Dolomite, Puckett Field, Pecos County, Texas

R. G. Loucks

Different Aspects of Phosphorite Weathering

Jacques Lucas

Distribution Composition Andage of Submarine Phosphorites on Chatham Rise East of New Zealand

David J. Cullen

Dolomite is an Evaporite Mineral Evidence from the Rock Record and from Sea-Marginal Ponds of the Red Sea

Gerald M. Friedman

Dolomite Reservoirs from Permian Biomicrites

Susan A. Longacre

Dolomitizanon of Northern Michigan Niagara Reefs by Brine Refluxion and Freshwater Seawater Mixing

S. O. Sears

Dolomitization Kinetics: Recent Experimental Studies

Alan M. Gaines

The Early Eocene of the Lake of Guiers (Western Senegal)—Reflections on Some Characteristics of Phosphate Sedimentation in Senegal

A. Boujo

Eogenetic Dolomitization in the Pre-Tertiary of the Great Basin

K. M. Nichols

Episodicity of Phosphate Deposition and Deep Ocean Circulation-a Hypothesis

Richard P. Sheldon

Future Applications of Coal Petrology - Academic and Applied

John C. Crelling

Gas Reservoirs in Stuart City Trend Along Lower Cretaceous Shelf Margin in South Texas

R. A. Schatzinger

The Geochemistry of Trace Elements in Marine Phosphorites: Part I. Characteristic Abundances and Enrichment

Z. S. Altschuler

Glauconitization and Phosphatization Environments a Tentative Comparison

G. S. Odin

Growth and Diagenesis of Middle Devonian Keg River Cementation Reefs, Rainbow Field, Alberta

V. Schmidt

The Initiation of Phosphatic Chalk Sedimentation the Senonian Cretaceous of the Anglo Paris Basin

Ian Jarvis

The Isotopic and Trace Element Geochemistry of Dolomite: The State of The Art

Lynton S. Land

Jurassic Smackover Carbonate Grainstone Reservoir, North Haynesville Field, Claiborne Parish, Louisiana

Wayne S. Croft

Laboratory Procedures in Coal Petrology

John C. Crelling

The Maastrichtian Phosphate Sequence of the Congo

Pierre Giresse

Mineralogical and Geochemical Studies of the Phosphatic Formations in Southeastern Turkey Mazidagi Mardin

Jacques Lucas

Mississippian Non-Supratidal Dolomite, STE. Genevieve Limestone, Illinois Basin: Evidence for Mixed-Water Dolomitization

Philip W. Choquette

A Model of Penecontemporaneous Phosphatization by Diagenetic and Authigenic Mechanisms from the Western Margin of Southern Africa

G. F. Birch

Movement of Subsurface Waters Under the Sabkha Abu Dhabi, UAE, and its Relation to Evaporative Dolomite Genesis

Judith Ann McKenzie

The Origin of Phosphorite Deposits in the Light of Occurrences of Recent Sea-Floor Phosphorites

Y. Kolodny

The Petrography of Israeli Phosphorites as Related to their Beneficiation

S. Axelrod

Phosphate Geochemisty in Nearshore Carbonate Sediments a Suggestion of Apatite Formation

Henri E. Gaudette

Phosphorites—the Unsolved Problems

Y. K. Bentor

Phosphorus Concentrations in the Unconsolidated Sediments of the Tropical Atlantic Shelf of Africa South of the Equator—Oceanographic Comments

Pierre Giresse

Pinnacle Reef Reservoirs, Zeta Lake Member, Nisku Formation (Upper Devonian) West Pembina Area Alberta, Canada

D. A. Pounder

Post-Depositional Alteration of the Carbonate-Fluorapatite Phase of Moroccan Phosphates

J. M. Mcarthur

Relationship Between Dolomite Nonstoichiometry and Carbonate Facies Parameters

David N. Lumsden

Selected Reference Books

John C. Crelling

Shallow Subsurface Dolomitization of Subtidally Deposited Carbonate Sediments in the Hanson Creek Formanon (Ordovician—Silurian) of Central Nevada

John B. Dunham

Silurlan Pinnacle Reef Diagenesis-Northern Michigan: Effects of Evaporites on Pore Space Distribution

T.J. Petta

Subsurface Dolomitization Beneath the Tidal Flats of Central West Andros Island, Bahamas

Conrad D. Gebelein

Sulfur Isotopes in Phosphorites

Y. Nathan

Synergy and Techniques of Combining Core and Well-Log Data in Carbonate Reservoir Studies

R. D. Nurmi

U-Series, Oceanographic and Sedimentary Evidence in Support of Recent Formation of Phosphate Nodules off Peru

W. C. Burnett