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Special Publications of SEPM

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Donald Francis Toomey

Bryozoan-Algal Patch-Reefs In The Upper Permian Lower Magnesian Limestone Of Yorkshire, Northeast England'

Denys B. Smith

Carbonate Minerals and Organic Matter in Sediments of Modern North Temperate Hard-Water Lakes

Walter E. Dean

Cenozoic Coccoliths from the Deep Sea Drilling Project

David Bukry

Coal Deposition in Fluvial Paleoenvironments of the Paleocene Tongue River Member of the Fort Union Formation, Powder River Area, Powder River Basin, Wyoming and Montana

Romeo M. Flores

Composition Structure and Environmental Setting of Silurian Bioherms and Biostromes in Northern Europe

Robert Riding

Continental Coal-Bearing Sediments of the Port Hood Formation (Carboniferous), Cape Linzee, Nova Scotia, Canada

Gregory A. Gersib

Cretaceous Coral-Rudist Buildups Of France

Jean-Pierre Masse

Debris Flows, Turbidites, and Lead-Zinc Sulfides Along a Devonian Submarine Fault Scarp, Jason Prospect, Yukon Territory

R. D. Winn Jr.

Deep-Sea Drilling Interstitial Water Studies: Implications for Chemical Alteration of the Oceanic Crust, Layers I And II

Joris M. Gieskes

The Deep-Sea Record: Major Steps in Cenozoic Ocean Evolution

W. H. Berger

Deep-Water Clastic Sediments: An Introduction to the Core Workshop and Review of Depositional Models

Charles T. Siemers

Deep-Water Facies of the Spraberry Formation (Permian), Reagan County, Texas

C. Robertson Handford

Deep Sea Drilling in the Antarctic: Focus on Late Miocene Glaciation and Applications of Smear-Slide Biostratigraphy

Sherwood W. Wise Jr.

Depositional Architecture of Cenozoic Gulf Coastal Plain Fluvial Systems

William E. Galloway

Depositional Environments and Diagenesis of Some Nonmarine Upper Cretaceous Reservoir Rocks, Uinta Basin, Utah

C. W. Keighin

Depositional Setting and Groundwater Quality in Coal-Bearing Sediments and Spoils in Western North Dakota

Gerald H. Groenewold

The Deposits, Internal Structure and Geometry in Six Alluvial Fan—Fan Delta Bodies (Devonian-Norway)—A Study in the Significance of Bedding Sequence in Conglomerates

Tor G. Gloppen

Diagenesis of Oceanic Carbonate Sediments: A Review of the Dsdp Perspective

Robert E. Garrison

Distribution, Thermal Histories, Isotopic Compositions, and Reflection Characteristics of Siliceous Rocks Recovered by the Deep Sea Drilling Project

Kenneth A. Pisciotto

The Distribution of Major Pelagic Sediment Components in the Mesozoic and Cenozoic North Atlantic Ocean

Jörn Thiede

Dsdp Biostratigraphy in Retrospect and Prospect

W. R. Riedel

The Environment of Deposition of Black Shales in the Early Cretaceous an Ongoing Controversy

Helmut Weissert

European Devonian Reefs: A Review of Current Concepts and Models

Trevor P. Burchette

European Fossil Reef Models—an Introduction

Donald Francis Toomey

Evolution and Response of the Fluvial System, Sedimentologic Implications

Stanley A. Schumm

Facies Development and Paleoecologic Zonation of Four Upper Triassic Patch Reefs Northern Calcareous Alps Near Salzburg Austria

Priska Schäfer

Floodbasin Sequence of a Fine-Grained Meander Belt Subsystem: The Coal-Bearing Lower Wasatch and Upper Fort Union Formations Southern Powder River Basin, Wyoming

Frank G. Ethridge

Geologic Significance of Seismic Reflectors in the Deep Western North Atlantic Basin

Brian E. Tucholke

Hydrogeologic Significance of Ogallala Fluvial Environments, The Gangplank

Russell G. Shepherd

In Search of Biostratigraphic Resolution

T. C. Moore Jr.

Late Cretaceous Nannoplankton and the Change at the Cretaceous Tertiary Boundary

Hans R. Thierstein

Linear Island and Seamount Chains Aseismic Ridges and Intraplate Volcanism Results from Dsdp

David A. Clague

Lower Permian Tubiphytes/Archaeolithoporella Buildups in the Southern Alps (Austria And Italy)

Erik Flügel

The Magnesian Limestone Upper Permian Reef Complex of Northeastern England

Denys B. Smith

Middle Cretaceous Calcareous Nannoplankton Biogeography and Oceanography of the Atlantic Ocean

Peter H. Roth

Nonmarine Deposits and the Search for Energy Resources and Minerals

Romeo M. Flores

Nonmarine Sedimentation in an Active Fore Arc Basin

Richard K. Vessell

Oligocene Reef Coral Biofacies of the Vicentin Northeast Italy

Stanley H. Frost

Organic Geochemistry in the Deep Sea Drilling Project

Keith A. Kvenvolden

Paleoecology and Facies of Upper Triassic Reefs in the Northern Calcareous Alps

Erik Flügel

Paleoenvironmental Implications of Oceanic Carbonate Sedimentation Rates

Thomas A. Davies

Paleotopographic and Structural Controls on Non-Marine Sedimentation Of The Lower Cretaceous Antlers Formation and Correlatives, North Texas and Southeastern Oklahoma

David K. Hobday

The Past and Future of Ocean Drilling

Roger Revelle

Physical Stratigraphy of Ancient Lacustrine Deposits

M. Dane Picard

A Process Approach to Recognizing Facies of Reef Complexes

Mark W. Longman

Recent Research on Passive Continental Margins

Robert E. Sheridan

Recommendations for the Proper Handling of Cores and Sedimentological Analysis of Core Sequences

Charles T. Siemers

Reef Development in the Middle Triassic (Ladinian And Cordevolian) of the Northern Limestone Alps Near Innsbruck Austria

Rainer Bradner

Review of Early Results from Drilling of the Ipod-1 Active Margin Transects Across the Japan, Mariana, and Middle-America Convergent Margins

Roland Von Huene

A Review of Neogene Planktonic Foraminiferal Biostratigraphy Applications in the Equatorial and South Pacific

M. S. Srinivasan

Sedimentary Features and Significance of Interdune Deposits

Thomas S. Ahlbrandt

Sedimentological Characteristics of Upper Triassic (Cordevolian) Circular Quiet Water Coral Bioherms in Western Slovenia, Northwestern Yugoslavia

Jože čar

Sedimentological Core Analysis of Deep-Water Clastic Sediments In the Down-Dip Woodbine-Eagle Ford Interval (Upper Cretaceous), Typer County, Texas

Charles T. Siemers

Sedimentology of Great Sand Dunes, Colorado

Sarah Andrews

Shallow-Water Limestones in Oceanic Basins as Tectonic and Paleoceanographic Indicators

Seymour O. Schlanger

Southern High-Latitude Diatom Biostratigraphy

F. M. Weaver

The Steinplatte Reef Complex, Part of an Upper Triassic Carbonate Platform Near Salzburg, Austria

Werner E. Piller

Stevens Sandstone (Miocene), San Joaquin Basin, California

R. M. Scott

Stratification Styles in Eolian Sandstones: Some Pennsylvanian to Jurassic Examples from the Western Interior U.S.A.

Ralph E. Hunter

Submarine-Fan Deposition of the Upper Cretaceous Winters Sandstone, Union Island Gas Field, Sacramento Valley, California

Charles R. Williamson

Sulfur-Isotope Variations in Marginal-Lacustrine Rocks Of The Green River Formation, Colorado and Utah

Rex D. Cole

Synthesis of Silicoflagellate Stratigraphy for Maestrichtian to Quaternary Marine Sediment

David Bukry

Temporal and Spatial Distribution of Ice-Rafted Mineral Grains in Pliocene Sediments of the North Atlantic: Implications for Late Cenozoic Climatic History

Richard Z. Poore

Turbidites After Ten Years of Deep Sea Drilling Wringing Out the Mop

Kerry Kelts

Unkpapa Sandstone (Jurassic), Black Hills, South Dakota: An Eolian Facies of the Morrison Formation

George J. Szigeti

Upper Cretaceous Biolthitic Complexes in a Subduction Zone: Examples from the Inner Dinarides, Yugoslavia

Ante Polšak

Upper Cretaceous Deep Water Winters Sandstone, Cities Service Nixon Community No. 1, Solano County, California

R. W. Tillman

Upper Cretaceous Reef Models from Rocca DI Cave and Adjacent Areas in Latium, Central Italy

Federico Carbone

An Upper Jurassic Reef Complex from Slovenia, Yugoslavia

Dragica Turnšek

An Upper Jurassic Sponge-Algal Buildup from the Northern Frankenalb, West Germany

Erik Flügel

Various Pore Types in a Paleocene Reef, Banija, Yugoslavia

Ljubo Babić