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Special Publications of SEPM

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Christine Carlson


Tor H. Nilsen

Introduction to Ichnology

A. A. Ekdale

Assemblages of Biogenic Structures in Intertidal to Subtidal Environments

H. Allen Curran

Assemblages of Biogenic Structures in Marine Shale-Forming Environments and Deep Water Basins

H. Allen Curran

Bed Configurations

Gerard Middleton

Behavior of Fluids

Gerard Middleton


A. A. Ekdale

Biogenic Structures And Depositional Environments of a Lower Pennsylvanian Coal-Bearing Sequence, Northern Cumberland Plateau, Tennessee, U. S. A.

Molly Fritz Miller

Bioturbation in a Dysaerobic, Bathyal Basin: California Borderland

Brian D. Edwards

Carbonate Sand Shoals in the Middle Mississippian (Valmeyeran) Salem-St. Louis-Ste. Genevieve Limestones, Illinois Basin

Robert M. Cluff

Cementation and Porosimetry of Shoaling Sequences in the Subsurface Pettit Limestone, Cretaceous of East Texas

William D. Wiggins

The Chappel Formation (Mississippian) of the Eastern Palo Duro Basin: Development of a Carbonate Shoal

Stephen C. Ruppel

Classification of Trace Fossils

A. A. Ekdale

Comparative Sedimentology and Diagenesis of Upper Jurassic Quid Grainstone Sequences, East Texas Basin

Gill M. Harwood

Continental Subaerial Environments

A. A. Ekdale

Cores from a Modern Carbonate Sand Body; The Joulters Ooid Shoal, Great Bahama Bank

Paul M. Harris

Deep-sea Pelagic Environments

A. A. Ekdale

Deep-water Slope Environments

A. A. Ekdale

Depositional Environments and Sedimentary Facies of Foliate Serpentinite Breccias, Wilbur Springs

Christine Carlson

Deposition and Porosity Evolution of Rodessa (Lower Cretaceous) Grainstone Reservoirs, Examples from West Purt and Bois D'Arc Fields, Texas

A. J. Lomando

Deposition of Ooid Shoals Marginal to the Late Cambrian Proto-Atlantic (Iapetus) Ocean in New York and Alabama; Influence on the Interior Shelf

Linda Raine Sternbach

Descriptions of Field Trip Stops 1, 2, And 3

Matthew A. Bate

Descriptions Of Field Trip Stops 4, 5, And 6

Tom Ann L. Casey

Descriptions of Field Trip Stops 7, 8, and 9

Christine Carlson

Development of an Ooid Sand Shoal Complex: The Importance of Antecedent and Syndepositional Topography

Charles C. Evans

Diagenesis and Hydrocarbon Generation in the Monterey Formation, Huasna Basin, California

Raynold I. Kablanow II and Ronald C. Surdam

Diagenesis and Migration of Hydrocarbons in the Monterey Formation, Pismo Syncline, California

Ronald C. Surdam

Diagenesis of the Miocene Obispo Formation, Coast Range, California

Ronald C. Surdam

Distribution Patterns of Recent Microbial Endoliths in the Intertidal and Supratidal Zones Bermuda

E. J. Hoffman

Dynamics of Sediment Movement

Gerard Middleton

Early Liassic Trace Fossil Assemblages from the Holy Cross Mountains, Poland: Their Distribution in Continental and Marginal Marine Environments

Grzegorz PieĊ„kowskl

An Early Paleogene Submarine Canyon and Fan System: The Mecanos Formation, Southern Sacramento Basin California

Peter J. Fischer

Effects of Bioturbation on Sediment Properties

A. A. Ekdale

Environmental Control of Trace Fossil Morphology

Larry W. Knox

Environment of Deposition And Reservoir Properties of the Woodbine Sandstone at Kurten Field, Brazos Co., Texas

James R. Turner

Fluid Flow

Gerard Middleton

Fluvial and Lacustrine Environments

A. A. Ekdale

General Geology and Miocene Stratigraphy in the Vicinity of Coalinga Anticline

Matthew A. Bate

General Geology of the Northern Coast Ranges and the Wilbur Springs Area

Christine Canson

Geometry of Shelf Sandstone Bodies in the Shannon Sandstone of Southeastern Montana

George W. Shurr

The Glossifungites Ichnofacies: Modern Examples From The Georgia Coast, U. S. A.

S. George Pemberton

High-Energy Shelf Deposit: Early Proterozoic Wishart Formation, Northeastern Canada

Bruce M. Simonson

Ichnofacies of a Modern Size-Graded Shelf, Northwestern Gulf Of Mexico

Gary W. Hill

Ichnologic, Taphonomic, and Sedimentologic Clues to the Deposition of Cincinnatian Shales (Upper Ordovician) Ohio, U. S. A.

Danita Brandt Velbel

Ichnologic Controls on Early Diagenesis and Secondary Mineralization

A. A. Ekdale

Interpretation of Bivalve Trace Fossils in Fluvial Beds of the Basal Catskill Formation (Late Devonian), Eastern U. S. A.

Richard E. Thoms

Limiting Factors of Bioturbation and Trace Fossil Distribution

A. A. Ekdale

Lower Cretaceous Shelf Storm Deposits, Northeast Texas

David K. Hobday

Maastrichtian Depositional Systems in the Sacramento and San Joquin Basins

Victor B. Cherven

Marginal Marine and Intertidal Environments

Rachel Carson

Marine Techniques

C. Hans Nelson


A. A. Ekdale

Models of Ancient Turbidite Deposits

Tor H. Nilsen

Modern Algal Mats in Intertidal and Supratidal Quartz Sands, Northeastern Massachusetts, U. S. A.

Barry Cameron

Modern Deep-Sea-Fan Depositional Processes and Patterns

C. Hans Nelson

Modern Fan Facies Associations

C. Hans Nelson

Modern Fan Morphology

C. Flans Nelson

Modern Fan Stratigraphy

C. Hans Nelson

More on Drag and Settling

Gerard Middleton

Origin of Dolomites in the Monterey Formation: Pismo and Huasna Basins, California

R. I. Kablanow

Permian (Guadalupian) Reservoir Facies, McElroy Field, West Texas

Paul M. Harris

Pliocene and Pleistocene Coastal and Shelf Deposits of the Merced Formation and Associated Beds, Northwestern San Francisco Peninsula, California

Ralph E. Hunte

Recognition of Trace Fossils

A. A. Ekdale

Recognition of Transgressive and Post-Transgressive Sand Ridges On The New Jersey Continental Shelf

W. L. Stubblefieldi

Recognition of Transgressive and Post-Transgressive Sand Ridges on the New Jersey Continental Shelf: Discussion

Donald J. P. Swifti

Recognition of Transgressive and Post-Transgressive Sand Ridges on the New Jersey Continental Shelf: Reply

W. L. Stubblefield

Retrogradational Shelf Sedimentation: Lower Cretaceous Viking Formation, Central Alberta

Edward A. Beaumont

The Role of Wrench Fault Tectonics and Relative Changes of Sea Level on Deposition of Upper Miocene - Pliocene Pismo Formation, Pismo Syncline, California

K. O. Stanley and Ronald C. Surdam

Sand Bodies on Muddy Shelves: A Model for Sedimentation in the Western Interior Cretaceous Seaway, North America

Donald J. P. Swift

Sedimenit Gravity Flows

Gerard Middleton

Sedimentary Facies and Depositional Environments of the Big Blue Formation Between Anticline Ridge and the Domengine Ranch

Matthew A. Bate

Sedimentary Facies and Early Diagenesis of an Oolite Complex from the Silurian of West Virginia

Richard A. Smosna

Sedimentary Serpentinite of the Miocene Big Blue Formation Near Cantua Creek

Tom Ann L. Casey

Sedimentation, Diagenesis and Porosity Evolution of Carbonate Sands in the Black Lake Field of Central Louisiana

J. L. Harbour

Settling of Spheres

Gerard Middleton

Shallow Marine Carbonate Environments

A. A. Ekdale

Shallow Marine Depositional Environments in the Upper Cretaceous of Northern Colorado

Louise W. Kiteley

Shallow Marine Terrigenous Environments

A. A. Ekdale

The Shannon Shelf-Ridge Sandstone Complex, Salt Creek Anticline Area, Powder River Basin, Wyoming

R. W. Tillman

Shelf-Interior Carbonate Grainstone Shoals: Lower Cretaceous Pearsall Formation, South Texas

Robert G. Loucks

Shell-sea Chalk Environments

A. A. Ekdale

Solution Porosity of Dolomites in the Calcareous - Phosphatic Facies of the Monterey Formation, Pismo Basin, California

R.C. Surdam

Stratigraphic and Sedimentologic Framework of the Monterey Formation, Pismo Syncline, California

Ronald C. Surdam and K. O. Stanley

Stratigraphic and Structural Significance of Foliate Serpentinite Breccias, Wilbur Springs

Christine Carlson

Stratigraphy, Facies, and Depositional Provinces of the Middle Eocene Domengine Formation, Southern Sacramento Basin

Victor B. Cherven

Synthesis and Applications to Petroleum Geology

C.H. Nelson

Techniques for Studying Biogenic Structures

A. A. Ekdale

A Thermally Subsiding Basin Model for the Maturation of Hydrocarbons in the Pismo Basin, California

Henry P. Heasler and Ronald C. Surdam

The Trace Fossil Assemblage of a Cretaceous Nearshore Environment: Englishtown Formation Of Delaware, U. S. A.

H. Allen Curran

Trace Fossil Assemblages and their Occurrence in Silesian (Mid-Carboniferous) Deltaic Sediments of the Central Pennine Basin, England

R. M. C. Eagar

Trace Fossil Assemblages in Middle Triassic Marginal Marine Deposits, Eastern Border of the Massif Central, France

Georges R. Demathieu

Trace Fossils and Depositional Environments of Upper Devonian Black Shales, East-Central Kentucky, U. S. A.

Douglas W. Jordan

Trace Fossils and Mid-Cretaceous Anoxic Events in the Atlantic Ocean

A. A. Ekdale

Trace Fossils as Indicators of Sedimentologic Processes

A. A. Ekdale

Trace Fossils from a Middle Cambrian Deltaic Sequence, North Spain

Iain C. Legg

Trace Fossils from Brackish-Marine Shales, Upper Pennsylvanian of Kansas, U. S. A.

William G. Hakes

Trace Fossils in a Jurassic Eolianite, Entrada Sandstone, Utah, U. S. A.

A. A. Ekdale

Trace Fossils in Biostratrigraphy

A. A. Ekdale

Tubes of the Modern Polychaete Diopatra Cuprea As Current Velocity Indicators And As Analogs For Skolithos-Monocraterion

John H. Barwis

Turbidite Facies

T. H. Nilsen

Turbidite Facies Associations

T.H. Nilsen

Turbidity-Current Observations and Eperimental Studies

C. Hans Nelson

Turbulent Flow

Gerard Middleton

The Upper Smackover Formation (Jurassic) of the Paup Spur-Mandeville Fields, Miller County, Arkansas - A Study of Upward-Shoaling Carbonate Sand Deposition

Maryann M. McGraw

Widespread, Shallow-Marine, Storm-Generated Sandstone Units In The Upper Cretaceous Mosby Sandstone, Central Montana

Dudley D. Rice