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Judith Totman Parrish

Ancient Examples of Tidal Sand Bodies Formed in Open, Shallow Seas

Roger G. Walker

Application of Clay-Mineral, Vitrinite Reflectance, And Fluid Inclusion Studies to the Thermal and Burial History of the Pinedale Anticline, Green River Basin, Wyoming

Richard M. Pollastro

Application of Organic/Inorganic Diagenesis to Porosity Prediction

Laura J. Crossey

Cape Lookout Cuspate Foreland Depositional Systems

Thomas F. Moslow

Carbon Dioxide and Organic Acids: Their Role in Porosity Enhancement and Cementation, Paleogene of the Texas Gulf Coast

Paul D. Lundegard

Cardium and Viking Sandstone Cores

R. G. Walker

Cardium Formation 4. Review of Facies and Depositional Processes in the Southern Foothills and Plains, Alberta, Canada

Roger G. Walker

Cardium Formation Conglomerates at Carrot Creek Field: Offshore Linear Ridges or Shoreface Deposits?

Katherine M. Bergman

Comparison of Sand Ridges on the New Jersey Continental Shelf, U.S.A.

R. W. Tiliman

Comparison of Shelf Environments and Deep-Basin Turbidite Systems

Roger G. Walker

Controls on the Precipitation of Early Diagenetic Calcite, Dolomite and Siderite Concretions in Complex Depositional Sequences

C. D. Curtis

Correlation of Organic Parameters Derived from Elemental Analysis and Programmed Pyrolysis of Kerogen

Laura J. Crossey

Cretaceous-Paleocene Boundary Lenoir County, North Carolina

Philip M. Brown

Deltaic Evolution During a Major Transgression

Timothy L. Eckard

Depositional Facies of the Middle Triassic Halfway Formation, Western Canada Basin

Clarence V. Campbell

Depositional Framework of a Triassic Rift Basin: The Durham and Sanford Sub-Basins of the Deep River Basin, North Carolina

Pamela J. W. Gore

Diagenesis of the Brent Sandstone in the Statfjord Field, North Sea

K. Bjørlykke

Facies Analysis and Reservoir Zonation of a Cretaceous Shelf Sand Ridge: Hartzog Draw Field, Wyoming

Robert S. Tye

Facies and Reservoir Characteristics of a Shelf Sandstone: Hartzog Draw Field, Powder River Basin, Wyoming

R. S. Martinsen

Field Trip 8: Eocene Carbonate Facies of the North Carolina Coastal Plain; Bentonite from the Eocene Castle Hayne Limestone

Paul A. Thayer

Field Trip 8: Eocene Carbonate Facies of the North Carolina Coastal Plain; Calcareous Nannofossil Biostratigraphy of the Castle Hayne Limestone

Thomas R. Worsley

Field Trip 8: Eocene Carbonate Facies of the North Carolina Coastal Plain; Cements and Related Diagenetic Features of the Castle Hayne Limestone, East Coast Limestone Quarry, Pender County, North Carolina

James A. Dockal

Field Trip 8: Eocene Carbonate Facies of the North Carolina Coastal Plain; Introduction: Sequence Stratigraphy, Lithostratigraphy, and Biostratigraphy of the North Carolina Eocene Carbonates

Victor A. Zullo

Field Trip 8: Eocene Carbonate Facies of the North Carolina Coastal Plain; Regional Perspective on the Castle Hayne Limestone

Lee J. Otte

Field Trip 8: Eocene Carbonate Facies of the North Carolina Coastal Plain; Road Log and Description of Field Trip Stops and References Cited

W. Burleigh Harris

Field Trip 8: Eocene Carbonate Facies of the North Carolina Coastal Plain; Sequence Stratigraphic Concepts as Applied to the Eocene Carbonates of the Carolinas

Gerald R. Baum

Field Trip 8: Eocene Carbonate Facies of the North Carolina Coastal Plain; The Paleogene Crabs of North America: Occurrence, Preservation, and Distribution

Gale A. Bishop

Field Trip 8: Eocene Carbonate Facies of the North Carolina Coastal Plain; Trace Fossil Assemblages and Paleoenvironmental Interpretation: Castle Hayne Limestone (Eocene) of North Carolina

H. Allen Curran

Fluid and Sediment Dynamics on Continental Shelves

Donald J. P. Swift and Alan W. Niedoroda

Forced Fluid flow and Diagenesis in Porous Reservoirs Controls on the Spatial Distribution

J. R. Wood

Fuel-Grade Peat Deposits of Eastern North Carolina

Roy L. Ingram

Geological Evidence for Storm Transportation and Deposition on Ancient Shelves

Roger G. Walker

Geologic Framework, Cenozoic History, and Modern Processes of Sedimentation on the North Carolina Continental Margin

Albert C. Hine

Hartzog Draw, A New Giant Oil Field

R. S. Martinsen

Inner-Shelf Shoal Sedimentary Facies and Sequences: Ship Shoal, Northern Gulf of Mexico

Shea Penland

Interaction of Organic Matter and Crystallization of High Magnesium Calcite, South Louisiana

M. John Kocurko

Lithofacies, Inferred Processes, and Log Response Characteristics of Shelf and Shoreface Sandstones, Ferron Sandstone, Central Utah

S. L. Thompson

Lithostratigraphy of Holocene Sand Ridges from the Nearshore and Middle Continental Shelf of New Jersey, U.S.A.

James M. Rine

Marine-Shelf Bar Sand/Channelized Sand Shingled Couplet, Terry Sandstone Member of Pierre Shale, Denver Basin, Colorado

Charles T. Siemers

Marine Economic Deposits

Judith Totman Parrish

Mathematical Climate Models: Insights into the Relationship Between Climate and Economic Sedimentary Deposits

Eric J. Barron

Morphology and Stratigraphy of Mesotidal Shoreline Features

Miles O. Hayes

Neogene Thermal History of the Northern Green River Basin, Wyoming Evidence from Fission-Track Dating

Nancy D. Naeser

On the Reactivity of Carbonic and Organic Acids and Generation of Secondary Porosity

Indu D. Meshri

Organic-Inorganic Interactions as a Mechanism for Porosity Enhancement in the Upper Cretaceous Ericson Sandstone, Green River Basin, Wyoming

Janell D. Edman

Paleoclimatic Reconstructions and Qualitative Models

Judith Totman Parrish

Patterns of Cyclic Sedimentation of the Upper Cenozoic Section, North Carolina Coastal Plain

Stanley R. Riggs

Relative Efficiency of Carbonate Dissolution and Precipitation During Diagenesis: A Progress Report on the Role of Solution Chemistry

Lynn M. Walter

Response of the Shelf Floor to Flow

Donald J. P. Swift

Role of Organic Species Dissolved in Formation Waters from Sedimentary Basins in Mineral Diagenesis

Yousif K. Kharaka

Sedimentary Characteristics of Modern Storm-Generated Sequences: North Insular Shelf, Puerto Rico

Robert S. Brackett

Sedimentary Facies of the Uppermost Wilcox Shelf-Margin Trend: South-Central Louisiana

Philip Lowry

Shannon Sandstone Hartzog Draw Field Core Study

R. W. Tillman

The Shannon Shelf-Ridge Sandstone Complex, Salt Creek Anticline Area, Powder River Basin, Wyoming

R. W. Tillman

Shannon Shelf-Ridge Sandstones Field Trip

R. W. Tillman

Shelf Sandstones in the Woodbine–Eagle Ford Interval, East Texas: A Review Of Depositional Models

Sandra Phillips

A Spectrum of Shelf Sands and Sandstones

R. W. Tillman

Terrestrial Economic Deposits

Judith Totman Parrish

Thermal Mass Transfer in Systems Containing Quartz and Calcite

James R. Wood

The Tocho and Gallup Sandstones, New Mexico, A Comparison

R. W. Tillman

Tocito Sandstone Core, Horseshoe Field, San Juan County, New Mexico

R. W. Tillman

Upper Ordovician and Silurian Stratigraphy of the Virginia and West Virginia Valley and Ridge: Sedimentary and Structural Effects of the Taconic Orogeny

Richard J. Diecchio

Upper Precambrian-Lower Paleozoic Clastic Sequences, Blue Ridge and Adjacent Areas, Virginia and North Carolina: Initial Rifting and Continental Margin Development, Appalachian Orogen

Frederic L. Schwab

Volcaniclastic Rocks of the Carolina Slate Belt, Central North Carolina

James Robert Butler

Woodbine Sandstone Core: Delta-Front Shelf Storm Deposits of Subsurface Woodbine-Eagle Ford Interval (Upper Cretaceous), Damascus Field, Northern Polk County, Texas: Success from Combined Development Geology and Sedimentologic Core Analysis

C. T. Siemers and P. Connie Hudson