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Special Publications of SEPM

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Jeffrey S. Hanor


Eric Eslinger

Carbonate Sequence Stratigraphy

J. F. Sarg

Chalk From the Ekofisk Area, North Sea: Nannofossils + Micropores = Giant Fields

Charles T. Feazel

Chemical Properties of Subsurface Brines

Jeffrey S. Hanor

Clay Minerals and Log Analysis

Eric Eslinger

Clay Minerals and Sandstone Diagenesis

Eric Eslinger

Clay Minerals in Modern Sediments

Eric Eslinger

Clays and Production Problems

Eric Eslinger

Condensed Sections: The Key to Age Determination and Correlation of Continental Margin Sequences

Tom S. Loutit

Controls on Coal Distribution in Transgressive-Regressive Cycles, Upper Cretaceous, Western Interior, U.S.A

Timothy A. Cross

Depositional Facies and Porosity Distribution, Permian (Guadalupian) San Andres and Grayburg Formations, P.J.W.D.M. Field Complex, Central Basin Platform, West Texas

R. P. Major

Depostional Facies, Paleoenvironments, Reservoir Quality, and Well Log Characteristics of Mio-Pliocene Deep-Water Sands, Long Beach Unit, Wilmington Field, California

R. M. Slatt

The Devonian Swan Hills Formation at Swan Hills Field and Adjacent Areas, Central Alberta, Canada

Christian A. Viau

The Distribution of Reservoir Sandstone in the Lower Cretaceous Muddy Sandstone, Hilight Field, Powder River Basin, Wyoming

David M. Wheeler

Dolomite Diagenesis in the Metaline Formation, Northeastern Washington State

Howard J. Fischer

Dolomites and Salinity: A Comparative Geochemical Study

Eytan Sass

Dolomitization and Dedolomitization of Upper Cretaceous Carbonates: Bahariya Oasis, EGYPT

Hanafy Holail

Dolomitization of Shallow-Water Platform Carbonates by Sea Water and Seawater Derived Brines San Andres Formation (Guadalupian), West Texas

Stephen C. Ruppel

Dolomitization of Siluro-Devonian Limestones in a Deep Core (5,350 M), Southeastern New Mexico

Donald H. Zenger

Early Cretaceous Sea-Level Curves, Gulf Coast and Southeastern Arabia

R. W. Scott

The Elucidation of Dolomitization Events Using Nuclear Track Mapping

Peter K. Swart

The Eocene Reservoirs of Wafra Field, Kuwait/Saudi Arabia Partitioned Neutral Zone

H. M. C. Danielli

Eustatic Controls on Clastic Deposition II—sequence and Systems Tract Models

H. W. Posamentier

Eustatic Controls on Clastic Deposition I—conceptual Framework

H. W. Posamentier

Evidence For and Against Sea-Level Changes From the Stable Isotopic Record of the Cenozoic

Douglas F. Williams

Evolution of the Lower Cretaceous Ratawi Oolite Reservoir, Wafra Field, Kuwait-Saudi Arabia Partitioned Neutral Zone

Susan A. Longacre

Experimental Investigation of Sulfate Inhibition of Dolomite and Its Mineral Analogues

David W. Morrow

The Factors Controlling the Formation and Chemistry of Dolomite in Organic Rich Sediments Miocene Drakes Bay Formation California

Stephen J. Burns

Flow Regimes and Solute/Energy Transport

Jeffrey S. Hanor

Fluid Flow Direction During Dolomite Formation as Deduced From Trace Element Trends

Hans G. Machel

Fluid Mechanics

Jeffrey S. Hanor

Foraminiferal Modeling of Sea-Level Change in the Late Cretaceous of New Jersey

Richard K. Olsson

Geochemistry of Epigenetic Dolomite Associated With Lead-Zinc Mineralization of the Viburnum Trend, Southeast Missouri: A Reconnaissance Study

Donald P. Buelter

Giant Gas Accumulation in "Chalky"-Textured Micritic Limestone, Lower Cretaceous Shuaiba Formation, Eastern United Arab Emirates

Stephen O. Moshier

Historical Overview

Jeffrey S. Hanor

Intraplate Stresses: A Tectonic Cause For Third-Order Cycles in Apparent Sea Level

Sierd Cloetingh

Isotope Geochemistry of Clay Minerals

Eric Eslinger

Late Jurassic Sedimentation and Tectonics, Main Area Claymore Reservoir, North Sea

S. D. Harker

Late Paleozoic Transgressive-Regressive Deposition

Charles A. Ross

Lithofacies, Depositional Environments, and Reservoir Quality of Pliocene Deep-Sea Fan Sediments, Inglewood Field, Los Angeles, Basin, California

W. J. Schweller

Lithofacies, Diagenesis, and Depositional Sequence; Arab-D Member, Ghawar Field, Saudi Arabia

J. C. Mitchell

Lithofacies Analysis of the Arun Reservoir, North Sumatra, Indonesia

Clifton F. Jordan Jr.

Measurement of Sea-Level Change in Epeiric Seas: The Middle Ordovician Transgression in the North American Midcontinent

John L. Cisne

Mesozoic and Cenozoic Chronostratigraphy and Cycles of Sea-Level Change

Bilal U. Haq

Mission Canyon (Mississippian) Reservoir Study, Whitney Canyon-Carter Creek Field, Southwestern Wyoming

P. M. Harris

Neogene Deep-Water Dolomite From the Florida-Bahamas Platform

Henry T. Mullins

Origins of Dolomite in the Offshore Facies of the Bonneterre Formation (Cambrian), Southeast Missouri

Jay M. Gregg

An Overview of the Fundamentals of Sequence Stratigraphy and Key Definitions

J. C. Van Wagoner

Paleoenvironmental and Diagenetic Reservoir Characterization of the Smackover Formation, Jay Field, West Florida

Deborah. M. Bliefnick

Physical Properties

Jeffrey S. Hanor


Eric Eslinger

Quantitative Geological Modeling of Siliciclastic Rock Sequences and Their Seismic Expression

M. T. Jervey

Recognition and Interpretation of Depositional Sequences and Calculation of Sea-Level Changes From Stratigraphic Data—Offshore New Jersey and Alabama Tertiary

Stephen M. Greenlee

Record of Relative Sea-Level Changes, Cretaceous of Western Interior, USA

Robert J. Weimer

A Reevaluation of Jurassic Eustasy in the Light of New Data and the Revised Exxon Curve

A. Hallam

Regional Dolomitization of Shelf Carbonates in the Burlington Keokuk Formation (Mississippian), Illinois and Missouri Constraints From Cathodoluminescent Zonal Stratigraphy

Harris S. Cander

The Rise and Fall of Eustasy

Christopher G. St. C. Kendall

Sediment Composition and Precipitation of Dolomite and Pyrite in the Neogene Monterey and Sisquoc Formations Santa Maria Basin Area California

John S. Compton

Sedimentology and Depositional Environments of the Ivishak

C. D. Atkinson

Sedimentology and Geochemistry of a Regional Dolostone Correlation of Trace Elements With Dolomite Fabrics

Vijai Shukla

Sequence Stratigraphic Concepts Applied to Paleogene Outcrops, Gulf and Atlantic Basins

Gerald R. Baum

Sequence Stratigraphic Setting of the Cretaceous-Tertiary Boundary in Central Alabama

A. D. Donovan

Shale Diagenesis

Eric Eslinger

Sharp-Based Shoreface Sequences and "Offshore Bars" in the Cardium Formation of Alberta: Their Relationship to Relative Changes in Sea Level

A. G. Plint

Shelf Depositional Environments and Reservoir Characteristics of the Kuparuk River Formation (Lower Cretaceous), Kuparuk Field, North Slope, Alaska

Gerard C. Gaynor

Some Definitions

Jeffrey S. Hanor

Sources of Information on the Properties of Subsurface Fluids

Jeffrey S. Hanor

Stratigraphy and Lithofacies of the San Andres Formation, C.S. Dean "A," XIT, and SW Levelland Units of Levelland-Slaughter Field, Permian Basin

Paul M. Harris

Structural History and Reservoir Characteristics (Mississippian)

R. F. Lindsay

Structure of Basic Clay Mineral Groups, and Interpretation of Clay Mineral Data

Eric Eslinger

Triassic Sea-Level Changes: Evidence From the Canadian Arctic Archipelago

Ashton F. Embry

An Update of Esr Spectroscopy Studies of Dolomite Origin

David N. Lumsden

Upper Jurassic Smackover Platform Dolomitization Northwestern Gulf of Mexico a Tale of Two Waters

Clyde H. Moore

Water-Rock Interaction History of Regionally Extensive Dolomites of the Burlington-Keokuk Formation (Mississippian): Isotopic Evidence

Jay L. Banner