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Special Publications of SEPM

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Dudley D. Rice

Application of Cathodoluminescence to Sandstone Provenance

Michael R. Owen

Calcite Cement Stratigraphy: An Overview

William J. Meyers

Cathodoluminescence in Post-Miocene Carbonates

R.P. Major

Causes and Emission of Luminescence in Calcite and Dolomite

Hans G. Machel

Changes in Depositional Environments Resulting from Emplacement of a Large Volume Ignimbrite

David C. Buesch

Characteristics of Global-Sediment Formation in Regions of High- and Superhigh-Accumulation Rates

Alexander P. Lisitzin

Combined Cathodoluminescence and Energy Dispersive Spectroscopy

Donald J. Marshall

Cyclicity in the Permian Queen Formation - U.S.M. Queen Field, Pecos County, Texas

K. E. Tucker

Delta-Front Gullies as Part of Mass-Movement Phenomena: Mississippi River Delta Front

A. H. Bouma

Depositional Environments and Facies Analysis of the Cherokee Group in West-Central Kansas

Jerome J. Cuzella

Depositional Facies and Model for Mixed Siliciclastics and Carbonates of the Yates Formation, Permian Basin

J. M. Borer

The Depositional Record of SmalL, Monogenetic Volcanoes Within Terrestrial Basins

James D. L. White

Deposition and Diagenesis of a Marine-Swamp Margin; The Providence Limestone and Adjacent Coals, Western Kentucky

Carol B. Dewet

Developments in Understanding the Tectonic Evolution of the California Continental Borderland

Mark R. Legg

An Entrenched Thalweg Channel on the Rhone Fan: Interpretation from a Seabeam and Seamarc I Survey

Suzanne O. Connell

Facies Sequences and Geometries in Continental Volcaniclastic Sediments

Gary A. Smith

Factors Governing Cathodoluminescence in Calcite and Dolomite, and their Implications for Studies of Carbonate Diagenesis

Hans G. Machel and Elizabeth A. Burton

Fluorescence Microscopy in Oil Shale and Coal Studies

Adrian Hutton

Fourier Grain-Shape Analysis of Coastal and Inner Continental-Shelf Sand Samples: Oceanside Littoral Cell, Southern Orange and San Diego Counties, Southern California

Robert H. Osborne

Fragmentation Processes in Explosive Volcanic Eruptions

Grant Heiken

Genetic Global Geomorphology: A Prospectus

Elazar Uchupi

Geologic Applications of Infrared Microscopy

Andrew R. Campbell

Geologic Development and Depositional History of the Florida Middle Ground: A Mid-Shelf, Temperate-Zone Reef System in the Northeastern Gulf of Mexico

Gregg R. Brooks

Gravel-Filled Gutter Casts in Nearshore Facies — Indicators of Ancient Shoreline Trend

Francesco L. Chiocci

Initiation Processes and Flow Evolution of Turbidity Currents: Implications for the Depositional Record

William R. Normark

Interrelationship of Platform Dolostone and Silicic Siltstone Facies - Grayburg Formation (Permian), Central Basin Platform and Ozona Arch, Permian Basin, West Texas

Don G. Bebout

Lahars: Volcano Hydrologic-Events and Deposition in the Debris Flow—Hyperconcentrated Flow Continuum

Gary A. Smith

Landscape Response to a Major Ignimbrite Eruption Taupo Volcanic Center New Zealand

Robyn C. M. Smith

Lithostratigraphy and Depositional Environments of the Ancell Group in Central Illinois: A Middle Ordovician Carbonate-Siliciclastic Transition

T. H. Shaw

Littoral-Cell Development in the Convergent Cascadia Margin of the Pacific Northwest, USA

Curt D. Peterson

Luminescence Petrography and Spectroscopic Studies of Diagenetic Minerals

Grahame Walker

Mississippian Carbonate-Siliciclastic Eolianites in Southwestern Kansas

C. Robertson Handford

Mixed Carbonate/Siliciclastic Sedimentation: Northern Insular Shelf of Puerto Rico

David M. Bush

Mixed Carbonates and Siliciclastics in a Mississippian Paleokarst Setting, Southwestern Wyoming Thrust Belt

J. L. Sieverding

Ordovician Limestone and Shale in the Central Appalachian Basin: Early Sedimentary Response to Plate Collision

Richard Smosna

An Overview of Zoning in Carbonate Minerals

Richard J. Reeder

Parnell Grits - Large Subaqueous Volcaniclastic Gravity Flows with Multiple Particle-Support Mechanisms

Peter F. Ballance

Past and Future Evolution of Marine Geology

K. O. Emery

Pliocene-Quaternary Submarine Pumice Deposits in the Sumisu Rift Area, Izu-Bonin Arc

A. Nishimura

Practical Aspects of Cement Stratigraphy with Illustrations from Pennsylvanian Limestone and Sandstone, New Mexico and Kansas

Robert H. Goldstein

Practical Aspects of Fluorescence Microscopy of Petroleum Fluid Inclusions

Robert C. Burruss

Pre-Diagenetic Sedimentary Fractionation of Andesitic Detritus in a Semi-Arid Climate an Example from the Eocene Datil Group, New Mexico

Steven M. Cather

Progress and Problems in Knowledge of Coral Lagoon Topography and Its Origin in the South Pacific, by Way of Pinnacle Study

Andre Guilcher

A Proposed Classification of Basin Plains

Orrin H. Pilkey

Provenance of Sands and Sandstones from a Rifted Continental Arc, Gulf of California Mexico

Kathleen M. Marsaglia

Rain-Lahar Generation and Sediment Delivery Systems at Mayon Volcano, Philippines

Kelvin S. Rodolfo

Reconstruction of Oligo-Miocene Volcaniclastic Dispersal Patterns in North-Central New Mexico Using Sandstone Petrofacies

Raymond V. Ingersoll

Regressive Coastal Deposits on Quaternary Continental Shelves: Preservation and Legacy

Michael E. Field

Sedimentary Architecture of Large Volcanic-Debris Avalanches

Harry Glicken

Sedimentary History of the Moyvoughly Area, County Westmeath, Ireland: Evidence for Synsedimentary Fault Movements in a Mixed Carbonate-Siliciclastic System of Courceyan Age

Gill M. Harwood

A Sediment Budget for the Santacruz Littoral Cell, California

Tim C. Best

Slope and Basinal Carbonate Deposition in the Nolichucky Shale (Upper Cambrian), East Tennessee: Effect of Carbonate Suppression by Siliciclastic Deposition on Basin-Margin Morphology

J. L. Foreman

Slope Morphology of the U.S. Pacific Continental Margin

Donn S. Gorsline

Studies of Ore Deposits and Trace Elements in Minerals

Otto C. Kopp

Studies of Reservoir Diagenesis, Burial History, and Petroleum Migration Using Luminescence Microscopy

Roger K. Mclimans

Subtidal Stromatolites Ooids and Crusted Lime Muds at the Great Bahama Bank Margin

Robert F. Dill

Tectonic Evolution of Submarine Canyons Along the California Continental Margin

H. Gary Greene

Transport and Deposition of Tephra by Pyroclastic Flows and Surges

Steven N. Carey

Upward-Shoaling Sequence of Mixed Siliciclastics and Carbonates from the Jurassic Smackover Formation of Central Mississippi

Roger D. Shew

Use of Cathodoluminescence Petrography for Understanding Compaction, Quartz Cementation, and Porosity in Sandstones

David W. Houseknecht

Using Cathodoluminescence to Map Regionally Zoned Carbonate Cements Occurring in Diagenetic Aureoles Above Oil Reservoirs: Initial Results from the Velma Oil Field, Oklahoma

Charles E. Barker

Volcanic Debris Avalanche Deposits in New Zealand—Lithofacies Organization in Unconfined, Wet-Avalanche Flows

Beth A. Palmer

Volcaniclastic Deposits: Implications for Hydrocarbon Exploration

Mark E. Mathisen

Volcanism, Climatic Change, and the Geologic Record

Michael R. Rampino

Volcanism, Tectonics and Sedimentation

Richard V. Fisher

Voluminous Shallow-Water to Emergent Phreatomagmatic Basaltic Volcaniclastic Rocks, Proterozoic (~1886 MA) Amisk Lake Composite Volcano, Flin Flon Greenstone Belt, Canada

L. D. Ayres

Wamba Field, People'S Republic of Angola, A Cenomanian Mixed Carbonate-Siliciclastic Reservoir

Anthony J. Lomando

Wave Processes and Geologic Responses on the Floor of the Yellow Sea

James S. Booth