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Special Publications of SEPM

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Ages and Deformation of Marine Terraces Between Point Conception and Gaviota: Western Transverse Ranges, California

Thomas K. Rockwell

Aminostratigraphy and Oxygen Isotope Stratigraphy of Marine-Terrace Deposits, Palos Verdes Hills and San Pedro Areas, Los Angeles County, California

Daniel R. Muhs

Aminostratigraphy of Southern California Quaternary Marine Terraces

John F. Wehmiller

Architectural-Fades Analysis of Nonmarine Depositional Systems in the Upper Triassic Chinle Formation, Southeastern Utah

Russell F. Dubiel

Architectural Controls on the Recovery of Hydrocarbons from Sandstone Reservoirs

Noel Tyler

Architectural Elements of Fan-Delta Complex in Pennsylvanian Sandia Formation, Taos Trough, Northern New Mexico

Kristian Soegaard

Architectural Patterns in Large-Scale Gilbert-Type Delta Complexes, Pleistocene, Gulf of Corinth, Greece

Gian Gabriele Ori

Architecture of Modern Subtidal Dunes (Sand Waves), Bay of Bourgneuf, France

Serge Berné

Architecture of the Winters Submarine Fan, Sacramento Basin, California

Victor B. Cherven

Authigenic Clays Diagenetic Sequences and Conceptual Diagenetic Models in Contrasting Basin-Margin and Basin-Center North Sea Jurassic Sandstones and Mudstones

Stuart D. Burley

Authigenic Mineralogy of Sandstones Intercalated With Organic-Rich Mudstones: Integrating Diagenesis and Burial History of the Mesaverde Group, Piceance Basin, Nw Colorado

Laura J. Crossey

Beaverhill Lake Megasequence

C. V. Campbell

Biomarkers in Sediments, Sedimentary Rocks and Petroleums: Biological Origins, Geological Fate and Applications

Simon C. Brassell

Cenozoic Fluvial-Facies Architecture and Aquifer Heterogeneity, Oroville, California, Superfund Site and Vicinity

Terence C. Blair

Chronology and Deformation of Quaternary Marine Shorelines, San Diego County, California

J. Philip Kern

Clay Coats: Occurrence and Relevance to Preservation of Porosity in Sandstones

Edward D. Pittman

Clay Mineralogy, Spore Coloration and Diagenesis in Middle Miocene Sediments of the Niger Delta

Franc1Sca E. Oboh

Clay Mineralogy of an Interbedded Sandstone, Dolomite, and Anhydrite: The Permian Yates Formation, Winkler County Texas


Clay Minerals in Atokan Deep-Water Sandstone Facies, Arkoma Basin: Origins and Influence on Diagenesis and Reservoir Quality

David W Houseknecht

Clay Minerals in North Sea Sandstones

Knut Bjørlykke

Clay Minerals in Sandstones: Historical Perspective and Current Trends

David W. Houseknecht

Coastal Response to Late Pliocene Climate Change: Middle Atlantic Coastal Plain, Virginia and Delaware

Kelvin W. Ramsey

Comparative Ichnological Analysis of Late Albian Estuarine Valley-Fill and Shelf-Shoreface Deposits, Crystal Viking Field, Alberta

S. George Pemberton

The Conceptual Framework of Ichnology

S. George Pemberton

Constructing a Three-Dimensional Rock-Property Model of Fluvial Sandstones in the Peoria Field, Colorado

Mark A. Chapin

Contrasting Styles of Late Neogene Deep-Water Sandstone Deposition, Offshore Texas

Robert A. Morton

Controls on Porewater Evolution During Sandstone Diagenesis, Western Canada Sedimentary Basin: An Oxygen Isotope Perspective

Fred J. Longstaffe

Cyclicity of Devonian Strata in the Western Canada Sedimentary Basin

J.C. Wendte

Depositional Facies and Trace Fossils of a Low Wave Energy Shorefacies Succession, Albian Viking Formation, Chigwell Field, Alberta, Canada

Indraneel Raychaudhuri

Depositional Infiltrated and Authigenic Clays in Fluvial Sandstones of the Jurassic Sergi Formation, Recôncavo Basin, Northeastern Brazil

Marco A. S. Moraes

Depositional Patterns Resulting From High Frequency Quaternary Sea Level Fluctuations In Northeastern North Carolina

Stanley R. Riggs

Development of Parabolic Dunes and Interdunal Wetlands in the Provincelands Cape Cod National Seashore

Marjorie G. Winkler

Early Mississippian Megasequences

F.A. Stoakes

Emergent Pliocene and Pleistocene Sediments of Southeastern Georgia: An Anomalous, Fossil-Poor, Clastic Section

Helaine W. Markewich

Erosion of the United States Shoreline

Orrin H. Pilkey Jr.

Evolution and Holocene Stratigraphy of Plymouth, Kingston, and Duxbury Bays, Massachusetts

Michael C. Hill

Evolution of Middle Eocene Tide-Dominated Deltaic Sandstones, Lagunillas Field, Maracaibo Basin, Western Venezuela

Jesus Maguregui

Evolution of Quaternary Shoal Complexes Off the Central South Carolina Coast

Walter J. Sexton

Evolution of the Judy Creek Complex, A Late Middle Devonian Isolate Platform-Reef Complex in West-Central Alberta

J.C. Wendte

Examples of Ichnofossil Assemblages in the Lower Cretaceous Wabiskaw Member and the Clearwater Formation of the Marten Hills Gas Field, North-Central Alberta, Canada

T.L. Bradley

Facies Architecture of a Devonian Soft-Sediment-Deformed Alluvial Sequence, Broken River Province, Northeastern Australia

Simon C. Lang

Facies Characterization and Architecture of a Muddy Shelf-Sandstone Complex: Mancos B Interval of Upper Cretaceous Mancos Shale, Northwest Colorado–Northeast Utah

Rex D. Cole

Facies Heterogeneity, Pay Continuity, and Infill Potential in Barrier-Island, Fluvial, and Submarine-Fan Reservoirs: Examples from the Texas Gulf Coast and Midland Basin

William A. Ambrose

Fluvial-Sandstone Reservoirs of the Travis Peak Formation, East Texas Basin

Robert S. Tye

Formation Clays: Are They Really a Problem in Production?

George E. King

Hierarchies of Architectural Units in Terrigenous Clastic Rocks, and Their Relationship to Sedimentation Rate

Andrew D. Miall

Holocene Coastal Development on the Florida Peninsula

Richard A. Davis Jr.

Holocene Coral Reef on Kauai, Hawaii: Evidence for a Sea-Level Highstand in the Central Pacific

Anthony T. Jones

Holocene Marine Coastal Evolution of the United States

Rhodes W. Fairbridge

Holocene Sedimentary Framework of Grays Harbor Basin, Washington, USA

Curt D. Peterson

Holocene Tidal-Marsh Stratigraphy in South-Central Oregon-Evidence for Localized Sudden Submergence in the Cascadia Subduction Zone

Alan R. Nelson

Holocene Transgression and Coastal-Landform Evolution in Northeastern Lake Erie, Canada

John P. Coakley

Hydrology of Meteoric Diagenesis: Effect of Pleistocene Stratigraphy on Freshwater Lenses of Big Pine Key, Florida

H. Leonard Vacher

Ichnofacies of a Wave-Dominated Shoreline

S. George Pemberton

Ichnological and Sedimentological Characteristics of Open Marine to Storm Dominated Restricted Marine Setting Within the Viking/Bow Island Formations, South-Central Alberta

Indraneel Raychaudhuri

Ichnological Aspects of Cretaceous Shoreface Successions and Shoreface Variability in the Western Interior Seaway of North America

James A. MacEachern

Ichnological Characteristics of Brackish Water Deposits

S. George Pemberton

Ichnological Signature of a Brackish Water Deposit: An Example From the Lower Cretaceous Grand Rapids Formation, Cold Lake Oil Sands Area, Alberta

Bruce M. Beynon

Ichnology and Event Stratigraphy: The Use of Trace Fossils in Recognizing Tempestites

S. George Pemberton

Ichnology and Sedimentology of Transgressive Deposits, Transgressively-Related Deposits and Transgressive Systems Tracts in the Viking Formation of Alberta

James A. MacEachern

Illitic-Clay Formation During Experimental Diagenesis of Arkoses

Wuu-Liang Huang

Infiltrated Materials in Cretaceous Volcanogenic Sandstones, San Jorge Basin, Argentina

Thomas L. Dunn

Influence of Authigenic-Clay Minerals on Permeability

James J. Howard

Inherited Grain-Rimming Clays in Sandstones from Eolian and Shelf Environments: Their Origin and Control on Reservoir Properties

Michael D. Wilson

Inside Auk—The Anatomy of an Eolian Oil Reservoir

Alan P. Heward

Intertwined Fates of Metals, Sulfur, and Organic Carbon in Black Shales

Lisa M. Pratt

Isotopic Dating of Diagenetic Illites in Reservoir Sandstones: Influence of the Investigator Effect

Norbert Clauer

K-Ar Dating of Illite Diagenesis in the Middle Ordovician St. Peter Sandstone, Central Michigan Basin, USA: Implications for Thermal History

David A. Barnes

The Large-Scale Architecture of the Fluvial Westwater Canyon Member, Morrison Formation (Upper Jurassic), San Juan Basin, New Mexico

E. Jun Cowan

A Late Holocene Sea-Level Fluctuation in South Carolina

Paul T. Gayes

Late Quaternary Deposits Near Point Sal, South Central California: A Time Frame For Coastal-Dune Emplacement

Antony R. Orme

Late Wisconsinan and Holocene Coastal Evolution of the Southern Shore of Lake Michigan

Michael J. Chrzastowski

Nature and Succession of Basin Fill Strata

F.A. Stoakes

Obliteration of Surficial Paleolake Evidence in the Tule Valley Subbasin of Lake Bonneville

Dorothy Sack

Origin and Diagenesis of Clay-Minerals in the Oligocene Sespe Formation, Ventura Basin

Lori A. Hathon

Outcrop and Semi-Regional Three-Dimensional Architecture and Reconstruction of a Portion of the Eolian Page Sandstone (Jurassic)

Gary Kocurek

Overview of the Devonian of the Western Canada Sedimentary Basin

J.C. Wendte

Paleoecology and Paleozoogeography of Late Pleistocene Marine-Terrace Faunas of Southwestern Santa Barbara County, California

George L. Kennedy

Patterns and Rates of Sediment Accumulation in the Chesapeake Bay During the Holocene Rise in Sea Level

Steven M. Colman

Photomosaics of Outcrops: Useful Photographic Techniques

Michael C. Wizevich

Platform Evolution and its Control on Reef Inception and Localization

J.C. Wendte

Pleistocene Stratigraphy of the Erie and Ontario Lake Bluffs in New York

Parker E. Calkin

Provenance of Quaternary Beach Deposits, Virginia and North Carolina

Dennis A. Darby

Quaternary Evolution of the Apalachicola Coast, Northeastern Gulf of Mexico

Ervin G. Otvos

Quaternary Evolution of the East Texas Coast and Continental Shelf

John B. Anderson

Quaternary Marine Terraces, South-Central Coastal California: Implications for Crustal Deformation and Coastal Evolution

Kathryn L. Hanson

Quaternary Terraces and Shorelines of the Panhandle Florida Region

Joseph F. Donoghue

A Rational Theory for Barrier-Lagoon Development

George F. Oertel

Recognition and Interpretation of Estuarine Mudstones (Central Basin Mustones) in the Tripartite Valley-Fill Deposits of the Viking Formation, Central Alberta

Simon A.J. Pattison

Record of Oxygen Isotope Stage 5 on the Maryland Inner Shelf and Atlantic Coastal Plain-A Post-Transgressive-Highstand Regime

Marguerite A. Toscano

Regional to Subregional Facies Architecture of River-Dominated Deltas in the Alberta Subsurface, Upper Cretacrous Dunvegan Formation

Janok P. Bhattacharya

Sand Bank and Dune Facies Architecture of a Wide Intracratonic Seaway: Late Jurassic-Early Cretaceous Raukelv Formation, Jameson Land, East Greenland

Finn Surlyk

Sand Petrofacies in the Shore Zone of Lake Tahoe, California and Nevada: A Model For A Large Lake

Robert H. Osborne

Sea-Level Change and Late Quaternary Sediment Accumulation on the Southern Maine Inner Continental Shelf

Joseph T. Kelley

Sedimentary Framework of Boston Harbor, Massachusetts

Harley J. Knebel

Sediment Characteristics and Seafloor Topography of a Palimpsest Shelf, Mississippi-Alabama Continental Shelf

Steven J. Parker

Sedimentologic and Morphologic Evolution of a Beach Ridge Barrier Along an Indented Coast: Buzzards Bay, Massachusetts

Duncan M. Fitzgerald

The Sedimentology and Ichnology of Estuarine Point Bars in the McMurray Formation of the Athabasca Oil Sands Deposit, North-Eastern Alberta, Canada

Michael J. Ranger

Sedimentology of a Sequence Boundary Within the Nonmarine Torrivio Member, Gallup Sandstone (Cretaceous), San Juan Basin, New Mexico

Andrew D. Miall

The Sedimentology of Ichnology of the Lower Cretaceous (Albian) Bluesky Formation in the Karr Area of West-Central Alberta

W. H. Male

Stratigraphic Applications of the Glossifungites Ichnofacies: Delineating Discontinuities in the Rock Record

James A. MacEachern

Stratigraphy and Preservation Potential of Sediments from Adjacent Holocene and Pleistocene Barrier-Island Systems, Cape Charles, Virginia

Kenneth Finkelstein

Subsurface Characterization of Mesaverde Reservoirs in Colorado: Geophysical and Reservoir-Engineering Checks on Predictive Sedimentology

John C. Lorenz


F.A. Stoakes

Thermal Alteration

John B. Comer

Thermoluminescence Ages of Estuarine Deposits Associated With Quaternary Marine Terraces, South-Central California

Glenn W. Berger

Three-Dimensional Reservoir Architecture of a Valley-Fill Sequence and a Deltaic Aggradational Sequence: Influences of Minor Relative Sea-Level Variations (Scalby Formation, England)

R. Eschard

Upper ELK Point Megasequence

C.V. Campbell

Variations in Alluvial Architecture Across the Oligo-Miocene Huesca Fluvial System, Ebro Basin, Spain

J.P.P. Hirst

Variations in Fluvial Style as Revealed by Architectural Elements, Kayenta Formation, Mesa Creek, Colorado, USA: Evidence for Both Ephemeral and Perennial Fluvial Processes

Michael H. Bromley

Volumetric Relations Between Dissolved Plagioclase and Kaolinite in Sandstones: Implications for Aluminum Mass Transfer in the San Joaquin Basin, California

Michael J. Hayes

Wabamun Megasequence

F.A. Stoakes

Winterburn Megasequence

F.A. Stoakes

Woodbend Megasequence

F.A. Stoakes