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Special Publications of SEPM

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ABU Shaar Complex (Miocene) Gulf of Suez, Egypt: Deposition and Diagenesis in an Active Rift Setting

Mario Coniglio

Assessing the Roles of Tectonism and Eustasy

John M. Dennison

Association of Allochthonous Waters and Reservoir Enhancement in Deeply Buried Miocene Sandstones: Picaroon Field, Corsair Trend, Offshore Texas

Thomas R. Taylor

Cation Geothermometry and the Effect of Organic-Inorganic Diagenetic Reactions

Leta K. Smith

Cycles in Lake Beds of the Triassic Sanford Sub-Basin of North Carolina

Lisa N. HU

Depositional Control on Carbonate Cement in the San Joaquin Basin, California

Yang Il Lee

Depth Determination and Quantitative Distinction of the Influence of Tectonic Subsidence and Climate on Changing Sea Level During Deposition of Midcontinent Pennsylvanian Cyclothems

George D. Klein

Diagenesis in a Cyclic, Regressive Siliciclastic Sequence: The Point Lookout Sandstone, San Juan Basin, Colorado

Jennifer L. Loomis

Early Diagenesis and Paleosol Features of Ancient Desert Sediments: Examples from the Permian Basin

Ariel Malicse

Early Siderite Cementation as a Control on Reservoir Quality in Submarine Fan Sandstones, Sonora Canyon Gas Play, Val Verde Basin, Texas

Shirley P. Dution

Eustatic and Tectonic Control of Deposition of the Lower and Middle Pennsylvanian Strata of the Central Appalachian Basin

Donald R. Chesnut Jr.

Evaluation of Evidence for Glacio-Eustatic Control Over Marine Pennsylvanian Cyclothems in North America and Consideration of Possible Tectonic Effects

Philip H. Heckel

Evidence for Orbitally-Driven Sedimentary Cycles in the Devonian Catskill Delta Complex

Jay Van Tassell

Fluid-Flow Regimes and Sandstone Shale Diagenesis in the Powder River Basin, Wyoming

Ronald C. Surdam

Foundering of the Cambro-Ordovician Shelf Margin: Onset of Taconian Orogenesis or Eustatic Drowning

Paul A. Washington

Glacio-Eustatic Origin of Permo-Carboniferous Stratigraphic Cycles: Evidence from the Southern Cordilleran Foreland Region

William R. Dickinson

High Frequency Eustatic and Siliciclastic Sedimentation Cycles in a Foreland Basin, Upper Devonian, Appalachian Basin

Jonathan K. Filer

Late Miocene Reefs of the Alicante-Elche Basin, Southeast Spain

Francesc Calvet

Messinian Coral Reefs of Western Orania, Algeria

Jean-Paul Saint Martin

The Messinian Reef Complex of Melilla, Northeastern Rif, Morocco

Jean-Paul Saint Martin

Middle and Upper Miocene Reefs and Carbonate Platforms in Israel

Binyamin Buchbinder

Middle Miocene Coral-Oyster Reefs, Murchas, Granada, Southern Spain

Juan C. Braga

The Middle to Upper Miocene Carbonate Complex of Níjar, Almería Province, Southeastern Spain

Carol Mankiewicz

Miocene Carbonates of the Eastern Mediterranean, The Red Sea and the Mesopotamian Basin: Geodynamic and Eustatic Controls

Binyamin Buchbinder

Miocene Patch Reefs from a Mediterranean Marginal Terrigenous Setting in Southwest Turkey

Anthony B. Hayward

Miocene Reef Distributions and their Associations in the Central Mediterranean Region: An Overview

Martyn Pedley

Miocene Reef Facies of the Pelagian Region (Central Mediterranean)

Martyn Pedley

Miocene Reefs of the Northwest Red Sea

Bruce H. Purser

Miocene Reefs of the Paratethys: A Review

Andrzej Pisera

Models for Carbonate Stratigraphy from Miocene Reef Complexes of Mediterranean Regions: Introduction

Evan K. Franseen

Organic and Authigenic Mineral Geochemistry of the Permian Delaware Mountain Group, West Texas: Implications for the Chemical Evolution of Pore Fluids

Phillip D. Hays

Origin And Timing of Carbonate Cements in the St. Peter Sandstone, Illinois Basin: Evidence for a Genetic Link to Mississippi Valley-Type Mineralization

Janet K. Pitman

An Overview of Miocene Reefs from Mediterranean Areas: General Trends and Facies Models

Mateu Esteban

Paleoslope, Sea-Level and Climate Controls on Upper Miocene Platform Evolution, Las Negras Area, Southeastern Spain

Evan K. Franseen and Robert H. Goldstein

Production-Induced Diagenesis During Thermal Heavy Oil Recovery: Grain Size as a Predictor of Reservoir Alteration

Mary L. Barrett

Quantifying Compaction, Pressure Solution And Quartz Cementation in Moderately-And Deeply-Buried Quartzose Sandstones from the Greater Green River Basin, Wyoming

W. Naylor Stone

Quartz Diagenesis in Layered Fluids in the South Brae Oilfield, North Sea

Órla M. Mclaughlin

Recognition of Regional (Eustatic?) and Local (Tectonic?) Relative Sea-Level Events in Outcrop and Gamma-Ray Logs, Ordovician, West Virginia

Richard J. Diecchio

Relationship Between Organic Matter And authigenic Illite Smectite in Devonian Black Shales, Michigan and Illinois Basins, USA

Victoria C. Hover

Rhodolith Facies in the Central-Southern Apennines Mountains, Italy

Gabriele Carannante and Lucia Simone

Roles of Eustasy and Tectonics in Development of Silurian Stratigraphic Architecture of the Appalachian Foreland Basin

William M. Goodman

Rosignano Reef Complex (Messinian), Livornesi Mountains, Tuscany, Central Italy

Alessandro Bossio

Sources of Silica From the Illite to Muscovite Transformation During Late-Stage Diagenesis of Shales

Matihew W. Totien

Structural and Faunal Evolution of Chattian—Miocene Reefs and Corals in Western France and the Northeastern Atlantic Ocean

Bruno Cahuzac and Christian Chaix

A Sub-Pennsylvanian Paleovalley System in the Central Appalachian Basin and its Implications for Tectonic and Eustatic Controls on the Origin of the Regional Mississippian-Pennsylvanian Unconformity

Jack D. Beuthin

Tectonic and Eustatic Influences Upon the Sedimentary Environments of the Upper Ordovician Strata of New York and Ontario

David Lehmann

Tectonic Controls on Miocene Reefs and Related Carbonate Facies in Cyprus

Edward J. Follows

Upper Miocene Reef Complex of the Llucmajor Area, Mallorca, Spain

Luis Pomar

Variations in Chloride as a Driving Force in Siliciclastic Diagenesis

Jeffrey S. Hanor

Western Mediterranean Reef Complexes

Mateu Esteban