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Special Publications of SEPM

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Introduction to the Neogene

Noël Vandenberghe

Introduction to the Upper Cretaceous

Jan Hardenbol

Ammonite Biostratigraphic Correlation and Early Jurassic Sequence Stratigraphy in France: Comparisons with Some U.K. Sections

Pierre-Charles de Graciansky

Anatomy of Hinterland Depositional Sequences: Upper Cretaceous Fluvial Strata, Neuquen Basin, West-Central Argentina

Leonardo Legarreta

Annual Sedimentation Cycles in Rhythmites of Carboniferous Tidal Channels

Stephen F. Greb

Berriasian-Barramian Sequences in the Rio Argos Succession Near Caravaca (Southeast Spain) and Their Correlation with Some Sections in Southeast France

Philip J. Hoedemaeker

British Lower Jurassic Sequence Stratigraphy

Stephen P. Hesselbo

Carbonate Lakes in Closed Basins: Sensitive Indicators of Climate and Tectonics: An Example From The Gettysburg Basin (Triassic), Pennsylvania, USA

Carol B. De Wet

Cenomanian-Santonian Calcareous Nannofossil Biostratigraphy of a Transect of Cores Drilled Across the Western Interior Seaway

Timothy J. Bralower

Cenozoic Palinspastic Reconstruction, Paleogeographic Evolution and Hydrocarbon Setting of the Northern Margin of South America

James L. Pindell

Cenzoic Sequence Stratigraphy in the Easter North Sea

Olaf Michelsen

Chronology, Relative Sea-Level History and a New Sequence Stratigraphic Model For Basinal Cretaceous Facies Of Colombia

Tomas Villamil

Clastic Tidalites—A Partial Retrospective View

George D. Klein

Climbing-Ripple Bedding in the Fluvio-Estuarine Transition: A Common Feature Associated With Tidal Dynamics (Modern and Ancient Analogues)

William P. Lanier

Coarse-Grained Gilbert Deltas: Facies, Sequence Stratigraphy and Relationships to Pleistocene Climate at the Eastern Margin of Lake Bonneville, Northern Utah

Mark R. Milligan

Coarse Clastic Tidal and Fluvial Sedimentation During A Large Late Archean Sea-Level Rise: The Turffontein Subgroup In The Vredefort Structure, South Africa

B. G. Els

Continental Sequence Stratigraphy of a Wet Eolian System: A Key to Relative Sea-Level Change

Mary Carr-Crabaugh

Controls on Sediment Supply by Large Rivers

Niels Hovius

Cretaceous Through Eocene Sedimentation and Paleogeography of a Passive Margin in Northeastern Venezuela

Johan P. Erikson

Cretaceous to Miocene Sequence Stratigraphy and Evolution of the Maiella Carbonate Platform Margin, Italy

Adam Vecsei

Cretaceous Western Interior Seaway Drilling Project: An Overview

Walter E. Dean

Cyclic Variables Controlling Fluvial Sequence Development: Problems and Perspectives

Frank G. Ethridge

Depositional Processes and Carbon Burial on a Turonian Prodelta at the Margin of the Western Interior Seaway

Elana L. Leithold

Documentation of Jurassic Sedimentary Cycles from the Moray Firth Basin, United Kingdom North Sea

Kevin J. Stephen

A Dynamic Systems Approach to the Regional Controls on Deposition and Architecture of Alluvial Sequences, Illustrated in the Statfjord Formation (United Kingdom, Northern North Sea)

Mark Dalrymple

Eocene Tectono-Sedimentary Patterns in the Alicante Region (Southeastern Spain)

Tiny Geet

Estuarine/Offshore Depositional Sequences of the Cretaceous Aptian-Albian Boundary England

Alastair Ruffell

Evidence for Subtle Uplift From Lithofacies Distribution and Sequence Architecture: Examples From Lower Cretaceous Strata of Northeastern New Mexico

John M. Holbrook

Evidence for Temperature-Adjusted Sediment Distributions in the Back-Barrier Tidal Flats of the East Frisian Wadden Sea (Southern North Sea)

F. Krögel

Evidence of Ancient Freshwater Tidal Deposits

Erik P. Kvale

Evolution of a Braided River System: The Salt Wash Member of the Morrison Formation (Jurassic) in Southern Utah

John W. Robinson

Facies Characteristics of Back-Barrier Tidal Flats of the East Frisian Island of Spiekeroog, Southern North Sea

Gnther Hertweck

Fission-Track Dating in Trinidad: Implications for Provenance, Depositional Timing and Tectonic Uplift

Sam Algar

Foraminiferal Paleoecology and Paleoceanography of the Greenhorn Cycle Along the Southwestern Margin of the Western Interior Sea

Oona L.O. West

Geochemical Expressions of Cyclicity in Cretaceous Pelagic Limestone Sequences: Niobrara Formation, Western Interior Seaway

Walter E. Dean

The Geological Evidence for Triassic to Pleistocene Glaciations: Implications for Eustasy

Paulj Markwick

Glacioeustatic Fluctuations: The Mechanism Linking Stable Isotope Events and Sequence Stratigraphy from the Early Oligocene to Middle Miocene

Vitor S. Abreu

Hierarchy of Controls on Cyclic Rhythmite Deposition: Carboniferous Basins of Eastern and Mid-Continental U.S.A.

A. W. Archer

Ichnocoenoses in the Niobrara Formation: Implications for Benthic Oxygenation Histories

Charles E. Savrda

Ichnology of the Bridge Creek Limestone: Evidence for Temporal and Spatial Variations in Paleo-Oxygenation in the Western Interior Seaway

Charles E. Savrda

Integrated Stratigraphy of Latest Cenomanian and Early Turonian Facies of Colombia

Tomas Villamil

Introducion to the Paleogene

Jack E. Neal

The Ligurian Cycle: An Overview of Lower Jurassic 2nd-Order Transgressive/Regressive Facies Cycles in Western Europe

Pierre-Charles de Graciansky

Lower and Middle Liassic Depositional Sequences of Yorkshire (U.K.)

Frans S. P. van Buchem

Major Transgressive/Regressive Cycles: The Stratigraphic Signature of European Basin Development

Thierry Jacquin

Mesozoic and Cenozoic Sequence Chronostratigraphic Framework of European Basins

Jan Hardenbol

Mesozoic Paleogeographic Evolution of Northern South America: Foundations for Sequence Stratigraphic Studies in Passive Margin Strata Deposited During Non-Glacial Times

Tomas Villamil

Models for the Holocene Valley-Fill History of Albemarle Sound, North Carolina, USA

Eric D. Sager

Multiorder Sequence Stratigraphy in the Triassic System of the Western Southern Alps

Maurizio Gaetani

Multiple Milankovitch Cycles in the Bridge Creek Limestone (Cenomanian-Turonian), Western Interior Basin

B.B. Sageman

Nested Stratigraphic Cycles and Depositional Systems of the Paleogene Central North Sea

Jack E. Neal

The North Atlantic Cycle: An Overview of 2nd-Order Trangressive/Regressive Facies Cycles in the Lower Cretaceous of Western Europe

Thierry Jacquin

The North Sea Cycle: An Overview of 2nd-Order Transgressive/Regressive Facies Cycles in Western Europe

Thierry Jacquin

Oligocene - Middle Miocene Depositional Sequences of the Central Paratethys and Their Correlation with Regional Stages

Gábor Vakarcs

Organic Geochemistry of the Cretaceous Western Interior Seaway: A Trans-Basinal Evaluation

Richard D. Pancost

Outcrop Cycle Stratigraphy of Shallow Ramp Deposits: The Late Cretaceous Series on the Castillian Ramp (Northern Spain)

Marc Floquet

Oxygen Isotope Synthesis: A Cretaceous Ice-House?

Vitor S. Abreu

Paleoceanography of the Southwestern Western Interior Sea During the Time of the Cenomanian-Turonian Boundary (Late Cretaceous)

R. Mark Leckie

Paleocene Strata of the Basque Country, Western Pyrenees, Northern Spain: Facies and Sequence Develepment in a Deep-Water Starved Basin

Victoriano Pujalte

Plio-Pleistocene Sequence Stratigraphy and Tectonics of the Gibralter Arc

Joan F. Flinch

Quaternary Alluvial Plain Construction in Response to Glacio-Eustatic and Climatic Controls, Texas Gulf Coastal Plain

Michael D. Blum

Rhythmic Sedimentation in a Mid-Pennsylvanian Delta-Front Succession, Magoffin Member (Four Corners Formation, Breathitt Group), Eastern Kentucky: A Near-Complete Record of Daily, Semi-Monthly, and Monthly Tidal Periodicities

Rhonda M. Adkins

Sea-Level Changes: Mechanisms, Magnitudes and Rates

John F. Dewey

Sea-Level Changes and Early Rifting of a European Tethyan Margin in the Western Alps and Southeastern France

Thierry Dumont

Sediment Distribution Patterns in the Back-Barrier Areas of the Wadden Sea, Spiekeroog Island, Germany

N. Nyandwi

Sedimentological Evolution of a Fault-Controlled Early Paleocene Incised-Valley System, Nuussuaq Basin, West Greenland

Gregers Dam

Sequences and Systems Tracts Calibrated by High Resolution Bio-Chronostratigraphy: The Central Mediterranean Plio-Pleistocene Record

Raimondo Catalano

Sequences and System Tracts of Mixed Carbonate-Silicilastic Platform-Basin Setting: The Cenomanian-Turonian Stages of Province (Southern France)

Jean Philip

A Sequence Stratigraphic Framework of the Marine and Continental Triassic Series in the Paris Basin, France

Valerie Goggin

Sequence Stratigraphy, Subsidence Rates, and Alluvial Facies, Mannville Group, Alberta Foreland Basin

Douglas J. Cant

Sequence Stratigraphy Along a Triassic Transect on the Western Peritethyan Margin in Ardeche (SE France Basin): Correlations With Subalpine and Germanic Realms

Louis Courel

Sequence Stratigraphy and Relative Sea-Level History of the Cretaceous to Eocene Passive Margin of Northeastern Venezuela and the Possible Tectonic And Eustatic Causes Of Stratigraphic Development

Johan P. Erikson

Sequence Stratigraphy and the Limitations of Biostratigraphy in the Marine Paleogene Strata of the Tremp Basin (Central Part of the Southern Pyrenean Foreland Basins, Spain)

Hanspeter Luterbacher

Sequence Stratigraphy Applied to Coal Seams: Two Case Histories

Claus F. K. Dlessel

Sequence Stratigraphy in the Upper Cretaceous Series of the Anglo-Paris Basin: Exemplified by the Cenomanian Stage

Francis Robaszynski

Sequence Stratigraphy of the "Langhe" Oligo-Miocene Succession, Tertiary Piedmont Basin, Northern Italy

Mario Gnaccolini

Sequence Stratigraphy of the Oxfordian and Kimmeridgian Stages (Late Jurassic) in Northern Switzerland

Reinhart A. Gygi

Sequence Stratigraphy on a Carbonate Ramp: The Late Cretaceous Basco-Cantabrian Basin (Northern Spain)

Kai-Uwe Grãfe

Stable Isotopic Studies of Cenomanian-Turonian Proximal Marine Fauna from the U.S. Western Interior Seaway

Mark Pagani

Stacking Patterns and Tectonics: Field Evidence from Pliocene Growth Folds of Sicily (Central Mediterranean)

Francesco P. Vitale

Stratigraphic Cycles and Major Marine Source Rocks

Bernard C. Duval

Tectonic Controls on Alluvial Systems in a Distal Foreland Basin: The Lakota and Cloverly Formations (Early Cretaceous) in Wyoming, Montana and South Dakota

J. Nathan Way

Tectonostratigraphic Development of the Trinidad Region

Sam Algar

Tertiary Sequence Stratigraphy at the Souther Border of the North Sea Basin in Belgium

Noël Vandenberghe

Third-Order Sequences in a Upper Jurassic Rift-Related Second Order Sequence, Central Lusitanian Basin, Portugal

Reinhold R. Leinfelder

Tidal Cycles: Annual Versus Semi-Lunar Records

Bernadette Tessier

Tidal Dynamics and Seasonal Dependent Import And Export of Fine-Grained Sediment Through a Back-Barrier Tidal Channel of the Danish Wadden Sea

J. Bartholdy

Tidal Sedimentology: Historical Background and Current Contribution

Richard A. Davis Jr.

Timing of Mid-Cretaceous Relative Sea Level Changes in the Western Interior: Amoco No. 1 Bounds Core

Robert W. Scott

Transgressive/Regressive (Second Order) Facies Cycles: The Effects of Tectono-Eustasy

Thierry Jacquin

Transgressive Stratigraphy and Depositional Framework of Cambrian Tidal Dune Deposits, Peerless Formation, Central Colorado, U.S.A.

Paul M. Myrow

Triassic Sequence Statigraphic Framework of Western European Basins

Piero Gianolla

Triassic Sequence Stratigraphy in the Intra-Cratonic German Basin (Sumary of Published Paper)

Thomas Aigner

Triassic Sequence Stratigraphy in the Southern Alps (Northern Italy): Definition of Sequences and Basin Evolution

Piero Gianolla

Triassic Sequence Stratigraphy in the Western Part of the Northern Calcareous Alps (Austria)

Thomas Rüffer

Triassic Sequence Stratigraphy of the Southwestern Barents Sea

Lars J. Skjold

Unconformities Within a Progradational Estuarine System: The Upper Santonian Virgelle Member, Milk River Formation, Wrlting-on-Stone Provincial Park, Alberta, Canada

Rum Meyer

Upper Cretaceous Nannofossil Assemblages Across the Western Interior Seaway: Implications for the Origins of Lithologic Cycles in the Greenhorn and Niobrara Formations

Celeste E. Burns

Variability of Fine-Grained Suspended Sediment Concentrations in a Back-Barrier Tidal Channel During Calm Weather Conditions

Dennis Anthony