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Special Publications of SEPM

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Paul M. (Mitch) Harris

Application of a Stochastic Deposition and Erosion Model to Reservoir Heterogeneity and Stratigraphic Data

Jon D. Pelletier

Application of High-Resolution Sequence Stratigraphy to Tidally Influenced Upper Mississippian Carbonates, Illinois Basin

Langhorne B. Smith Jr.

Applying Sedimentary Process Simulation to Assess the Spatial Distribution of Hydraulic Conductivities

Kevin J. Tuttle

Attributes of Key Surfaces

Henry W. Posamentier

Campanian Shannon Sandstone: An Example of a Falling Stage System Tract Deposit

Katherine M. Bergman

Coarse-Grained, Shoreline-Attached, Marginal Marine Parasequences of the Viking Formation, Joffre Field, Alberta, Canada

James B. Maceachern

Compaction and the Dynamics of Carbonate-Platform Development: Insights from the Permian Delaware and Midland Basins, Southeast New Mexico and West Texas, U.S.A

David Hunt

Concepts and Applications of a 3-D Multiple Lithology, Diffusive Model in Stratigraphic Modeling

D. Granjeon

Concluding Statement

Henry W. Posamentier

Construction and Application of a Stratigraphic Inverse Model

Timothy A. Cross

Controls on Stratigraphic Architecture of Icehouse Mixed Carbonate-Siliciclastic Systems: A Case Study From the Holder Formation (Pennsylvanian, Virgillan), Sacramento Mountains, New Mexico

Eugene C. Rankey

Cretaceous Sussex Sandstone in House Creek Field (Wyoming, USA): Transgressive Incised Shoreface Deposits

Katherine M. Bergman

Diagenesis of the Capitan Formation Forereef Facies (Permian, West Texas and New Mexico)

Leslie A. Melim

Differential Compaction and its Effects on the Outer Shelf of the Permian Capitan Reef Complex, Guadalupe Mountains, New Mexico

Andrew J. Longley

Distribution, Petrography and Geochemical Characterization of Radiaxial Calcite and Associated Diagenetic Events in the Capitan Formation, West Texas and New Mexico

M. A. Rahnis

Do Meter Scale Cycles Exist? A Statistical Evaluation from Vertical (1-D) and Lateral (2-D) Patterns in Shallow-Marine Carbonates-Siliciclastics of the "Fall In" Strata of the Capitan Reef, Seven Rivers Formation, Slaughter Canyon, New Mexico

Daniel J. Lehrmann

The Dynamic Capitan Reef: An Image of an Ancient Reef and Suggestions for Future Research

B. L. Kirkland

Effects of Long-Term Accommodation Change on Short-Term Cycles, Upper Paleozoic Platform Limestones, West Texas

Arthur H. Saller

End-Member Modeling of Siliciclastic Grain-Size Distributions: The Late Quaternary Record of Eolian and Fluvial Sediment Supply to the Arabian Sea and Its Paleoclimatic Significance

Maarten A. Prins

Eustatic and Tectonic Controls on Cyclic Deposition in Lower Permian Ramp Facies (Chase Group and Basal Wellington Formation) in the U.S. Midcontinent

S. J. Mazzullo

An Expanded Model for Modern Shelf Sand Ridge Genesis and Evolution on the New Jersey Atlantic Shelf

John W. Snedden

Extrinsic Stratigraphic Controls on Development of the Capitan Reef Complex

Charles Kerans

Facies and Log Expression of Systems Tracts

Henry W. Posamentier

Formal Designation: Reef Trail Member, Bell Canyon Formation, and Its Significance for Recognition of the Guadalupian-Lopingian Boundary

Garner L. Wilde

Fundamental Concepts of Sequence Stratigraphy

Henry W. Posamentier

Genetic Characteristics of Glauconite and Siderite: Implications for the Origin of Ambiguos Isolated Marine Sandbodies

Sharon A. Stonecipher

Geological Observations and Parameterizations

Marten A. Perlmutter

Geologic Framework of the Capitan Depositional System Previous Studies, Controversies, and Contents of this Special Publication

Arthur H. Saller

High-Resolution Sequence Stratigraphic Modeling 1: The Interplay of Sedimentation, Erosion, and Subsidence

Michael S. Steckler

High-Resolution Sequence Stratigraphic Modeling 2: Effects Of Sedimentation Processes

John S. Carey

Holocene Stratigraphic Architecture of a Sand-Rich Shelf and the Origin of Linear Shoals: Northeastern Gulf of Mexico

Randolph A. Mcbride

How Can Stratigraphic Modeling Help Constrain Geostatlstical Reservoir Simulations?

Brigitte Doligez

Influence of Sea-Level Changes on Development, Community Structure, and Quantitative Composition of the Upper Capitan Massive (Permian), Guadalupe Mountains, Texas and New Mexico

Oliver Weidlich

The Influence of Transport Fluctuations on Spatially Averaged Topography on a Sandy, Braided Fluvial Fan

Chris Paola

Interpreting the Stratigraphy of the Baltimore Canyon Section, Offshore New Jersey With Phil, a Stratigraphic Simulator

Scott A. Bowman

Inverse Modeling

Margaret Lessenger

Inverse Stratigraphic Modeling Using Genetic Algorithms

S. Bornholdt

Isolated Shallow Marine Sand Bodies: Deposits for all Interpretations

John W. Snedden

Landscape Ecology and Quantitative Stratigraphy: Parallel Perspectives on Spatial Heterogeneity

Roy E. Plotnick

Late Quaternary Shift of Mixed Siliciclastic-Carbonate Environments Induced by Glacial Eustatic Sea-Level Fluctuations in Belize

C. Elmer Ferro

The Late Quaternary Transgressive Record in the Adriatic Epicontinental Sea: Basin Widening and Facies Partitioning

A. Cattaneo

Linear Transgressive Shoreface Sandbodies Controlled by Fluctuations of Relative Sea Level: Lower Cretaceous Viking Formation in the Joffre-Mikwan-Fenn Area, Alberta, Canada

Jamie Burton

Lower and Middle Miocene Carbonate Facies in the Central Mediterranean: The Impact of Paleoceanography on Sequence Stratigraphy

Maria Mutti

Marine and Marginal Marine Mudstone Deposition: Paleoenvironmental Interpretations Based on the Integration of Ichnology, Palynology and Forarniniferal Paleoecology

James A. Maceachern

Misconceptions, Confusion, and Pitfalls in the Application of Sequence Stratigraphy

Henry W. Posamentier

Modern Shelf Sand Ridges: From Historical Perspective to a Unified Hydrodynamic and Evolutionary Model

John W. Snedden

Numerical Modeling of Fault-Related Sedimentation

Taco Den Bezemer

The Ocean-Sediment System and Stratigraphic Modeling in Large Basins

Bernd J. Haupt

Origin of Caves in the Capitan

Carol A. Hill

The Origin of the Tocito Sandstone and its Sequence Stratigraphic Lessons

Dag Nummedal


Henry W. Posamentier

Paleoecology of the Capitan Reef

Rachel Wood

Paleoenvironments, Cyclicity, and Diagenesis in the Outer Shelf Tansill Formation in the Carlsbad Embayment (Dark Canyon), Northern Guadalupe Mountains, New Mexico

S. J. Mazzullo

Perspectives on Stratigraphic Simulation Models: Current Approaches and Future Opportunities

W.Lynn Watney

Practical Methodology

Henry W. Posamentier

Probability and Sensitivity Analysis of Two-Dimensional Basin Modeling Results

E. Bagirov

The Role of Positive Feedback in the Development of Internal Oscillations for a Simple, Tightly Coupled, Nearshore Depositional Model

Brian S. Penn

The Second-Order Cycle, Carbonate-Platform Growth, and Reservoir, Source, and Trap Prediction

J. F. Sarg

Secular Variation in Parasequence and Facies Stacking Patterns of Platform Carbonates: A Guide to Application of Stacking-Patterns Analysis in Strata of Diverse Ages and Settings

Daniel J. Lehrmann

Sedimentary Fades and Genesis of Holocene Sand Banks on the East Texas Inner Continental Shelf

Antonio B. Rodriguez

Sedimentary Input and Diagenesis on a Carbonate Slope (Bahamas): Response to Morphologic Evolution of the Carbonate Platform and Sea-Level Fluctuations

Hildegard Westphal

Sedimentologic and Chemostratigraphic Recognition of Third-Order Sequences in Resedimented Carbonate: The Middle Jurassic Vajont Limestone, Venetian Alps, Italy

William G. Zempolich

Sedimentologic and Sequence Stratigraphic Interpretation of a Mixed Carbon-Ate-Siliciclastic Ramp, Midcontinent Epeiric Sea, Middle to Upper Ordovician Decorah and Galena Formations, Wisconsin

Yong Seok Choi

Sedimentology and Accommodation Cycles of Paris Basin Campanian Chalk: The Key to High-Resolution Stratigraphy and Seismic Signature

Monique Mettraux

Sediment Transport in the Western Interior Seaway of North America: Predictions from a Climate-Ocean-Sediment Model

Rudy Slingerland

The Shannon Sandstone: A Review of the Sand-Ridge and Other Models

Roderick W. Tillman

The Shannon Sandstone and Isolated Linear Sand Bodies: Interpretations and Realizations

John R. Suter

Shannon Sandstone of the Powder River Basin: Orthodoxy and Revisionism in Stratigraphic Thought

Donald J.P.Swift

Simulating Coastal Systems Tracts Using the Shoreface Translation Model

Peter J. Cowell

Simulation of the Genesis of Current Ripples by Means of a Cellular Automaton

J. J. P. Zijlstra

Stochastic Modeling of the Terra Cotta Member of the Dakota Sandstone in Central Kansas Using Architectural-Element Analysis

Timothy Ray

Stratigraphic Architecture of a Lower Cretaceous-Lower Tertiary Carbonate Base-of-Slope Succession: Gran Sasso D'italia (Central Apennines, Italy)

Jan-Henk van Konijnenburg

Stratigraphic Modeling Using Common-Sense Rules

Ulf Nordlund

Stratigraphic Predictions of Continental Margins for the U.S. Navy

James P. Syvitski

Structure and Function of a Coupled Two-Dimensional Diagenetic and Sedimentological Model of Carbonate Platform Evolution

Fiona Whitaker

Subsurface Expression of the Capitan Depositional System and Implications for Hydrocarbon Reservoirs, Northeastern Delaware Basin

Paul M. (Mitch) Harris

Tectonic Control on Backstepping Sequences Revealed by Mapping of Frasnian Backstepped Platforms, Devonian Reef Complexes, Napier Range, Canning Basin, Western Australia

W. Bruce Ward

Three-Dimensional Architecture of Upper Permian High-Frequency Sequences, Yates-Capitan Shelf Margin, Permian Basin, U.S.A

David A. Osleger

Two-Dimensional Modeling of Groundwater Flow in an Evolving Deltaic Environment

David S. Gordon

Type 3 Sequence Boundaries

Wolfgang Schlager