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The AAPG/Datapages Combined Publications Database

The Society for Organic Petrology (TSOP)

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ABSTRACT: A Blend Analysis Program for Use with Zonax Automated Reflectance Microscopy

R.V. Lange, C.R. Wilson

ABSTRACT: A Quantitative Fluorescence Technique for Evaluating Thermal Maturity: Instrumentation and Examples

H.B. Lo

ABSTRACT: Characteristics and Origin of Fracture-Hosted Impsonite, Quebec City Area, Canada

Jeffrey Ross Levine

ABSTRACT: Chemical Comparison of Vitrinite Concentrates from Carboniferous and Tertiary Basins

J.T. Senftle, S.R. Larter, B.W. Bromley, J.H. Brown

ABSTRACT: Climate and Depositional Environment of Glyptostrobus Forest Swamps that Formed Thick Low-Ash Coals in The Paleocene Powder River Basin

L.S. Satchell

ABSTRACT: Culmination of Tasmanites Accumulation in the Chattanooga and Related Black Shales- A Consequence of Environmental Change

Ann Brooke Reaugh

ABSTRACT: Distribution of Hydrocarbon Source Potential, Jurassic Smackover Formation

R. Sassen, C.H. Moore, F.C. Meendsen

ABSTRACT: Five Kinds of Amorphous Kerogens and Their Relationship to the Hydrocarbon Generating Potentials of Source Rocks

Carolyn L. Thompson-Rizer

ABSTRACT: Geologic Controls on the Maceral Composition of the Lower Kittanning Seam

Susan M. Rimmer, Alan Davis

ABSTRACT: Maceral Composition and Environment of Deposition of Permian Coals from the Parana Basin, Brazil

William A. Kneller, Chia-Hsin Nu

ABSTRACT: Mud Lake Revisited

Jack D. Burgess

ABSTRACT: Optical Anisotropism and Its Relationship with Some Physical and Chemical Properties of Coal

F.T.C. Ting

ABSTRACT: Organic Petrography and Geochemistry of Lower Tertiary Coals of Texas and Their Relation to Depositional Environment

P.K. Mukhopadhyay, W.R. Kaiser, J.R. Gormly, S.J. Tewalt

ABSTRACT: Organic Petrology Applied to Ore Deposits

Andrew P. Gize

ABSTRACT: Preliminary Study of the Reflectance of "Huminitic" Macerals in Recent Surface Peats

A.D. Cohen, R. Raymond Jr., L.M. Archuleta, D.A. Mann

ABSTRACT: Relationship Between Sediment Thermal Maturity and Reservoired Oils within Ohio

G. A. Cole, H. I. Helpern, R. A. Sedivy, R. J. Drozd

ABSTRACT: Results of Laser-induced Fluorescence of Organic Materials

Charles R. Landis, John C. Crelling, Gregory W. Sullivan, Matthias W. Pleil, Walter L. Borst

ABSTRACT: Size and Maceral Association of Pyrite in Illinois Coals and their Float-Sink Fractions

Richard D. Harvey, Phillip J. DeMaris

ABSTRACT: Stable Isotope Changes with Coalification Jumps

H. Moses Chung and D. Zaback

ABSTRACT: The Chemistry of Vitrinite Fluorescence

Rui Lin, Alan Davis, D.F. Bensley, F.J. Derbyshire

ABSTRACT: The Effect of Organic Matter Type and Organic Carbon Content on Rock-Eval Hydrogen Index in Oil Shales


ABSTRACT: Three-Dimensional Fluorescence Spectroscopy of the Sporinite and Resinite Macerals from Coals of Different Rank

Mark J. Brunsman and William A. Kneller

ABSTRACT: Three-Dimensional Fluorescence Spectroscopy of the Sporinite and Resinite Macerals from Coals of Different Rank

Mark J. Brunsman and William A. Kneller

ABSTRACT: Variability in the Inorganic Element content of U.S. Coals Including Results of Cluster Analysis

David C. Glick, Alan Davis

ABSTRACT: Variations in Vitrinite Reflectance with Organic Facies-Examples from Pennsylvanian Cyclothems of the Midcontinent, U.S.A.

Lloyd M. Wenger, Donald R. Baker

ABSTRACT: Vitrinite Reflectance Values Derived from Staplin's (1969) Visual Kerogen Standards

Karl W. Schwab