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The AAPG/Datapages Combined Publications Database

The Society for Organic Petrology (TSOP)

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ABSTRACT: A Petrologic Evaluation of a Western Pennsylvania Coal and Its Preparation Plant Products: An Aid in Determining Plant Efficiency

T.S. White and A. Davis

ABSTRACT: Applications of Fluorometric Analysis on Vitrinite and Inertinite

Jeffrey Quick and Alan Davis

ABSTRACT: Aspects of Sporinite Chemistry

John C. Crelling, Michael A. Kruge, Edwin J. Hippo, Stephen R. Palmer

ABSTRACT: Coal Rank Trends in the Eastern Kentucky Coalfield and Adjacent Areas

James C. Hower and susan M. Rimmer

ABSTRACT: Contributions of Microscopy in the Evaluation of Catalytic and Non-Catalytic Coal Hydrogenation Processes

Alan Davis, Rui Lin, F.J. Derbyshire

ABSTRACT: Geochemical Studies of Gases in Fractured Crystalline Rocks, Siljan Ring Well, Sweden

John R. Castano, Manfred Schmitt, Goran Granath, Bill Wallin

ABSTRACT: Heat Flow Pattern and Thermal History of the Harlem Coal

William E. Andrews and Lindgren L. Chyi

ABSTRACT: Influence of Maceral Behavior on Coking Phenomenon

D.D. Kaegi, H.S. Valia, C.H. Harrison

ABSTRACT: Information Retrieval from the Bibliography of Coal Technology and General Organic Petrography (CBIB) Using Automatic Key-Word Indexing on a Personal Computer

Neely H. Bostick

ABSTRACT: Is Coke CSR Related to pH at Depostlon, and Can It Be Predicted by the RockEval Hydrogen Index?

Dave Pearson

ABSTRACT: Microscopic and Geochemical Results from the Artificial Simulation of Hydrocarbon Generation in Coal Using Hydrous Pyrolysis Techniques

S.C. Teerman and R.J. Hwang

ABSTRACT: On-Line Information on Coal Available at the Illinois Geological Survey

Richard D. Harvey and C. Brian Trask

ABSTRACT: Palynologic and Petrographic Variation in the Pond Greek Coal Bed, Pike County, Kentucky

Charles T. Helfrich and James C. Hower

ABSTRACT: Petrographic Changes in Illinois No. 6 Coal Resulting from Oxidation, Alkylation, and Solvent Extraction

R.N. Pheifer and D.H. Buchanan

ABSTRACT: Preliminary Trends in Reflectance and Maceral Analysis of Menefee and Crevasse Canyon Coals in the San Juan Basin of New Mexico

Arthur D. Cohen and Fredrick J. Rich

ABSTRACT: The Analysis of Coke Microstructure Using an Image Analyzer

Michael G.K. Grant and A.C.D. Chaklader

ABSTRACT: Vitrinite-Reflectance, Illite-Crystallinity and Tectonics: A Case Study from the Northern Apennines

M. Reinhardt

ABSTRACT: Vitrinite Anisotropy and Hydrocarbon Generation

Francis T.C. Ting

ABSTRACT: Whole Rock and Isolated Kerogen Characterization Studies: Observations of Sample Type Preparations Upon Petrographic and Chemical Characterization of New Albany Shale

J.T. Senftle, K.L. Yordy, L.S. Barron, J.C. Crelling

Organic Petrology of Epi-Impsonite at Page, Oklahoma, U.S.A.

Brian J. Cardott