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The Society for Organic Petrology (TSOP)

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ABSTRACT: Advances in Color Image Analysis of Organic Matter

P. David and W.J.J. Fermont

ABSTRACT: An Estimate of the Minimum Number of Measurements Needed to Constrain the Mean Random Vitrinite Reflectance of Disseminated Organic Matter

Charles E. Barker and Mark J. Pawlewicz

ABSTRACT: Appalachian Anthracites

James C. Hower, Jeffrey R. Levine, S.J. James W. Skehan, Eric J. Daniels, Sharon E. Lewis, Alan Davis, Ralph J. Grey, Stephen P. Altaner

ABSTRACT: Application of Etching and SEM in Botanical Analysis of Coal

T.A. Moore

ABSTRACT: Calibration of the Vitrinite Reflectance Geothermometer Using an Improved Resolution of the Peak Temperature from Reequilibrated Fluid Inclusions in Butial, Geothermal and Contact Metamorphic Environments

Charles E. Barker

ABSTRACT: Characterization of Maturity Parameters Through Hydrous Pyrolysis

Jorge Alberto Triguis and Carla Vivane Araujo

ABSTRACT: Chemical Fingerprinting of Individual Macerals In Situ Using Laser Micropyrolysis-GCMS

Scott A. Stout

ABSTRACT:Chemical Petrography of Macerals Utilizing the Electron Microprobe and Infrared Microspectroscopy

R.Marc Bustin and Maria Mastalerz

ABSTRACT: Coal Maceral Indices as Indicators of Depositional Environment: Do They Work for Ombrotrophic Mires? An Example from the Miocene of New Zealand

Peter J. Crosdale

ABSTRACT: Compositional Partitioning of Ultrafine Coals by Oil Agglomeration

Kenneth W. Kuehn, James C. Hower, Garry D. Wild, B.K. Parekh

ABSTRACT: Composition and Depositional Environments of Westphalian Coal Seams in the Intrasudetic Basin, Southwestern Poland

Grzegorz J. Nowak

ABSTRACT: Corrections for the Suppression of Vitrinite Reflectance in Hydrogen-Rich Kerogens: Preliminary Guidelines

H.B. Lo

ABSTRACT: Correlation Between Tmax and Vitrinite Reflectance: Implications for Geological Reconstructions

H. Veld, W.J.J. Fermont, L.F. Jegers

ABSTRACT: Detection and Evaluation of Source Rocks and Oil Reservoirs by Fluorescence Microscopy

B.Alpern, M.J.Lemos de Sousa, H.Pinheiro, X.Zhu

ABSTRACT: Determination of Swell and Combustion Reactivity of Individual Macerals

C.G. Thomas, M.E. Gosnell, E. Gawronski, M. Shibaoka

ABSTRACT: Diagenetic Quartz in New Zealand Coals

R. Sykes and J.K. Lindqvist

ABSTRACT: Discrimination of Maceral Composition in Crushed Coals by Fourier Grain Shape Analysis and Digitized Grain Outline Analysis

Arthur D. Cohen, Robert Ehrlich, John B. Ferm, Christopher Prince

ABSTRACT: Distribution of Boghead Algae in Illinois Basin Coal Beds

Russel A. Peppers and Richard D. Harvey

ABSTRACT: Examination of Oil Shale Kerogens and Maceral Concentrates Using Hot-Stage FTIR

D.N. Taulbee and T.L. Robl

ABSTRACT:Fluorescence Intensity and Alteration of Coal Macerals and Their Relation to Coalification

Zhiwen Han, John C. Crelling, Yi Zhou

ABSTRACT: Fluorometric Analysis Relationships with Reflectance, Weathering, and Thermoplastic Behavior

Jeffrey C. Quick

ABSTRACT: Geological, Archeological and Historical Occurrence of Coal East-Central Ellesmere Island,N.W.T., Canada

R. Richardson, W. Kalkreuth, K. McCullough

ABSTRACT: High Resolution Study of an Organic Carbon Cycle in the Kimmeridge Rocks of Yorkshire (GB)

B. Pradier, P. Bertrand, E. Lallier-Verges, L. Ramanampisoa, and N. Tribovillard

ABSTRACT: Influence of an Igneous Intrusion on the Element Distribution of a Bituminous Coal from Pitkin County, Colorado

Robert B.Finkelman, Neely H.Bostick, Frank T. Dulong

ABSTRACT: Isorank Variation in Vitrinite Chemistry-1.Vitrinite Reflectance

J. Newman

ABSTRACT: Isorank Variation in Vitrinite Chemistry - 2. Sterane and Triterpane Maturity Indicators

J.Newman, J.Johnston, P.Lake

ABSTRACT: Matrix-Gel Vitrinite Types and Rock-Eval Analysis of Coal Samples, Cretaceous Age, from the San Juan and Piceance Basins, USA

Ronald W. Stanton, Dudley D. Rice, Jerry Clayton, Romeo M. Flores

ABSTRACT: Micrinite in Southern Hemisphere Sub-Bituminous and Bituminous Coals: Redefined as Fine Grained Kaolinite

Basim S.M. Faraj and Ian D.R. Mackinnon

ABSTRACT: Organic Geochemical and Petrographic Studies of Phlobaphinite Precursors

Etuan Zhang, Patrick G.Hatcher, Alan Davis

ABSTRACT: Organic Petrographic and Trace-Element Distributions in the Cleveland and Huron Members of the Ohio Shale in East-Central Kentucky

J.A. Thompson, Susan M. Rimmer, Thomas L. Robl

ABSTRACT: Organo-Mineral Microtextures of the Argillaceous Facies of the Mahakam Delta (Indonesia)

Sophie Belin

ABSTRACT: Peak Temperature Istimated from Fluid Inclusions and Vitrinite Reflectance Next to a Thin Dike Near San Remo, Victoria, Australia

C.E.Barker, Y.Bone, I.R.Daddy, S.J.Marshallsea, P.F.Green

ABSTRACT: Petrographic Evidences of Thermal Evolution in Cambrian Source Rock Biota

Sunii Bharati and Steve Larter

ABSTRACT: Petrographic Variation in the Rosebud-Mckay Coal, Powder River Basin, Montana

Lingbu Kong, Frank R. Karner, Steven A. Benson, Edward N. Steadman

ABSTRACT: Petrology of Dispersed Organic Matter in Rocks of Gold Ore Deposits(Central Kyzylkum)

I.B. Volkova

ABSTRACT: Preliminary Results from the Tsop Research Subcommittee on "Standardization of Vr and Fluorescence Methods"

Rui Lin

ABSTRACT: Reflected Light Microscopy and Transmission Micro-FTIR of Alginite in Relation to Petroleum Generation, Upper Ordovician Kukersites, Saskatchewan, Canada

L.D. Stasiuk, B.D. Kybett, S.L. Bend

ABSTRACT: Relationship Between the Distribution of Maceral Groups and the Fixation of Sulphur in East and Middle German Attrital Brown Coals

A.Jonas, P. Adolphi, W. Kalkreuth

ABSTRACT: Relationship of the Molecular Fraction of Coal to Measurements of Porosity and Density: Implications Regarding the Role of Coal as a Petroleum Source Rock and Reservoir

Jeffrey R. Levine

ABSTRACT: Release of Nitrogen and Sulfur Compounds During Combustion of Coal Lithotypes and Macerals

John C. Crelling, K.Mark Thomas, Harry Marsh

ABSTRACT: Sampling and Characteristics of Cretaceous Coals from the Kaiparowits Plateau, Southern Utah

Brenda S. Pierce, Ronald W. Stanton, Robert D. Hettinger

ABSTRACT: Some Comments on the Interpretation of Coalification Profiles

M. Reinhardt

ABSTRACT: Some New Rank Parameters for Laser-Induced Fluorescence on Coals

Jin Kuili and Qiu Nansheng

ABSTRACT: Source Rock Organic Matter Characterization-Inital and Supplemental TSOP Research Subcommittee Report

Stan C. Teerman, et al.

ABSTRACT: Studying the Chemical Structure of Individual Macerals Using IR Microscopy

Rui Lin, Patrick G. Ritz

ABSTRACT: Surface Area and Pore Size Distributions of Selected Illinois Basin Coals

Ilham Demir, Anthony A. Lizzio, Richard D. Harvey

ABSTRACT: The Geochemistry of the Anderson-Dietz Coal Bed of the Powder River Basin, Montana, in Relation to Detrital and Volcanic-Ash Components

Sharon S. Crowley, Leslie F. Ruppert, Harvey E. Belkin, Timothy A. Moore

ABSTRACT: The Macromolecular Geochemistry of Coal: The Structural Evolution of Bituminous Vitrinite

George D.Cody, Alan Davis, Patrick G.Hatcher

ABSTRACT: The Nature of Inertinite and its Effect on Hydrogenation,Carbonization and Combustion

Claus F.K. Diessel

ABSTRACT: The Need for Standardized Quantitative Fluorescence Methods in Petroleum Exploration

Carolyn L. Thompson-Rizer

ABSTRACT: The Use of Composite and Mosaic Imaging of Polished Surfaces to Enhance Petrographic Analysis of Coal by Image Analysis

K.C. Pratt

ABSTRACT: Types of Vitrinite in Coals

I.B. Volkova

ABSTRACT: Variation in Terrestrially-Derived Organic Matter Properties: Coals, Carbonaceous Shales and Shales

S. C. Teerman

ABSTRACT: Why Are Some Coals Banded?

J.C. Shearer and T.A. Moore