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The AAPG/Datapages Combined Publications Database

The Society for Organic Petrology (TSOP)

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ABSTRACT: Analysis of Atmospheric Particulate Matter: Petrological and Chemical Approach

M.Mastalerz, M.Glikson, R.W.Simpson

ABSTRACT: Application of Organic Petrology and Organic Geochemistry in Characterizing Recent Sediments from Lake Ontario

P. K. Mukhopadhyay (Muki), M.A. Cruge, C.F.M. Lewis

ABSTRACT: A Review of Activated Carbons from Coal and Coal Macerals Using Phosphoric Acid

Christopher A. Toles and Susan M. Rimmer

ABSTRACT: A Simple Hydrous Pyrolysis Technique to Detect Suppressed Vitrinite Reflectance

Charles E.Barker, Michael D.Lewan, Mark J.Pawlewicz

ABSTRACT: Characterization of Cr, Ni, and Co in in Fly Ash From a Coal-Burning Power Plant in Kentucky

S. Crowley, R. Reynolds, R. Finkelman, M. Brownfield, C. Palmer, C. Eble, H. Belkin

ABSTRACT: Coal and Carbonaceous Mudstone as Oil Source Rock in Junggar and Turpan-Hami Basin

Jin Kuili, Yao Suping, Wei Hui, Tang Yaogang, Fang Jiahu, Hao Daohu

ABSTRACT: Coke Microscopy and SEM-EDX of Pyrobitumens from Upper Devonian Gas Reservoirs of the Alberta Basin: A Study of Oil to Gas Transformations

L.D. Stasiuk

ABSTRACT: Comparison of Elemental Geochemistry and Coal Facies of Major Coal Seams from the Sydney and Pictou Coalfields, Nova Scotia, Eastern Canada

P.K. Mukhopadhyay (Muki), F. Goodarzi, A. Grandlemire

ABSTRACT: Fluorescence Imaging of Dispersed Organic Matter with Applications to Studying Hydrocarbon Source Systems

K.C. Pratt and L.D. Stasiuk

ABSTRACT: GC-IRMS as a Potential Tool for the Determination of the Source of Hydrocarbons in Contaminated Soils and Waters

L.Mansuy, R.P.Philp, J.Allen, M.Kombrink

ABSTRACT: Geochemistry and Petrology of Fossil Charcoal in Cretaceous-Tertiary Boundary Strata, Arroyo el Mimbral, Mexico

M.A. Kruge, J.C. Crelling, A. Montanari, B.A. Stankiewicz, D.F. Bensley

ABSTRACT: Hydrocarbon Generation, Migration, and Entrapment in the Zhu 1 Depression, Pearl River Mouth Basin, South China Sea

C.R. Robison and K.K. Bissada

ABSTRACT: Implications of Vitrinite Reflectance Measured Across the Cretaceous-Tertiary Boundary in an Isometamorphic Coal, Sugarite Coal, Raton Basin, New Mexico

C.E.Barker, B.S.Pierce, R.Farley Fleming

ABSTRACT: Importance of the Reacting Medium in Artificial Maturation of a Coal by Confined Pyrolysis

L. Mansuy and P. Landais

ABSTRACT: Influence on Fly Ash Petrography of Conversion to Low-NO Combustion at a 200-MW Tangentially-Fired Unit

James C. Hower, Thomas L. Robl, Robert F. Rathbone

ABSTRACT: Micro-FTIR Spectroscopy, Scanning Electorn Microscopy and Reflectance of Modern Charcoals and Fungal Decayed Woods: Implications for Studies of Inertinite in Coals

Y. Guo and R.M. Bustin

ABSTRACT: Micro-FTIR Spectroscopy of Liptinite Macerals in Coal

Y. Guo and R.M. Bustin

ABSTRACT: Oil-Oil and Oil-Source Rock Correlation and Timing of Oil and Gas Generation in the Scotian Basin, Eastern Canada

P.K. Mukhopadhyay (Muki), J.A. Wade, M.A. Kruge

ABSTRACT: Organic Geochemistry of the Kopouatai and Moanatuatua Mires (New Zealand)

T.Kuder, M.A.Kruge, J.C.Shearer

ABSTRACT: Organic Petrology and Thermal History of Dispersed Macerals in Kimberlite Intrusions from the Western Canada Sedimentary Basin

L.D. Stasiuk, W.W. Nassichuk, D.A. Leckie, B.A. Kjarsgaard

ABSTRACT: Paleotemperature and Hydrous Pyrolysis Studies of Petroleum Generation Next to Dikes, Western Onshore Gippsland Basin, Auslralia

Charles E. Barker, Michael D. Lewan, Yvonne Bone, Susan J. Marshallsea

ABSTRACT: Petrographic Characteristics of Selected Ontario Peats: Possible Modem Analogues for Coals

M.I. Hawke, I.P. Martini, L.D. Stasiuk

ABSTRACT: Petrographic Characterization of Anthropogenic and Natural Organic Matter in Polluted Fluvial Sediments

S.T. Abdel Bagi, M.A. Kruge, G.L. Salmon

ABSTRACT: Petrological Markers of Oil from Jurassic Coal of Turpan Basin in Northwest China

Tang Yuegang, Jin Kuili, Fang Jiahu, Yiao Suping

ABSTRACT: Petrology of the Lower Block Coal in Southwestern Indiana: Implications for the Depositional Environment

Penny L. Padgett, Susan M. Rimmer, Cortland F. Eble, John C. Ferm, James C. Hower, Maria Mastalerz, Mark Thompson

ABSTRACT: Results of Microscopic Evaluation of Coals Used to Produce Silicon Metal and Ferroalloys

Ray M. Patalsky, Ralph Gray, Ola Raaness, Sandra J. Todd

ABSTRACT: Sequential Thermal Alteration of an Oxidized Tertiary Lignite and Carboniferous Bituminous Coal

Charles R. Landis

ABSTRACT: Study on the Petrology and Coking Characteristics of the Aiweiergou Coal in Northwestern China

Tang Yuegang, Wang Yanbin, Ai Tianjie, Ma Qianli

ABSTRACT: Sulfur Isotope Composition of Pyritic and Organic Sulfur in Lithotypes of the Herrin Coal, Illinois Basin

C.L.Chou, K.C.Hackley, C.L.Liu

ABSTRACT: The Characteristics of Desmocollinite in Turpan Coal and Its Potential to Produce Oil in the Turpan Basin, China

Zhongkai Chen, Yingting Guo, Kuili Jin, John J. Renton

ABSTRACT: The Nature of Resinite from Illinois Coal

John C. Crelling

ABSTRACT: The Use of Petrographic Techniques in the Carbon and Graphite Industry

Neil Murdie

ABSTRACT: Types of Coal Facies in Jurassic Turpan-Hamin Coals of China and Their Petrological Characteristics

Tang Yuegang, Jin Kuili, Zhang Pengfei, Shao Longyi, Mei Meitang, Cao Daiyong, Fang Jiahu

ABSTRACT: Use of Fluorescence Microphotometry for the Characterization of Asphalts and Asphalt/Aggregate Mixtures

Gareth D. Mitchell and Alan Davis