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The Society for Organic Petrology (TSOP)

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ABSTRACT: 3D University/lndustry Relations -4D Seismic Technology

Scott J. Tilden

ABSTRACT: A 3-D Seismic and Aeromagnetic Case Study, Western New York

David L. Copley

ABSTRACT: A Biomarker-Derived Paleo-Redox Indicator

Don L. Rocher, Roger K. Trader, Roger A. Starling

ABSTRACT: A comparative Examination of Organic Geochemistry and Petrology of Upper Devonian to Early Mississippian Epicontinental Black Shales from Canada

Mark Obermajer, Lavern D. Stasiuk, Martin G. Fowler, Kirk G. Osadetz

ABSTRACT: Acritarch Fluorescence as a New Thermal Maturity lndicator

Mark Obermajer, Lavern D. Stasiuk, Martin G. Fowler, Kirk G. Osadetz

ABSTRACT: A Critical Look At the Geologic and Reservoir Controls on Producing Appalachian Basin Coalbed Methane

Vello Kuuskraa, Jonathan Kelafant, Jason A. Kuuskraa

ABSTRACT: Aerobic and Anaerobic Metal Attenuation Processes in a Constructed Wetland Treating Acid Mine Drainage

C.D. Barton, A.D. Karathanasis

ABSTRACT: Allostratigraphy of an Abbreviated Section: The Muscatatuck Group (Middle Devonian) in Southern Indiana

Karl W. Leonard

ABSTRACT: An Adduction Zone - A Precursor to a Subduction Zone

Frank H. Jacobeen, Jr.

ABSTRACT: A Novel Microbial Survey Method for the Detection of Near Surface Hydrocarbon Microseepage

James M. Fausnaugh

ABSTRACT: Area Balance in Extensional Structures: Comparison Between the Black Warrior and Gulf Coast Basins

Jack C. Pashin, Richard H. Groshong, Jr

ABSTRACT: Are the Shallow Oil Reservoirs of South-Central Kentucky Undergoing Natural, Microseismic Deformation

James Rutledge

ABSTRACT: Assessing the Nation's Coal Resources: The Role of a Federal Agency

Hal Gluskoter

ABSTRACT: Assessment of Ground-Water Quality Impacts Caused by Land Spreading of Saline Oil & Gas Exploration and Production Solid Wastes

Andrew C. Barton, E. Scow Bair, Dave Hodges, Scott R. Kell

ABSTRACT: Burial history and Coal Petrography of the Ferron Coals, Utah as Factors in Their Variable Coal Bed Gas Content

Charles E. Barker, Brenda S. Pierce

ABSTRACT: Buried Alive! The Demise of the Upper Ordovician Carbonate Platform in the Illinois Basin and Cincinnati Arch Areas

John C. Hohman and Brian D. Keith

ABSTRACT: Cambrian Hydrocarbon Potential in the Region of the Serpent Mound Disturbance of Southern Ohio

Mark T. Baranoski, Doyle R. Watts

ABSTRACT: Coalbed Methane: Adsorptive Gas Storage Capacity of Coal Seams in the Upper Carboniferous of the Ruhr Basin, Germany

R. Gaschnitz, B.M. Krooss, R. Littke

ABSTRACT: Coalbed Methane Development in the Virginia Portion of the Central Appalachian Basin

Jack E. Nolde and David B. Spears

ABSTRACT: Coalbed Methane in Kentucky

D.R. Chesnut JR., B.C. Nuttall, C.F. Eble, J.C. Hower, S.F. Greb, J.K. Hiett

ABSTRACT: Coalbed Methane Resources in the Northern Appalachian Coal Basin, Southwestern Pennsylvania and North-Central West Virginia

Antonette K. Markowski, William C. Grady, David L. Matchen

ABSTRACT: Coal Economics - A Factor to Consider for Reserve Evaluations

James T. Truman

ABSTRACT:Coal Resource Estimates in Kentucky – Historical Perspective

James C. Cobb and Gerald A. Weisenfluh

ABSTRACT: Coal Resources in Illinois Available for Efficient, Low-Cost Mining

Colin G. Treworgy, Christopher P. Korose, Cheri A. Chenoweth, Jamie L. McBeth

ABSTRACT:Coal Sample Preservation in Foil Multilaminate Bags

David C. Glick, Gareth D. Mitchell, Alan Davis

ABSTRACT: Combining Micropetrographic and Palynologic Methods to Improve Paleoecological Interpretations of Peat Deposits: Examples from a Carolina Bay in South Carolina and the Everglades of Florida

Arthur D. Cohen, Christian P. Gage, Willard S. Moore

ABSTRACT: Compositional Changes in Reef Sediments Related to Changes in Coral Reef Community Structure

W.F. Precht, R.B. Aronson

ABSTRACT: Composition and Maturity of Appalachian Coals from Nova Scotia: Their Relationship to Methane Generation and Adsorption, Development of Micropores and Permeability

P. K. Mukhopadhyay, D. J. Macdonald, J. H. Calder, J. D. Hughes, A. Simoun, P. G. Hatcher

ABSTRACT: Continuing Cambro-Ordovician Exploration in the Stephens Area, Elliott County, Kentucky

David R. Earle, Richard K. Ellis, Allen W. Holmes, Jr.

ABSTRACT: Cretaceous to Late Oligocene Development of Sedimentary and Organic Facies at ODP Leg 159: Paleoenvironmental Implications for the Eastern Equatorial Atlantic

Thomas Wagner, Thomas Pletsch, Wolfgang Kuhnt

ABSTRACT: Cyclone Reef 3D Seismic Study

James R. Morris

ABSTRACT: Depositional Dip-Oriented Cross-Section Through the Lower Silurian "Clinton" Sands and Medina Group in Northeastern Ohio and Western Pennsylvania

C.W. Keighin and R.D. Hetinger

ABSTRACT: Deposition of Organic Matter to the Modern and Pleistocene Equatorial Atlantic: Links with African Climate and Marine Productivity

Thomas Wagner

ABSTRACT: Deregulation's Impact on Resource Studies

Daniel L. Rimstidt

ABSTRACT: Detrital and Geochemical Control on Chlorite Grain- Coats in Sandstones

Nicholas B. Harris

ABSTRACT: Developing Viable Industry-Government Oil and Gas Research Partnerships

John P. Martin

ABSTRACT: Devonian Shale Gas Resource Assessment, Illinois Basin

Robert M. Cluff, Suzanne G. Cluff, Catherine M. Murphy

ABSTRACT: Digital Oil-and-Gas-Well Spot Maps for Ohio

James McDonald and Lawrence H. Wickstrom

ABSTRACT: Earth Science Education: Linking Kentucky to the World

Stephen F. Greb, Donald R. Chesnut, Jr.

ABSTRACT: Economic Application of Modeling Peat-Forming Depositional Environments

Norman C. Hester

ABSTRACT: Eh-pH Relationships in Wear Surface Hydrocarbon Geochemical Anomalies

James M. Fausnaugh

ABSTRACT: EPA'S Natural Gas STAR Program: Using a Voluntary Approach to Reduce Oil and Natural Gas Emissions

Rhone A. Resch

ABSTRACT: Evidence for the Presence of Hydrocarbon Charge in the Knox and Pre-Knox Rocks of the Rough Creek Graben

Douglas W. Reynolds, Jr.

ABSTRACT: Evidence On the Usability of Shale Oil as Jet Fuel

George W. Mushrush and Douglas G. Mose

ABSTRACT: Field Demonstration of the Ability of In-Situ Microorganisms in Oil-Bearing Formations to Modify Waterflooding Profiles

Lewis R. Brown, A. Alex Vadie, James O. Stephens

ABSTRACT: Fluvial Catskill Magnafacies of New York Dates an Acadian Event of Hydrothermal Circulation at Iapetus Mid-Ocean Spreading Ridges

Gerald M. Friedman

ABSTRACT: Gas Chromatography - Its Not Just For Source Rocks Anymore: An Environmental Case Study At The Lexington-Bluegrass Army Depot Site, Fayette County, Kentucky

Michael T. May

ABSTRACT: Geochemical Analogs of Hydrocarbon Reservoirs in the Appalachian and Illinois Basin

Glenn W. Zagger

ABSTRACT: Geochemical Study of Oil Derived from Coal

Fan Pu, Ying Guangguo, Cheng Keming

ABSTRACT: Geologic and Geochemical Controls on Radioactivity in Produced Water and Scale

Stephen R. Fisher

ABSTRACT: Hardgrove Grindability Study of Powder River Basin and Appalachian Coal Components in the Blend to a Midwestern Power Station

Penny L. Padgett, James C. Hower

ABSTRACT: High-Resolution Sequence Stratigraphy of Late Mississippian (Chesterian) Carbonate and Mixed Carbonate-clastic Reservoir Facies in the Illinois Basin: An Outcrop and Core Study

Langhorne B. Smith, J. Fred Read

ABSTRACT: High Pressure Adsorption/Desorption Isotherms: Application to Predicting Reservoir Capacity and Drainage

C. R. Clarkson and R.M. Bustin

ABSTRACT: High Resolution Surface/Subsurface Correlation of Late Mississippian Carbonate Sequences in The Appalachian Basin

Aus Al-Tawil and J. Fred Read

ABSTRACT: Hydrodynamics of the Shallow Salt-Water Interface in the Unglaciated Appalachian Plateau

David R. Wunsch

ABSTRACT: Identifying the Sources of Stray Methane Using Geochemical and Isotopic Fingerprinting

F. J. Baldassare, Christopher D. Lauchrey

ABSTRACT: Industry-Government Research Partnerships: An Example from the Mississippian of Eastern Kentucky

David C. Harris and Thomas N. Sparks

ABSTRACT: Influence Of Bicarbonate On Pyrite Oxidation

V. P. Evangelou and A. K. Seta

ABSTRACT: Kinetic Modelling of Oil Cracking

N. Tsuzuki, Y. Yokoyama, K. Takayama, K. Yokoi, M. Suzuki, N. Takeda

ABSTRACT: Low Resistivity in Aux Vases Sandstone Reservoirs in the Illinois Basin Linked to Clay Minerals Coating Sand Grains

Beverly Seyler

ABSTRACT: Modes of Occurrence of HAPS Elements in Samples from the Pittsburgh, Elkhorn/Hazard, and Illinois No

Sharon S. Crowley, Curtis A. Palmer, Allan Kolker, Robert B. Finkelman, Kathleen C. Kolb, Jason C. Willett

ABSTRACT: Multivariate Coal Rank Trends and Anomalies in the Eastern Kentucky Coalfield and Their Relation to Orogenic Fluids and Basement Features

Steven L. Collins

ABSTRACT: Natural Resources and Sequence Stratigraphy of Aux Vases Sandstone

Hannes E. Leetaru

ABSTRACT: Oil-Finding Strategy for the Warsaw Limestone (Meramecian) of Warren County, Kentucky

Kenneth W. Kuehn

ABSTRACT: Organic Facies and Thermal Maturity of Lower Cretaceous Sediments in Northern Sinai (Egypt)

Junghyun Kim, Thomas Wagner, Jochen Kuss, Martina Bachmann

ABSTRACT: Organic Facies in Cretaceous Hydrocarbon Source Rocks, lndus Basin, Southern Pakistan

C. R. Robinson

ABSTRACT: Organic Petrological Characteristics and Hydrocarbon Generation of Jurassic Source Rocks in the Northwest of China

Weng Feiyu, He Ping, Zhao Changyi, Zhang Shichang

ABSTRACT: Organic Petrology and Geochemistry in Pennsylvania Tidally-Influenced Sediments from SW Indiana

Maria Mastalerz and Erik P. Kvale

ABSTRACT: Origin of Chinese Lacustrine High-Wax Oils and Organic Petrology of its Source Rocks

Wang Feiyu, He Ping, Hao Shisheng

ABSTRACT: Palaeoenvironmental Study of the Palaeocene Souris Lignite, Ravenscrag Formation, Southerit Saskatchewan, Canada: Implications for Ancestral

M.C. Frank

ABSTRACT: Petrographic and Chemical Variation in Coal Feed to a Kentucky Power Plant

James C. Hower, Cortland F. Eble

ABSTRACT: Petrographic and Geochemical Changes in Biogenic Aragonite During Dissolution

Laura C. Quinn and Douglas W. Haywick

ABSTRACT: Petrography, Petrophysics, and Stratigraphy in the Basin Analysis Laboratory at Ball State University: Application to the Oil and Gas

Jeffry D. Grigsby

ABSTRACT: Petroleum Technology Advances Through Applied Research by Independent Oil Producers, Four Case Studies

W.I. Johnson, Betty Felber, Dexter Sutterfield, Herbert B. Carroll

ABSTRACT: Porosity Pathways for Devonian Reservoir Sandstones of Pennsylvania

Richard Smosna, Kathy R. Bruner

ABSTRACT: Potential Hydrocarbon Reservoirs and Source Rocks in Cambrian and Ordovician Strata and Their Thermal Maturity, Eastern Kentucky and Adjoining West Virginia

R. T. Ryder, J. E. Repetski, A. G. Harris

ABSTRACT:Precambrian/Cambrian Rifting in the Southern Illinois Basin: A Potential New Hydrocarbon Province

Glenn W.Bear, Albert J. Rudman, John A. Rupp, Carl Steffensen

ABSTRACT: Preparation of Coal Reserve/Resource Estimates a Consultant’s Perspective

Alan K. Stagg and Gregory C. Smith

ABSTRACT: Recognition of Seismogenic Influence During Paleozoic Epicontinental Sedimentation: Examples from the Middle Ordovician Lexington Limestone,

Frank R. Ettensohn, Mark A. Kulp, N. Rast

ABSTRACT: Recovery of Bypassed Oil in the Dundee Formation Using Horizontal Drains

J. R. Wood, W. D. Pennington, W. B. Harrison

ABSTRACT: Reflection Configuration and Paleotopography of Rose Run Sandstone Remnants in Ohio

Bryan L. Roth

ABSTRACT: Regional Mapping of Coal Beds in Kentucky

Robert E. Andrews, Ernest E. Thacker, Gerald A. Weisenfluh

ABSTRACT: Regional Unconformities Beneath Source Beds and Geologic Constraints on Deep Plays in the Appalachian Basin

R.C. Milici and R. T. Ryder

ABSTRACT: Relationship of Middle Ordovician Late Stage Diagenesis to Diagenesis of Lower Ordovician Upper Knox Carbonates in East Tennessee

D. Mark Steinhauff, Kenneth R. Walker

ABSTRACT: Reservoir Characterization Efforts for Improved Recovery Guided by Attention to Reservoir Management Context in the Citronelle Field, a Fluvial Reservoir in the Rodessa Formation (Cretaceous), South Alabama

Michael L. Fowler, Eugene L. Safley, Mark A. Young

ABSTRACT: Reservoir Compartmentalization and Management Strategies: Lessons Learned in the Illinois Basin

J.P. Grube, J.E. Crockett, B.G. Huff, H.E. Leetaru, D.G. Morse, B. Seyler, E.O. Udegbunam

ABSTRACT: Reservoir Management Techniques Applied in East Randolph Field, Randolph Township, Portage County, Ohio: Final Results

Eugene L. Safley

ABSTRACT: Reservoir Properties And Hydrocarbon Potential In

William B. Harrison III, Estella Atekwana

ABSTRACT: Reservoirs and Hydrocarbons of the Narge Creek Block: Anatomy of a Field Extension in a Mature Area

Douglas W. Reynolds, Jr.

ABSTRACT: Semi-Automated Data Capture for Vectorizing Geologic Quadrangle Maps in Kentucky

Warren H. Anderson, Lance G. Morris, Thomas N. Sparks

ABSTRACT: Sequence Stratigraphic Framework of Early Mississippian Mound-Bearing, Ramp Margin Facies, Fort Payne-Warsaw-Salem, Kentucky

Amy B. Khetani, J. Fred Read

ABSTRACT: Stratigraphic and Structural Framework Of Granville-like Lithologies in the Tanglewood Member, Middle and Upper Ordovician Lexington Limestone, Central Kentucky

Frank R. Ettensohn and Mark A. Kulp

ABSTRACT: Structural and Stratigraphic Implications of the North Bounding Fault of the Rome Trough in Northeast Kentucky and Western West Virginia

Richard Beardsley

ABSTRACT: Structural Evolution of the Killbuck Dome, East-Central Ohio

John L. Wicks and Lawrence H. Wickstrom

ABSTRACT: Study of Structure and Biomarkers of Organic-Clay Complexes in Immature Oil Source Rocks, Shengli Oil Field, China

Lu Xiancai, Hu Wenxuan, Zhou Guangjia, Mia Deyu, Chen Zhilin

ABSTRACT: Subsurface Sequence Stratigraphy of Early Chesterian (Mississippian) Mixed Carbonates and Siliciclastics, Illinois Basin

Janis D. Treworgy, W. John Nelson, Lloyd C. Furer, and Brian D. Keith

ABSTRACT: Subsurface to Surface: Use of Outcrop Gamma-ray Logs to Interpret Structurally Complex Exposures of Appalachian Devonian Strata

John M. Dennison, Jonathan K. Filer, Larry J. Cavallo, Robert A. Drake, Jeremy D. Middleton

ABSTRACT: Surfactant-Enhanced Remediation of Saturated Ottawa Sand Contaminated by Ethylbenzene

Marek Matyjasik and Yoram Eckstein

ABSTRACT: Technology Alliance to Examine Reservoir Characterization for Enhanced Recovery Potential in the East Canton Field, Ohio

Ronald A. Riley

ABSTRACT: Tectonic and Hydrologic Influences on Coalification and Hydrocarbon Generation in the Warrior and Cahaba Coal Fields, Alabama

Richard E. Carroll and Jack C. Pashin

ABSTRACT: The Character of Permian Coking and Non-Coking Coal in the Sohagpur Coal Field, Madhya Pradesh, India

Peter D. Warwick, Robert C. Milici, Edwin R. Landis, Abhijit Mukhopadhyay, S. Adhikari

ABSTRACT: The Coal Availability Studies in Indiana: A Summary

Carol L. Conolly and Alex J. Krueger

ABSTRACT:The Deformation Metamorphism of Tectonic Coal and Its Application in Geological Mining Hazards

Yunxing Cao, Ruixun Liu

ABSTRACT: The Interface of Science and Politics: A Porous or Impermeable Boundary

Michael T. Childress

ABSTRACT: Thermal Maturity and Petroleum Generation of Middle Ordovician Black Shale Source Rocks, Central Appalachian Basin-Controls on Oil and Gas in Lower Silurian Low-Permeability Sandstone Reservoirs

Vito F. Nuccio, Craig J. Wandrey, Robert T. Ryder, Anita Harris

ABSTRACT: The Sebree Trough - did it Really Exist? Upper Ordovician Sequence Stratigraphy Provides an Answer

John C. Hohman and Brian D. Keith

ABSTRACT: The Study on the Contributing Factors of Phase State of Condensate Gas: Examples from Tarim Basin

Zhou Xingxi, Wang Hongjun, Chen Yicai, Xu Zhiming

ABSTRACT: Ultralaminae in Humic Coals

He Ping

ABSTRACT: Western Newfoundland Onshore Oil and Gas Potential with Emphasis on the Carboniferous Basins

Allen W. Holmes, Jr.

ABSTRACT: West Virginia's Mineral Lands Mapping Program

Gayle H. McColloch, Jr., Craig Neidig, Nick Fedorko, Edwin Maki, Robert Holliday, Chetan Desai