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The AAPG/Datapages Combined Publications Database

The Society for Organic Petrology (TSOP)

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ABSTRACT: Abundance, Distribution and Origin of Sulfur in Coals in Wuda coalfield, Inner Mongolia, Northern China

Shifeng Dai, Yuegang Tang, Suping Peng, Huimin Hou

ABSTRACT: Advances in Microfluorescence and FAMMO Analyses for Source Rock Evaluation

N. Sherwood, J.Kurusingal, N.Zhong

ABSTRACT: A Genetic Approach to the Characterization of "Microbiturnens"; Implications for Thermal Maturity Determinations

Judith Potter

ABSTRACT: Analysis of Microcracks in Artificially Coalfied Peats

Arthur D. Cohen, C.M. Prince, A.M. Bailey, C.S. Ho, W.C. Riese, S. Thibodeaux

ABSTRACT: Anthropogenic Organic Matter in the Great Marsh Area and its Implications

M. Mastalerz, C. Souch, G. Filippelli, N. Dollar, S. Perkins

ABSTRACT: Artificial Coalification Study of Two Permian Coals

Zhiwen Han

ABSTRACT: Bituminous Coals Characterization Using ESR Spectroscopy

Cornelia Panaitescu, Aurelia Meghea, Georgeta Predeanu

ABSTRACT: BRICCS: Bireflectance Imaging of Coal and Carbon Specimens

J.R.Gibbins, John C.Crelling, M.Seitz, S.Kennedy

ABSTRACT: Can Braided Rivers and Peat be Intimate?

T.A Moore, J.C. Shearer, K.N. Bassett, A. Nicol

ABSTRACT: Carbon Dioxide from Coal Combustion: Variation with Maceral Content

Jeffrey C. Quick

ABSTRACT: Characterization of Solid Reservoir Bitumen: Insights to Formation Mechanism, Timing, and Correlation

David A.Wavrek, Daniel M.Jarvie, Jack D.Burgess

ABSTRACT: Composition and Distribution Features of Fatty Acids in Salt-Lake Immature Oils

Zhang Songlin, Ciu Mingzhong, Li Zhenxi, Wang Youxiao, Fan Pu

ABSTRACT: Distribution and Composition Features of Fatty Acids From Recent Salt-Lake Sediments in Qaidam Basin

Zhang Songlin, Cui Mingzhong, Li Jinggui, Fan Pu

ABSTRACT: Effects of Igneous Intrusions on Coalbed Methane Potential of the Gunnedah Basin, NSW, Australia

L.Gurba, C.Weber

ABSTRACT: Elemental Carbon and Vitrinite Reflectance: Application of Electron Microprobe Techniques in Coal Rank Studies, Gunnedah Basin, Australia

L. Gurba, C. Ward

ABSTRACT: Enhanced Petroleum Potential of Marine-Influenced Coals in Mangahewa Formation, Taranaki Basin

R. Sykes, K.M. Bartram, M.J. Dow, R.P Suggate

ABSTRACT: Further Examination of the Ragged Edge of the Herrin Coal Bed, Webster County, Western Kentucky Coal Field

James C. Hower, David A. Williams

ABSTRACT: Initial Results of Kinetic and Maturity Modeling of Hydrocarbon Source Rocks from Southern Alberta, Western Canada Sedimentary Basin

N.T. Akpulat, C. Riediger, L.R. Snowdon

ABSTRACT: Low Ash Peat Deposits from a Dendritic, Intermontane Basin in the Tropics: A New Model for Good Quality Coals

A.J. Raphael, R. Wust, Marc Bustin

ABSTRACT: Natural Mixing of Crude Oils From Different Sources in the Bohai Bay Basin, China

C. R. Robison

ABSTRACT: Organic Facies Cycles in the Type Kimmeridge Clay Formation, Dorset, U.K.

Richard Doyle, Richard Tyson

ABSTRACT: Organic Geochemistry of Crude Oils and Source Rocks from the Silurian Strata in Southern Ontario, Canada

Mark Obermajer, Martin G. Fowler, Lloyd R. Snowdon

ABSTRACT: Predictive Organic Facies Analysis

Ben Follows, Richard V. Tyson

ABSTRACT: Quantification of Mineral Matter in Argonne Premium Coals Using Interactive Rietveld-based X-ray Diffraction

Colin R. Ward, C.E. Matulis, John C. Taylor, L.S. Dale

ABSTRACT: Relation Between Petrographical Characteristics of Some Romanian Bituminous Coals and Their Cokes

Cornelia Panaitescu, Georgeta Predeanu

ABSTRACT: Relations Between Coal Petrology and Gas Content in the Upper Newlands Seam, Central Queensland, Australia

R. Walker, M. Glikson

ABSTRACT: Relationship Between Degradinite Content and Source Rock Potential of Tertiary Coals of Hokkaido, Northern Japan

Takashi Iguchi

ABSTRACT: Source Rock Sedimentary Organic And Reservoir Rock Facies Related Coal Measures Oil

Jin Kuili

ABSTRACT: The Effects of Surface Area, Grain Size and Mineralogy in Organic Matter Sedimentation and Preservation Across the Modern Squamish Delta, British Columbia: The Potential Role of Sediment Surface Area in the Formation of Petroleum Source Rocks

Rupert S. Adams, R.M. Bustin