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The AAPG/Datapages Combined Publications Database

The Society for Organic Petrology (TSOP)

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ABSTRACT: Application of Organic Petrology in Astrobiology — Ancient Terrestrial Life, and Biological Entities in Meteorites and Planetary Samples

Lavern D. Stasiuk

ABSTRACT: Characterization of the Petrology, Mineralogy, and Geochemistry of Mined Coals, Western Venezuela

Paul C. Hackley, Peter D. Warwick, Eligio Gonzáles

ABSTRACT: Coalbed Methane Potential (CBM-P) in Main Bituminous Field (SW. PA) and the Anthracite Fields (E. PA), and CBM-P in MD, VA, MA, RI (U.S.A.)

Paul C. Lyons, R. Marc Bustin, Antonette K. Markowski

ABSTRACT: Coal Characteristics and Coalbed Methane Potential in the Jurassic Coal Measures of Tuha Basin, Northwestern China

Liu Honglin, Zhang Jianbo, Wang Hongyan, Li Jingming

ABSTRACT: Coal Sample Storage — Preservation using Foil Multilaminate Bags

David C. Glick, Gareth D. Mitchell, Alan Davis

ABSTRACT: Comparative Analysis of Moscow Lignite and Kama Coal Basins

Albina Gazizova

ABSTRACT: Cretaceous Crud from Canada — Organic Facies Analysis of the Colorado Group, Western Canada Sedimentary Basin

Lisa Buckley, Richard V. Tyson

ABSTRACT: Department of Interior — Land and Minerals Management

Patricia Morrison

ABSTRACT: Distribution of Mercury in Indiana Coals

Agnieszka Drobniak, Maria Mastalerz, Gabriel M. Filippelli

ABSTRACT: Effect of Geological Factors on the Permeability of Coal Seam Gas Reservoir

Xingjin Wang

ABSTRACT: Federal Energy Policy — The Earth Science Dimension

David Applegate

ABSTRACT: Federal Science Policy And Science Funding

Gene Whitney

ABSTRACT: Geological Processes that Control Lateral and Vertical Variability in Coal Seam Moisture Contents — Latrobe Valley (Gippsland Basin) Australia

Guy R. Holdgate

ABSTRACT: Influence of a Basic Intrusion on the Vitrinite Reflectance and Chemistry of the Springfi eld (No. 5) Coal, Harrisburg, IL

Alexander K. Stewart, Matt Massey, Penny L. Padgett, Susan M. Rimmer, James C. Hower

ABSTRACT: Integrated Approaches to Understanding the Relationship of Coal to Human and Ecosystem Health

Joseph E. Bunnell, Robert B. Finkelman

ABSTRACT: M & M — A Sweet Petroleum System

Louis L. Tsai, Li-Chung Sun, Jane Hsieh, Hsien Tsung Lee

ABSTRACT: Mechanism of Hydrogen Gas Generation in Coalbed Methane Desorption Canisters — Causes and Remedies

Basim Faraj, Anna Hatch, Derek Krivak, Paul Smolarchuk

ABSTRACT: Mercury Variation in Powder River Basin Coal Samples

Allan Kolker, Joseph R. Hatch, Curtis A. Palmer, Linda J. Bragg

ABSTRACT: Organic Geochemistry of Retained and Expelled Oil Based on Hydrous Pyrolysis Experiments — An Example from the Irati Oil Shale, Brazil

Noelia Franco, Wolfgang Kalkreuth, Henrique Penteado

ABSTRACT: Organic Pollutants from the Recent Sediments of the Halifax Harbour, Lake Ontario, and New York Bight — A Comparative Analysis

Prasanta K. Mukhopadhyay (Muki), Michael A. Kruge, Gerald M. Friedman, C.F.M. Lewis

ABSTRACT: Petrographic Comparison of Several Coal Seams in Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region

Zhiwen Han

ABSTRACT: Petroleum System Risk Assessment of the Scotian Slope , Eastern Canada and its Signifi cance to East Coast Energy Prospects Beyond 2010

Prasanta K. Mukhopadhyay (Muki)

ABSTRACT: Prediction of Co2 Sorption in Coal Seams using Uncrushed Coal Cores under Realistic P, T, and Moisture Conditions

Rachel Walker, Maria Mastalerz, Arndt Schimmelmann, Laurence Hawkes, Jon Fong, Wilfrido Solano-Acosta

ABSTRACT: Rare-earth Element Systematics in Upper Permian Mineralized Coal, Southwestern Guizhou Province, P.R. China

Harvey E. Belkin, Baoshan Zheng, Robert B. Finkelman

ABSTRACT: Response of Major Geochemical Thermal Maturity Parameters to Suppression of Vitrinite Refl ectance, Gunnedah-Surat Basins, New South Wales, Australia

Rushdy Othman, Colin R. Ward

ABSTRACT: Some Perspectives on Longer-term Domestic Oil and Gas Supply Technologies and Needs in a Carbon-constrained Future

David Beecy

ABSTRACT: The Infl uence of Extractable Organic Matter on Vitrinite Refl ectance — Implications to Liquid Hydrocarbon or Bitumen Impregnation as a Suppression Mechanism

Charles E. Barker, Michael D. Lewan, Mark J. Pawlewicz, Corinne L. Carlson

ABSTRACT: The Inorganic Chemistry of 15 Coal Samples from the Prince Charles Mountains, East Antarctica

Lora A. Chiehowsky, Robert B. Finkelman, Tim A. Moore, Guy R. Holdgate, Jason C. Willett, Stephen McLouglin, Andrew N. Drinnan

ABSTRACT: The National Academy of Sciences

Tamara Dickinson

ABSTRACT: Thermodynamic Modeling of Trace Elements in South African Coals

Fernando Martinez-Colon, Sharon Miller, Harold Schobert

ABSTRACT: The Source of the Coal in the Titanic and Effects of Exposure to Seawater

Curtis A. Palmer, Robert B. Finkelman, Gerald H. Luttrell, Chaosheng Zhang, Cortland Eble

ABSTRACT: The U.S. House of Representatives Resources Committee — Subcommittee on Energy and Mineral Resources

Jack Belcher

ABSTRACT: The USGS Energy Resources Program

Brenda S. Pierce

ABSTRACT: The World Coal Quality Inventory

Susan J. Tewalt, Robert B. Finkelman

ABSTRACT: Variations in Coal Maceral Chemistry and Mineral Matter Characteristics with Rank Advance in the German Creek Coal Measures of the Bowen Basin, Australia, using Electron Microprobe and Other Techniques

Colin R. Ward, Zhongsheng Li, Lila W. Gurba

ABSTRACT: Where do the Maidens Fly? Trace Elements and What Controls Their Fate: Examples from the Greymouth Coalfi eld, New Zealand

Zhongsheng Li, A.H. Clemens, Tim A. Moore, D. Gong, S.D. Weaver, Nelson Eby