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ABSTRACT: A Comparison of the Trace Elements Content in Coal, Fly and Bottom Ashes From the Figueira Power Plant, Paraná, Brazil and Soils Collected in the Vicinity of the Plant

T. Delgado, R. Dillenburg, P. Lourenzi, J. Levandowski, S. Maia, W. Kalkreuth

ABSTRACT: Application of Organic Petrography on Soils from the Surroundings of Lignite-Fired Power Plants in Mugla Basin, SW Turkey

G. Siavalas, M. Fotopoulou, H. Inaner, K. Christanis

ABSTRACT: A Study of Chemical Structure of Chinese Coals With High Hydrogen Content

Shaoqing Wang, Yuegang Tang, Harold H. Schobert,Gareth D. Mitchell

ABSTRACT: Automatic System for Scanning and Autofocusing of Digital Images Applied to a Coal Petrographic Microscope

Alejandro Restrepo-Martínez, Astrid Blandón-Montes

ABSTRACT: CBM in the Western Canada Sedimentary Basin - Controls on Gas Content & Production

D. Marchioni, W. McDougall, J. Potter

ABSTRACT: Characterization of Fly Ash from Coal Combustion and its Application on Zeolite Synthesis

A. Paprocki, M. Pires, R. A. Ligabue, C. M. N. Azevedo, J. A. Villwock, L. S. Ferret

ABSTRACT: Characterization of Graphite-Like Particles from Carbonized Anthracites

Sandra Rodrigues, Isabel Suarez-Ruiz, Manuela Marques, Ignacio Camean, Ana B. García

ABSTRACT: Classification scheme for microtextures of coke and natural coke-2009 (Microtexture-2009)

Ashok K. Singh, Mamta Sharma,, Mahendra P. Singh

ABSTRACT: CO2 Geological Storage Assessment of the Gunnedah Basin, NSW, Australia

Lila W. Gurba

ABSTRACT: Coal Mine Drainage: Environmental Geochemistry and Health in the Santa Catarina Coal Zone, Brazil

Marcos L. S. Oliveira, Luis F. Silva, Xavier Querol, Robert B. Finkelman, Fernando A. R. Guedes, Marcus Martinello, Vivian Philippi, Kátia da Boit

ABSTRACT: Coal Seam Gas and Organic Petrology of the Hunter Coalfield, Sydney Basin, Australia

Kaydy Pinetown, Abouna Saghafi, Neil Sherwood, Colin Ward

ABSTRACT: Depositional Environment of the Sarolangun Coals,South Sumatera Basin, Indonesia.

A.K. Permana, H. Panggabean

ABSTRACT: Determination of Methane Concentrations In Brazilian Coal Mines

Rosângela Silva, Marçal Pires, Carla M.N. Azevedo, Leandro Fagundes, Luciane Garavaglia

ABSTRACT: Discussion on Evaluation Standards of Hydrocarbon Generation Potential for Coal Measure Source Rocks

Li Jian, Wang Dong-Liang, Li Xin, Wang Jian

ABSTRACT: Estimation of the Carbon Emission Factors for Brazilian Coals Applied to Combustion Processes

Letícia A. Licks, Marçal Pires

ABSTRACT: Evaluation of the CO2 Reactivity of Chars Obtained in a Drop Tube Furnace (DTF) Under O2/N2 and O2/CO2 Atmospheres

Juliana G. Pohlmann, Angeles G. Borrego, Antônio C. F. Vilela, Eduardo Osório

ABSTRACT: Evidence for the origin of coal-derived oil in the Turpan-Hami basin, Northwestern China

Yanhua Shuai, Shuichang Zhang, Jianping Chen

ABSTRACT: Experimental study of early formation processes of macerals and sulfides

Yuzhuang Sun, Cunliang Zhao, Shenjun Qin, W. Kalkreuth

ABSTRACT: Geochemical Characteristics of Source Rocks and Crude Oils from the Khuzestan Province in Southwest Iran

Hossein Alimi

ABSTRACT: Geochemistry in Exploration and Production:Integrated Hydrocarbon System Analysis and ReservoirGeochemistry in Nigeria

Herwig Ganz, Olukayode Samuel, Vincent Okpoto, Ray Berhitoe, Rob Kreulen

ABSTRACT: Geochemistry of Mercury and other trace elements captured by activated carbon during a full-scale combustion test by a Coal-fired power plant in Western Canada

Hamed Sanei, Feiyue Wang, Harald Biester, Frank Huggins

ABSTRACT: Geology and Geochemistry of the "Aleksinac" Oil Shale Deposit (Serbia)

Marko Ercegovac, Dragomir Vitorovic, Aleksandar Kostic, Dragana Zivotic, Branimir Jovancicevic

ABSTRACT: H, C, N, O Isotopic Trends in Coal Near Dike Intrusions

Arndt Schimmelmann, Maria Mastalerz, Ling Gao, Peter E. Sauer, Katarina Topalov

ABSTRACT: High Fluidity Coals – Petrographic and FTIR Investigation

Rachel Walker, Maria Mastalerz

ABSTRACT: High Pressure Methane and Carbon Dioxide Adsorption Experiments on Brazilian Coal and Shale Samples

Philipp Weniger, Bernhard M. Krooss, Wolfgang Kalkreuth

ABSTRACT: High Quality Metallurgical Cokes from Medium Rank, High Inertinite Coals and the Effects of Blends with Lower Rank Coals - Non-Recovery Coke Ovens

Alan C. Cook, Rex Wright, Glenn Benstead

ABSTRACT: Identification of Coal Char and Coke Fines Proportion in the Off Gas Blast Furnace Dust by X-Ray Diffraction

André da S. Machado, Antônio C. F. Vilela, Eduardo Osório

ABSTRACT: Instrumental Imaging and Analysis of Early Permian Fossilized Plants from Sumatra: Comparison of Thermally Altered and Silicified Wood

P. Matysová, I. Sýkorová, M. Booi, M.J. Crow,, I.M. van Waveren

ABSTRACT: Interaction of Elements Leached from a Coal Stockpile with Underlying Coastal Sand Deposits

Colin Ward, David French, Ken Riley, Leanne Stephenson, Owen Farrell, Zhongsheng Li

ABSTRACT: Kerogen Quality and Source Rock Properties of Upper Jurassic to Lowermost Cretaceous Marine Black Shales in the Danish North Sea

Henrik I. Petersen, Hans P. Nytoft, Claus Andersen, Andrew Carr, Henrik Vosgerau, Jørgen A. Bojesen-Koefoed, Anders Mathiesen

ABSTRACT: Methane and carbon dioxide adsorption measurements on moisture equilibrated bituminous coals from the Ostrava-Karvina Coal District, Upper Silesian Basin, Czech Republic

P. Weniger, A. Busch, B.M. Krooss, J. Francu, E. Francu

ABSTRACT: Mineral Composition in Some Brazilian Coal Cleaning Residues and Effects On Acid Generation and Human Health

Marcos L. S. Oliveira, Xavier Querol, Robert B. Finkelman, Fernando A. R. Guedes, Marcus Martinello, Vivian Philippi, Luis F. Silva, Kátia da Boit

ABSTRACT: Mineral Matter in Lignites and Associated Strata of the Florina and Ptolemais Basins, Northern Greece

Nikolaos Koukouzas, Colin R. Ward, Zhongsheng Li

ABSTRACT: Mineralogy and Geochemistry of Coals From the Songzao Coalfield, Southwestern China

Lei Zhao

ABSTRACT: Natural Cokes, Chars, Tar-Like Forms, Pyrolytic Carbon: A Case Mongolia, China

J. Kus, M. Jianwei, D. Chen-Brauchler

ABSTRACT: Non-Pollen Palynomorphs (Npps) and Palynofacies as Indicative for Palaeoreconstructions for the Holocene Peat: Aguas Claras Peatland, RS, Brazil

Svetlana Medeanic, Maristela Bagatin Silva

ABSTRACT: Occurrence Modes of Fluorine in the Late Paleozoic Coals from the Haerwusu Surface Mine, Inner Mongolia, China

Shifeng Dai, Suping Peng, Yingying Sun, Weiguo Zhang, Dan Li

ABSTRACT: Occurrence of Some Trace Elements in Outcropping Coals from Moatize, Mozambique

Lopo Vasconcelos, Eduardo Siquela

ABSTRACT: Optical and Electron Micoscopy and GC/MS Studies in Identification af Tree Stumps From the Bilina Open Cast Mine, Most Basin, Czech Republic

I. Sýkorová, M. Havelcová, P. Matysová, H.Trejtnarová, K. Mach, A. Šulc, I. Cermak

ABSTRACT: Organic Facies of the Oligocene Lacustrine System in the Cenozoic Taubaté Basin, Southern Brazil

J.G. Mendonça Filho, R.B.A. Chagas, T.R. Menezes, J.O. Mendonça, F. S. da Silva

ABSTRACT: Organic Geochemistry and Petrography of the Gomo Member Source Rock (Candeias Formation), Recôncavo Basin, Brazil

Mariana Balbinot, Wolfgang Kalkreuth

ABSTRACT: Organic Matter in Permian Rocks in the Venezuelan Andes

P. Lugo, L. Lopez

ABSTRACT: Organic Matter in the Carbonatic Sediments of the Aptian Lacustrine System in the Cretaceous Araripe Basin (NE Brazil)

A.G. Borrego, J.G. Mendonça Filho, J.O. Mendonça, T.R. Menezes, F. S. da Silva, V.H. Neumann

ABSTRACT: Organic Matter in the Holocene Fluvio-Lacustrine Añavieja System (Iberian Chain. NE Spain).

A.G. Borrego, A. Luzón, A. Pérez

ABSTRACT: Organic Petrology, Chemistry and Sequence Stratigraphy Applied to the Coal Seams in the Candiota Region, Paraná Basin, RS, Brazil

Joseane Souza de Oliveira, Wolfgang Kalkreuth, Michael Holz

ABSTRACT: Organic Petrology and Geochemistry in the Service of Archaeology: a Preliminary Study of Archaeological Organic Remains from Northern Greece

A. Iordanidis, S. Kalaitzidis, K. Christanis, G. Siavalas, J.J.M. Vervoort, P. de Waard, B. van Lagen, B.P. Tuin, G. Karamitrou-Mentessidi, A. Asvesta, S. Garas

ABSTRACT: Organic Petrology and Geochemistry of Las Dueñas Coastal Peatland (North Spain)

V. López Dias, C.G. Blanco, A.G. Borrego

ABSTRACT: Organic Petrology and Geochemistry of Permian Coals of Talcher Coalfields, India

A.S. Naik, M.P. Singh, N. Volkmann, P.K.Singh

ABSTRACT: Organic Petrology and Organic Geochemistry of the Black Shales of Two Neogene Formations in West Sabah, East Malaysia

Amer M. Burgan, Che Aziz Ali, Kamal R. Mohamed

ABSTRACT: Organic petrology and thermal maturity of subsurface Wilcox and Claiborne Group (Paleocene-Eocene) coal beds, Zavala County, Texas

Paul C. Hackley, Rachel M. Gesserman, Elisabeth L. Rowan, Sharon M. Swanson, Peter D. Warwick, David B. Jensen

ABSTRACT: Organic Petrology of Deep Source Rock and Geochemical characteristics of Natural Gas in Song-Liao Basin, North-East China

Jingkui Mi, ShuiChang Zhang, Jinxing Dai, Shizhen Tao,YanHua Shuai

ABSTRACT: Petro-chemistry of Permian coal deposits of West Bokaro coalfield, Jharkhand, India

Alok K. Singh

ABSTRACT: Petrographic and Geochemical Characteristics of Batalha Jet (Portugal)

A. Costa, D. Flores, I. Suarez-Ruiz, M.J. Iglesias

ABSTRACT: Petrographic and Geochemical Features of Organic Matter in Self-Heated Coal Wastes from the Marcel Dump (Upper Silesia, Poland)

Magdalena Misz-Kennan, Monika Fabiańska

ABSTRACT: Petrographic Composition of Permian Gondwana Coals from Rajmahal Basin (Jharkhand), India

Alpana Singh, Bhagwan D. Singh

ABSTRACT: Petrographic Evidence for Forced Maturation of Kerogen and Bitumen in Hydrothermal Dolomite from Middle Devonian Slave Point Formation North-Eastern British Columbia, Canada.

Julito C. Reyes, Graham R. Davies, Lavern D. Stasiuk

ABSTRACT: Petrology and Chemistry of Permian Coals from the Paraná Basin: 2. South Santa Catarina Coalfield, Brazil

W. Kalkreuth, M. Holz, M. Balbinot, J. Levandowski, J. Willett, R. Finkelman, H. Burger

ABSTRACT: Petrology of Fly Ash From Forest Biomass Combustion to be Used as Precursors in the Preparation of Sorbents for H2S Removal.

Rebeca P. Giron, Enrique Fuente, Isabel Suárez-Ruiz, Roberto R. Gil, Ana B. Garcia.

ABSTRACT: Possible Mistakes In The Concentration, Identification And Evaluation Of Dispersed Organic Matter From Marine Limestones

Astrid Blandón, Ricardo Ruiz, Daniel Gómez

ABSTRACT: Preliminary Results On Hydrous Pyrolysis Experiments Of The Paraná Basin Coals, Brazil

B.M. González, Simone Barrionuebo , Z. V. Coswig, Maria do Carmo Peralba, Wolfgang Kalkreuth"

ABSTRACT: Raman Spectroscopy of Selected Carbonaceous Samples

Barbara Kwiecinska, Isabel Suarez-Ruiz, Czeslawa Paluszkiewicz, Sandra Rodriques

ABSTRACT: Serrinha waste pile (Douro Coalfield Basin, Portugal) - Organic Petrology and Geochemical Characterization

J. Ribeiro, D. Flores

ABSTRACT: The Application of Light Hydrocarbons Technique to Classify the Depositional Environment of Type III oils

Ching-Tse Chang, Kwang-Yeu Chang, Cheng-Lung Kuo, Jun-Chin Shen

ABSTRACT: The Archaeology and Petrology of Coal Artifacts from Thule Settlements in eastern North Greenland

W. Kalkreuth, C. Andreasen, H.I. Petersen, L. Stemmerik


Luiz Antonio Freitas Trindade

ABSTRACT: The Crucial Importance of Vitrinite Reflectance Data for Basin Understanding: Gulf of St. Lawrence, Canada

Mike Avery, Hans Wielens

ABSTRACT: The geochemical characteristics and the origin of natural gas in the Hutubi gas field, Jungggar Basin, China

Hu Guoyi, Li Zhisheng, Li Jin

ABSTRACT: The Geology, Petrology and Geochemistry of Permian Coal Basins in Tanzania.3. Mchuchuma –Ketewaka, Njuga, Mbamba Bay and Mhukuru Coalfields

Semkiwa P., Kalkreuth W.

ABSTRACT: The Impact of Coal Outcrops on River Systems: an Organic Petrographical Approach

Jesse Carrie, Hamed Sanei, Robie W. Macdonald, Feiyue Wang, Gary Stern

ABSTRACT: The Southernmost Permian Coals in Brazil: New Approach on Palynology, Palaeobotany, Stratigraphy, Geochronology and Palaeoecology

Miriam Cazzulo-Klepzig, Margot Guerra-Sommer, Rualdo Menegat, André Jasper, Margarete Wagner Simas, Filho Mendonca, Graciano & Menezes João, Rego Taíssa

ABSTRACT: The Structure and Occurrence Mode of the Organic Sulfur in High-Organosulfur Coal of China

Yuegang Tang, Weiwei Li, Deyi Ren, Jiajin Lei, Huiyong Zhang

ABSTRACT: Trace Element Modes of Occurrence in Greymouth Coals, New Zealand

Zhongsheng Li, Tim A. Moore, Steve Weaver, Robert B. Finkelman

ABSTRACT: Use of Asphaltenes ss Correlation Parameters in Biodegraded Oils

S. Lo Mónaco, G. Escobar, L. López, P. Lugo, C. González, W. Kalkreuth, M.C.R. Peralba, N. Franco

ABSTRACT: Use of Bottom Ash as a Highway Material

Suyen Nakahara,, Eduardo Mallmann, Oleg Zwonok,, Jorge Augusto Ceratti

ABSTRACT: Use of Electron Microprobe Analysis in the Characterization of Sandstone-Shale Sequences from San Antonio Formation, Eastern Venezuela Basin

L. López, S. Lo Mónaco, P. Lugo, K. Quintero, M.C. Gómez, I. Truskowski

ABSTRACT: Variation of vitrinite reflectance in organic debris in synorogenic deposits in Northwestern Taiwan

Shen Jun-Chin